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Subsidizing a mid gen console this late in the generation doesn't make any sense anyways considering there is only at most 2 or 3 years left in this gen.
If MS was willing to take a lose to gain market share, then I don't see that happening until the beginning of the next gen. It's far to late in this current gen to play catch up with loses.

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I quit playing because there is no match making, and I don't plan on get the second game for the same reasons.
I shouldn't have the go to an outside site to find players when match making should be in the game.

You're just paranoid... Gta5 does match making and you don't have to use it if you already have a full team, but sometimes you need a random. You can't boot people in the mission and if you could you would have to start all over anyway....

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Now people are complaining that games are to long?
This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in a while.

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Truth hurts... 60million VS....

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A mid gen upgrade should extend the current gen. The pro has been out for around 7 months now and if Sony released ps5 in 2018 that would be a greasy move especially since many pro owners also owned an ogps4.

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Well I would be pissed if ps5 came out next year.

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It's the reason I got vr in the first place. Unfortunately for me the day I bought my psvr, was the day star trek bridge crew was delayed, I've been waiting ever since.

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Gansta is only hating on vr because of the platform it's on. Nothing you say or do will change the coarse of anything Sony, so please give it a rest. No one gives a shit about your baseless opinions on a console that you have absolutely zero interest in.

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And people make bad decisions all the time... Right? 😁

Just kidding... Enjoy your console of choice

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Tech obsession? Do you know what year it is? The switch released with obsolete tech and has a higher price point then that of 4 year old consoles with superior tech.
It's not an obsession to expect devises that are at least up to date with today's standards especially in a console or handheld device.

You guys need to quit using the word obsession with tech to defend your console of choice, especially when that newly released console was...

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Then just go with pc if want to be a specs whore.

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Ya I played call of Juarez for about 10 minutes....

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So you simply don't have to play... funny thing about choices.

I love open world games and I feel there is way more repayable value in them then your typical linear game.

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You xbox guys didn't disagree with MS doing it last gen, so why are ya so hurt by Sony doing it this gen?
Personally I am not in favor of this practice but I really enjoy watching you guys cry foul when it happens to your preferred platform.

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Sounds like you need to find a new hobby.

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When you see a digital game on psn you shouldn't have to do any research to find out if it's completed or not. And if it's an early access game it should clearly state that.

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The point was made about your original comment, and if all you play is 3rd party games then fill your boots.

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If you can play pretty much all the same games on ps4 that are on xb1 plus all the exclusives from ps4 then what reason is there to buy an xb1?
MS give the consumer very little reason to buy an xb1, and don't mention Scorpio is a reason.

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I agree, although it should be made more clear if a game is an early access game. Not everyone is always aware.... on consoles anyway. Steam is great for making it quite obvious what games are early access.

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Ya so what is Ark then?

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