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Why do you need to wait until next gen?
If you're interested in a pc just build one now.

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I am glad you guy's are happy with the direction MS is going with Scorpio. But one thing I have noticed is you seem to try to justify Scorpio and 4k by knocking VR.

Just be happy with what you buy, you don't need to justify anything and you don't need to knock VR to make your choices seem better.

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Well I do agree that new consoles are for new games but I have a shit ton of ps3 games on my psn account and having my entire Library of games in one place would be nice.
One example would be my library of games on pc is all in one place and it will always be there. I would like that with my psn account, after all, I have spent thousands of dollars on my psn account in the last 10 years.

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My wife and kids use my obsolete consoles while I use my ps4.

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Ah, they just want to be like Mr. Robot and save the world.
But then again maybe the should "Go" do something productive with their lives and get out of their mama's basement.

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So you think Sony is going to will fully mislead the consumer into buying a product that they claim work with ps4 but in fact you need the ps4 neo?
That sounds a lot like false advertising.
I don't think Sony would be so blatantly stupid, do you?

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You must be an xbox owner

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The difference here between the pre game hype with these games is easy to see.
There have been a shit ton of 15 minute game play video's of No man's sky, and I can't say the same for quantum Break . That means if you're buying into the hype and don't bother to aleast check out one of many game play videos or walk threws and end up being let down because it's not the game you expected . Then you're an idiot ( not calling you an idiot just generalizing) and...

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I think we are about to see a whole new wave of idiots. Just wait a few months, I am sure that we are going to hear a lot of dumb shit that people do while playing Pokemon.
How long before some dumb ass gets run over playing Pokemon? Under the first 6 months is my bet. Lol

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Why ? That's not how it works on pc. It's not a better version of the game , but better performance out of the hardware .

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Really ? I have never experienced these bugs on ps3 . I'm not saying they don't exist on ps3 , just that I have never seen it and RDR was one of my favorite games from last gen , I played it all the time.

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Doing research has never been easier then it is to day. You can google anything, you can youtube pretty much anything as well. There are tutorials on YouTube to take you Step by step on how to build a pc.
10 or 15 years ago you may have had an argument about how tough it is to build a pc and game, but not today. The only excuse people have this days about no knowledge of pc's can only be lack of interest or just plain laziness.
Don't believe me? Just youtube h...

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You don't know your on pc's spec's and your buying new games on it?
Look, it doesn't take very much effort to understand your pc's performance, but buying games with out even knowing what you have for a gpu is just plain stupid.
Do you even know what CPU is in your pc? Because believe it or not that matters too.

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Well I for one would play RDR if ps4 had backwards compatibility.
As it is I have 2 ps3 and 2 ps4, my wife and one of my sons has the ps3's, and my other older son and I have the ps4's.
Most of my games I buy digital and I have quite the digital ps3 library, I would be super stoked if I could add that on my ps4.

Backwards compatibility sure as hell isn't a bad thing, just ask any pc gamers, they always have the...

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Here is a response and I wont even give you a disagree.
Why do you or any xbox fanboy care about what MS brings to windows 10 on pc? You clearly aren't a pc gamer and anyone planning on buying scorpio clearly isn't going to game on pc either. So what difference does any of this make since you're stuck on your xbone ?

This really only concerns pc gamers , and serious hardcore pc gamers would never even admit to gaming on xboxlive pc. Xboxlive will never...

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Hard to set it straight when it's sinking .

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Well EA has orgin and no longer releases games on steam just for that alone. That would put Orgin in direct competition xbox live on pc selling EA games .
Just something to think about.

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So I guess this throws the whole " windows " ecosystem bullshit argument out the "window" (lol) that I keep hearing about from all those xbox fanboys.
So does mean you xbox guys need to start back peddling with MS ? Ya , I am pretty sure that's exactly what we're all going to witness here on N4g . You xbox guys must be getting dizzy .

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You have about another 17 months to go before you see Scorpio.

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