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Because EA release an iteration of every sports franchise every year, it is expected.

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Nice spin Tyler
Incredible how you can turn this into GoW.... and yes, it is irrelevant.

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I'm not a fan of loot box's myself, the question is though.... Do you really want government regulations in video games?
We can debate what is and what is not gambling all day but if governments become aloud to regulate gaming where will it stop?
If governments had there way (like Trumps goat show) you can say goodbye to mature and violent games.

Government involvement would change gaming as we know it forever.

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Sony has supported every console for over 10 years. I do not see Sony ending support for the ps4 in 2021, sure the ps5 may be out by then but I would expect support for the ps4 until at least 2023.

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I think most of you intentionally miss the point.
You PSfanboys have this mob mentality that is quite sickening.

The point is that gaming is subjective... Get it?

Ps4 is the only console I own, but there is no way in hell I'm going to follow this PlayStation crowd. You're all a bunch of sheep...

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People are wrong?
No, tastes in games are subjective, that doesn't make people wrong.
But it sure makes you sound arrogant.

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Perhaps not everyone wants a ps4 or GoW... I haven't picked up GoW yet.

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So because DarkVoyager doesn't care about single player campaign then no one does and the game doesn't need it, great logic.

Didn't EA do this with battlefront and get some back lash?

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Ya, everyone on the internet just made that up.

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Sony has been doing cross play for years and continues to do so.

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You should ask yourself why some reviews are giving it 7 or 8 and why others are giving it 3.6.

No one has to justify to you why they enjoy any game.

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40 year old exclusives, it will be neat to go back to for about 5 minutes.

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Mediocre game, mediocre score.

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Didn't anyone play the first one? I mean come on, I had some fun with it but it was mediocre at best. What did anyone actually expect from state of decay 2?
If anyone actually thought this was going to be a AAA classic they are on serious drugs.

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It helps to actually read the article

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You mean like how MS did with the Xbox one?

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Give it a rest already.
You call them greedy but what they have done is found a successful formula and giving "ALL" dlc for free. This keeps the GTA community from fracturing and splitting up.

You also have a choice whether or not to buy shark cards, you are not obligated to ever buy into shark cards.
You don't want to grind? You tell me what mmo you don't have to grind... Gta online is as close to an mmo as you are going to get and grin...

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As unfortunate as it maybe, it doesn't mean the industry will lose experience. The studio may have shut down but I am sure many of the devs will be picked up other studios.

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You're right, lately there has been one article after another. It's almost like there's nothing else to talk about... kind of crazy with all these exclusives come out one after another

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