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Shut it moldy

I think there is no reason way ps5 wont be b/c withe ps4 , and yes I do think it should be a new standard moving forward.

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I think ark would be a great game if it wasn't in such a broken state. I love this game when it works , but far to often the lag and roll back are extreme.

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One was a leak and one was a response to the leak

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You Xbox fanboys get so defensive, I don't recall anyone on n4g ever saying anything about a delay . I hope you didn't jinx yourself ... lol

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Well its not going to be the best ever made as the title suggests. It maybe when it releases for short time but that's about it .

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Not this shit again... you socom fans need to move on

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That how ever, will be type of the general public when the X is released ... just saying, most people won't have a clue.

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Sony won't make that mistake again like with the ps3 and I am sure neither will MS.

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you can't play games on gpu alone, and you may be hoping this is a secret next gen console for now , but when next gen actually hits and there is a cpu upgrade you will be glad x1x is just a mid gen console.

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I hope they fix the stability issues , I wouldn't recommend this game until they fix all the lag and roll back issues. Don't get me wrong I enjoy this game but as of now it's very broken... on PS4 anyway.

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I don't understand why you wouldn't save , is there a trophy for beating the game with no saves ?
I don't play so an honest question.

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Even MS will tell you the target group is the hard core gamer and not the casual. Are you going to tell me hard core PS4 gamers or PC gamers are going buy an X1X? Maybe some will ... but most won't , so that only leaves you with excited Xbox fanboys 😁

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This has only been going on every day with multiple articles (if you want to call them that) since the announcement of scorpio at E3 2016. Although the chest pounding has been getting louder sine the X1X reveal this past E3 .

I hope you guys enjoy your new xbox

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I hope it sells as well as you think , but sadly the only people who would care to buy it already own an xbox .

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If you're talking about catching up from sony's 1 year head start then I doubt that its possible.If you just mean by ratio then maybe.

MS doesn't have the market share to catch up and pass the pro.

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Well let me look into my crystal ball .... WTF... I don't see anything.

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Do you have the ps4 edition ? No ? I do, and I haven't noticed fps drops in the game other then the odd time flipping threw menus.

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I hope GTA6 doesn't show up until next gen or it's going to be at the end of this gen with a next gen remaster which I think is bunk.

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