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It's one thing to have the odd game always online , it's completely different if your console of choice had to be online just to play anything. #3.1.1
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Do you really think that with MS owning MC that the playstation platforms are going to get any updates, patches or DLC ?
Do you think that any new iterations of MC will also come to the playstation platform?

Maybe.... but I personally doubt it.

There is absolutely no reason for MS to buy the franchise other then to make it exclusive to xbox and pc. And yes I know that it is out on ps3 and ps4 , but that doesn't mean that playstation will get any... #2.6.2
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I thought Harmonix was done with rockband, either way , RockSmith is the way to go . Learn to play a real guitar not some plastic guitar shaped controller. #1.1
You probably need to be a hockey fan to enjoy a hockey video game or a Canadian eh. #6.1
Give me a break ,someone says jaggies and you cry foul?

Give them time to finish the game, and even if there are jaggies it is going to be a great game none the less.
Although I'll be playing it on either ps4 or pc. #1.4.3
it got me into rocksmith. #2.1

Part of EA access TOS

EA reserves the right to change and update the EA Access Services, and the EA Content offered through the EA Access Services without any liability to you. In particular, Vault Titles are subject to change and may be removed, and the online services for certain Vault Titles may be discontinued. In the event that EA changes the EA Access Services, including the removal of Vault Titles or discontinuation of online services for certa... #2.1.6

"They put new ones in and take old ones out.You have to purchase those old ones if you want to keep playing them".

Are you sure about that. I've been trying to find out if that is really true.
So if EA takes a game out of the vault does that mean you really lose access to a game that's been downloaded to your hard drive?

Look at PS+, I have every game that has ever been offered. Sony removes games off... #2.1.4
both DLC's should have been together for one price. Selling 2 dlc packs this close together for $10 a pop is looking like a money grab (IMO). #1.1
People seem to forget that the ps2 was on the market for over 10 years as well. #1.2.4

You didn't mention the games for ps3 and the psvita and the additional $30 sub on top of xboxlive ? How curious indeed. #1.2.5
I regret commenting on this.

No where did I say that parents do not need to take 100% responsibility for there children. And NO where did I say that parents are not to blame if they buy there children M rated games.

But still you're going to read what you want to read and put words in my mouth. I guess reading and comprehension is at an all time low on N4G today. #1.2.8
No , ps now is not a subscription at all, PS plus is a subscription.

With ps now you pay to rent on a per-game basis for a certain amount of time. #1.2.2
That is not the point I was trying to make . If you read my first post again I say "I agree that parents shouldn't be buying MA rated games for there kids". And I as a parent will not and do not buy those M rated games for my kids.

I am simply getting tired of all the "blame the parents" articles and comments that I have seen over the last few years. It's the comments made from people who have no idea about parenthood that piss me off... #1.2.4
Are you dyslexic ? #5.1

Quit comparing it to ps now, they're two different services. If you are going to compare it to anything , then compare it to PS+.

EA access will never be able to compare to PS+. #1.2
Well I have 3 kids, I'm 43 and been married for 18 years. I also don't let my kids play any MA games.

I bought the stick of truth and found out very quickly that I couldn't play it while my kids were around. I loved the game ... but wow, you get some real shock value in that one. #1.2.2
Ya, it's called propaganda , and you can watch on the 6 o'clock news . #3.1

Are you a parent? how many kids do you have?

I agree that parents shouldn't be buying MA rated games for there kids. But I am getting sick and tired of hearing from you young single people (who I'm sure most of you are not parents) cheering "blame the parents for this or that " #1.2
I have one more question:
If EA removes games from the vault that you have already downloaded, can you still play that game ?

EDIT: why is it that EA isn't using this service on Origin as well ? #5.2.3
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