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It's designed to be used with glasses if you need them.

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The best at what? Please explain.
I get that the 1x is currently the best console spec wise, but other than that your comment makes no sense.

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They should give a rebate on a characters total net worth.... My characters net worth in assets and money is over $250mil, and I haven't bought a single shark card.
I only have $3mil in cash... Lol

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Ps4 gamers shouldn't worry about Xbox period.
Let them pound their chests for the next couple of years, it doesn't change a thing.

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So does the guy pointing that out....

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Well no one's data was just searched or freely given up by Sony. The FBI had just cause and issued a warrant to do so.
No one's privacy was violated, some of you need quit being so defensive about your rights and freedoms when none were violated.

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Why not, I keep hearing from all you fanboys how options are good.
Not that I would ever choose such a retarded option but hey... Who am I to judge.

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EA doesn't need to learn a dam thing, it's all you gamers who need to stop supporting EA if you don't like their practices.
What does EA need to learn anyway? They know their games are going to sell regardless.

But I am curious how many of you who jump on the hate train are still supporting EA by buying their games. It's easy to join the crowd and hate EA.... The last EA game I paid for was NHL16, and I play be a pro, I never go online, I don't...

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Then why wouldn't you want the best devs working on VR?
That really makes no sense.

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Uh what?
You're friends console has to be your primary console and your console has to be your friends.
You have to be on the friends profile to download and viversa and but other than downloading you never have to be on friends profile again.
And only when you're on the friends profile is when they can not log on at the same time. Actually they can but it boots you off the profile. Basic shit that's been known for years as well as on the ps3.

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Just because we haven't heard any news on anymore games as of yet does not mean that rockstar isn't working on anything.
There are hundreds of developers and multiple studios, do you really think all these people are just working on Gta5 updates and RDR2?

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No one gets used to paying more, we pay more in Canada too but that only means that I won't buy most games unless there is a sale.

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Not every kid has access to their parents credit card with no questions asked.
I assure you that I would know pretty dam quick if my kids started spending money on my cc.
I wouldn't be so quick to blame kids, there are plenty of responsible adults out there that are freely spending their own money.

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Well there is way more replay value in Gta5 free online updates content then there ever was with the two single player gta4 dlc expansions.
So my point is valid.

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You know, I paid more for gta4 and the paid dlc then I have for any extra content or updates in Gta5.
And I might point out that I been playing Gta5 since day one.
I haven't had to spend any money on shark cards, not a penny.

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And how do you know that they don't, just because you haven't heard anything yet means nothing.

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Of course they are in it for the money, every business is in it for the money.
Are they supposed to be a non-profit organization?

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Almost seems like you are suggesting that people don't have a choice but to pay for Micro transactions.

Funny thing this option to choose...

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Now you're just making excuses.

You asked a question and got a valid answer... but you don't want to accept the answer given to you.

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So you are happy when game developers don't make money?Unsuccessful developers don't make video games for very long. So if you like your hobby then you should want the developer to be successful.

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