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Updated with a '[sic]', thanks for the suggestion and apologies for the confusion!

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"Those four were shown not as a display of the Xbox One’s games, but to show what the console was offering, what with that being the purpose of the event. CoD and the EA Sports package presented Microsoft’s exclusive DLC. Quantum Break demonstrated how games and TV can work as one. Forza showed the console’s graphical fidelity. They all had a specific purpose, they weren’t just announcements like Sony’s."

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Well excuse me, Mister. I interpret this game as a survival horror/action game, and especially so with the inclusion of zombies and the evident focus on atmosphere and panic-inducing gameplay. Even if it is not survival horror, this article more discusses the survival points of the game over the horror elements, anyways.

Interpreting a game's genre does not make the site any less commendable. Genres are often never outright stated, but interpreted like I have done here. F...

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You've got to remember, it's Visceral developing this game, EA are only the publishers. Sure, EA likely pushed to have co-op, like they probably pushed for multiplayer in Dead Space 2 just as a way to include their online pass in the box. But Visceral, even unwillingly, will be developing co-op to go with this game, have faith in them.

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The news is old yes, this article and my views on it however, are not! ;)

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Not at all, as I describe in the article, it works so well because it's so tightly packed. If it were Fallout size, the world would be over diluted and full of unnecessary quests.

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