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Facts? Do you know what the word fact even means?
In your case it's just wishful thinking... Go play with your green machine douchbag

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Well for myself it is a huge head ache. I have over 600 Dlc on rocksmith alone and all my games are digital.
It would be nice to be able to just plug in an external HDD and go.

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It maybe easy to upgrade from 500 Gb to 2TB, but that also means that I have to re-download everything. If I could buy a 1TB external HDD and not have re-download everything, I would be very happy.

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The difference is you can save games and save game files.
Sure you swap internal HDD but you would have to re-download everything if you do this.

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The Wii was before the big Smart phone boom and mobile gaming.
All the Wii casuals now have smart phones and no need for another Nintendo console.

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So instead of just plugging my earbuds into my controller I need a smart phone too?

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Many would disagree with you, free Dlc for everyone and only the impatient people who are unwilling to put the time and effort in are the ones buying shark cards.
And buy the way buying shark cards don't give any advantage to any player.
The fact that the servers are always full over 3 years after release should also say something about the game. Obviously games are subjective and people's tastes are different but the masses would suggest that yo...

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Then don't pay for online service, simple as that, I believe it is optional.

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At some point gamers need to realize to run, maintain and update servers costs money, people need to be employed to do this.
I am one who is not apposed to paying for my online multiplayer service.

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You xbox guys say the same thing every year, "let's wait until E3, maybe MS will surprise us" .

Any wagers on who is going to take the win at E3... I know who I am betting on and it ain't MS.

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No kidding....

These articles need to stop, the cancelation of scalebound has become ever wanna be journalists next ticket.
This is ridiculous, time will tell if MS has shot themselves in the foot.

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Ya... Not interested at all by this.

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It's only play anywhere if you buy digital and from what I see around here people want physical copies.

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What the f*** am I reading?
Game on boys

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So if you can't buy a ps3 then what good is the physical copy of any game ?

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I think you will find that the psn or steam servers won't be shutting down any time soon

Your arguments are pretty weak, if I need the space I too can delete my games and re-download at any time. I had a hard copy of MLB and that game took a very long time to install, comparable to downloading it

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Never happened to gta5, that was a September 2013 release.

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They can't take digital games away that you have paid for.Maybe in an extreme case but I have never heard of anything like that.

You also use the same HDD space installing games, there is no difference. Your game runs off your HDD not the disc. Just think of your physical copy as the license to play because once the game is installed it is not using the disc.

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Should I be worried that the psn store is going to be pulled offline?
I buy all my games digitally, yes I am paying for the license to use the game... No I have never lost access to a single game that I have paid for off of psn or steam, and I have hundreds of games.

They can also stop production of physical games too.

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