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This guy is a bitter ex-employee and you have to take his accusations about projects that he hasn't worked on with a grain of salt. He isn't employed by Bioware and is a Mythic employee. Not to mention the fact that a $300 Million budget is ludicrous and well outside the realm of plausibility.

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Lol. No. While it is a main entry like Birth by Sleep, it will not be the next numbered installment. There would be no need for it and I am sure Square is saving that for the home consoles anyway.

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Terrible review. The reviewer is way too stuck on the past and refuses to move forward. This line says it all:

"I recommend Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, but not to Castlevania fans. Pretty much anything you would expect to find in a Castlevania game is not to be found here. But fans of combat-heavy action adventure games will have fun if they can excuse a lot of mindless button mashing and a couple technical issues."

WTF? Those two are mutually exc...

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It got beaten by Lords of Shadow. My guess is that it looked like shit and played like shit and it will probably never see the light of day. Konami doesn't want to muddle the Castlevania franchise with multiple timelines/universes at the same time. Or do they?

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Exactly. Capcom made no effort to expand the fanbase beyond the 360 as evidenced by the exclusive Prologue and Epilogue DLC. Releasing those on the PC and PS3 would have gone a long way in sales. But alas, they didn't.

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Sounds like all he's saying is that there are going to be different rendering techniques due to the ATI/Nvidia chipsets in the 360 and PS3 respectively. These sorts of differences occur for PC games to begin with. Sounds like CVG is taking a choice quote from an interview and blowing it out of proportion.

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Little to no work. Just swap English text for Japanese text and you are done. Same as US and European version. They actually were too lazy to take out English and European subtitles anyway.

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Well, that is obvious. That is because the International Edition IS the Western version of the game with an added booklet and Japanese subtitles.

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They get "My Hands", the change that so many fans hated! GJ S-E!

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They are so far behind in development it isn't even funny. It took them years, YEARS, to finalize protagonist costume design.

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Agree, but it won't speed up Versus XIII.

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Overreaction much? Seriously, I wasn't expecting DLC with the way S-E is run nowadays. With vaporware games (Last Remnant PS3) and production schedules that are way too long, they are horribly mismanaged.

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Square has a terrible production pipeline. I would imagine that if S-E did DLC, the wait for Versus XIII would increase by a year.

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1up.com confirms the extras as essentially a booklet that talks about deleted scenes and a novella that details post game events. So this really is the US version with Japanese subtitles... Tricky, tricky Square.


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The andriasang blog credited as the source didn't say that there would be JP voices. This site assumed that. I believe there will only be one set of voices as it is still three discs.

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Still only three discs which makes me suspect that this will be the US version in disguise.

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Probably minor additions at best. Square doesn't have the manpower to do substantial content additions. Their production pipeline is in the shitter after all.

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Smells like DLC for the rest of us. But I really doubt that there will be dual audio. If Square had that much space left on the disc, the video wouldn't have been that badly compressed. Also, the fact that "My Hands" is the theme means that this is probably a repurposed US 360 version with added subtitles and some post game content (especially since it is on three discs).

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I doubt it is dual audio. That would increase the amount of discs needed.

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Square Enix did that to get free advertising dollars from Sony. Still, they should have had the tagline "Only For PS3 in Japan For Now".

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