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Hahaha... You guys are funny , do people really care either way anyways , and I am curious what percentage of woman to men play this game. I bet that less then 1% Of all players are woman ... I mean girls.

I like that, "I'm so angery right now" quote from gta 5... lol

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It would compete with xbox s because they both will have Uhd blu-ray, and that will be a system seller.

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Ya if I needed a replacement I sure as hell wouldn't wait. But other then that I wouldn't rush out and buy any console right now.

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I feel the same way, I am one who wants to know exactly what I am paying for.

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That would be unacceptable for Sony to claim psvr is for ps4 if it doesn't work properly with out neo and Sony knows this. To have to buy ps4 neo for psvr would be a scam and money grab.
Sony knows better and would never do that.

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Click and bait

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I am sure they want to get that UHD 4k blu-ray out the door asap, considering xbox s also has that format and that will be a system seller. The UHD blu-ray will also bring non gamers to the market, Sony isn't going to let MS get the jump on this, after all Sony is invested in this format.

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You should change your name to crackheadjames

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Not trying to nit pick but they only confirmed it and have yet to announce it and reveal the console.

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I should run vr just fine with 6tflops, but I thought you xbox guys thought vr is a gimmick and not needed.

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No Da1rocky, that's not what he is saying at all.

Neo is also all about Uhd blu-ray format , the format was recently released to the public last march .Why would Sony wait just because Scorpio was announced ? Believe it or not Sony is invested in uhd blu-ray , and with xbox s also having uhd blu-ray they will launch Neo asap.
Uhd blu-ray will be a system seller above and beyond any cpu/gpu boost for gamers . And Death, you don't need to worry so much about...

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How would you know if the psvr works "MUCH BETTER" with Neo ? That would be very decietful and could cause Sony more trouble then it's worth. Wouldn't that be false advertisement , maybe even a class action lawsuit , you real do think Sony is full of stupid people don't you ?

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Psvr was at e3 with plenty of demos. Do you really think Sony would release a platform that doesn't work on the ps4 ? Sony has only been in business for 70 + years , they're not as stupid as you may think.

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Just as long as RockSmith lives for ever then I will be happy .

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lol ... MS stole sonys thunder , with what ? They don't even have a diagram of their dream machine , just a bunch of numbers on paper.
They might have to boost scorpio to 8tflops or even 10 tflops just to deliver what they promised. After all isn't it all about fps , or are you xbox guys going to be happy with 4k and if your lucky 30fps ?

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Funny you should say that about the UHD 4k blu-ray format because I believe that is exactly why Sony developed Neo , and it is the only thing that actually makes any sense. The cpu /gpu boost obviously will benefit gamers , but the gamers were never the reason for Neo . This is all about sales and pushing UHD blu-ray format, and if xbox s wasn't coming out with the UHD blu-ray as well , then I think they would have been at a serious disadvantage .


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Sony has been a tech Giant for over 70 years , I'll trust them long before I would ever give you the time of day.

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Why are you so concerned with psvr and how it will perform when you obviously have no interest in buying it? Just stick with vive or rift and leave us to our psvr, there , problem solved.

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Wow totally fucked that up didn't you.Don't quit your day job ... unbelievable smh

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Well at least you're here Fin and not trolling Neo articles as usual ... or are you ?

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