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lol @ moldybread....

They one xbone super troll constantly in Ps4 threads is saying anything at all about ps4 fans commenting in xbone threads.


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Ya first to announce... last to release, seems like a reaction to me considering we all knew NX is coming and the pro was confirmed just not announced.

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Good plan, I've been doing that lately as well. I'm not falling for the hype anymore for any game.

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$20 bucks American and I'm in, but I won't pay a dollar more.

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Are you really going to try to say ddr3 is better then gddr5... Especially for gaming?

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I know eh!

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4d ago InappropriateShow


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And you will continue to come here every day and bitch about how much of a troll/ ps4 site is.

Got news for you, you don't have to subject yourself to these forums

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Yet you made a user name and bother to comment because you don't know where else to go.

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It will be the $15.99 barging bin game when I buy it... Still waiting, probably for awhile.

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Should be pissed that 7gb of hd space cost $60amc for this game... 😆

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Who says Sony didn't want GG to try something new and different ?

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I was going to ask if i missed something because I don't recall RD2 being announced .

Here's to hoping ...

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It's an over price game that really should have had a $20 price tag, not $60. And then you have all the hype to go with it.

I am glad I did jump and buy it yet, I will wait for the game to drop to $20.

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It's a bunch of numbers and maybe a concept design on a note pad.

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Well I played it and I thought that it was total shit.
But does anyone care what I think ? Probably not because games are subject ...

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Without Dev kits I doubt they're developing anything.

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Not everyone buys games on disc, I don't, I buy all my game digitally and that is never going to stop.
So theory of more data on disc is pointless as long as digital down loads exist.

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