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"Save it bro. Nobody wants or needs your vitriol".

I love the double standards especially when it comes from a D*****B** like you, but you seem like one of those guys who believe that your opinion is the only one that counts.

I agree with Ramen, why would you buy a new system when you can play this crappy game on the 360? It certainly could not be a system seller ,(unless you got a serious xboner) ain't that right JBSleek? #8.1.1
"Back in my day when you bought a game, you bought it ONCE and could play it as much as you want. Will never get the need to buy a game and buy permission to play it".

Really? subscription based MMO's are nothing new. Don't believe me? Well , just google the list of MMO's. #6.6
Fall out is not an mmo... I think you need to do a little research to understand the difference between an mmo and a multiplayer game. #13.1.1

Obviously mmo's aren't for you , but this is nothing new, this is how mmo's have always worked. You buy the game then get 30 or 60 days sub free, after that you can either pay the sub or not play. If you don't like it then don't buy it, I'm not going to buy it.

It's not like buying COD or GTA V and having to pay $15 a month to play, then the servers would be dead. #7.2
"Microsoft still has the best looking game visually and the games that are the most fun on Xbox One so I'd say they're "winning" in that aspect"

Opinions of which games are more fun then another are truly subjective and hold absolutely no weight .

I am happy you enjoy your X1, but your opinion doesn't reflect what the rest of the community believes. #1.2.5
What do you expect at the being of a new generation? Neither console really have anything that interests me at the moment, and the games that do interest me are coming to PC anyway (that's where I'll be playing for now).

Give it some time , this generation just began. #4.1.3
This was on ps3/ps4, no Tianfall anytime soon. #10.1
My reference to Mag launching at $40 was incorrect. On January 26 2010 mag launch for $60 usd, four months later in may of 2010 the price dropped to $40 usd.

I apologize for the wrong information. #9.2.6
Get with the times... did you really just say that?
I see that you're one of those people who are willing to bend over and pay more and get less.
No one is disputing the replay value of multiplayer here, it's the lack of any single player campaign or offline mode with a $60 usd price tag that takes the value away from the game.
Even Zipper new that they couldn't charge more then $40 with there online only game MAG, and now that the servers are down you can... #9.2.5
An online only game for $60 usd ? Come on man, you can try to justify it all you want , but it's a load of crap. The game shouldn't have been more then $40 usd, just another example of EA sticking it to the consumer. Hopefully the game is a success and the servers stay up for more then a few years.

No I don't have an xbox nor will I ever, but I do game on PC. And I can tell you that I am very unimpressed with what was released at the cost of a full game for only h... #9.2.3
You really have no idea what you're talking about. Again Sony has nothing to do with this, it's all about the Canadian dollar and the exchange rates. If Canadians were to keep paying $400 cnd then that would be equal to $360 USD. All imports will go up in price if they haven't already , not just sony. lol... #5.2
No it's not inflation, it's the value of the Canadian dollar has dropped. If I want to exchange a Canadian dollar for an American dollar , then I need to spend $1.10 Canadian to get $1.00 American (give or take). #4.2.1
sony didn't increase anything, the ps4 is still $400 usd, it's the Bank of Canada exchange rates that get adjusted. It's not just sony , everything that consumers buy in Canada will be adjusted according to the exchange rate of the $USD$.

EDIT: I should say , all imports will be adjusted according to the USD.

I AM CANADIAN ! #1.2.2
PS4 can support mouse and key board also, I don't see why dev's don't start utilising this. #1.4.1
Where the F**K is LBP3 anyway? #20
You forgot your "s/" , that's got to be sarcasm , if not... puff puff pass. #14.2.2
Wow, there are far to many SHORT games to begin with. I am sick of short games, I feel like I am being ripped off when I can finish a game in under a day.

This kind of thinking is just stupid. #1.2.1
I stopped playing it because it's so broken, it's just full of glitchers and cheaters. #2.3

No one is forcing you to come to N4G, if this site isn't for you then simply leave... douchebag. #10.5
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Can I borrow your crystal ball ? #1.6.1
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