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Economy ... what economy? Let us use the stock markets like originally intended and then you may have an argument about an online economy. #2.2
If you were an advocate against violence then I may have bought your B.S. but then you list off GTA, Manhunt and Postal. It sounds to me like you just need to have some justification to commit these violent acts in these games to make yourself feel better.

Context or not, manhunt or Postal are not that far off of Hatreds level of glorifying murder for fun.

BTW, I am all for video game violence as long as it's left to the adults, and hell , I just might b... #2.2.1
My sig puts it at 57,489. #2.1
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"Then what is it? What's keeping the X1 away from success if it isn't exclusives?"

It's people like me , I just ordered two ps4's , one for me and one for my son. Nothing but the best for us ..lol #2.1.6
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Because people on a fixed income can even afford to buy dlc. I can tell you that people who can barely afford to get by every month on their fixed income know the value of money.

OT: not all dlc is bad or a rip off either. Yes there are dev's and publishers that want to nickel and dime you to death, but you also have a choice not to buy or support those developers.

I am one who will buy UBI softs rocksmith dlc every week, just an example of the dlc that&... #3.1.2
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I wouldn't go as far as to say that I want a digital only future ,options are nice, but I primarily buy digital versions. #1.2
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I wont touch this game until I know what features they left out and plan to patch in later.

I hope I am wrong about this one. #2.1.1
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I'll agree to that ,fake until confirmed. #10.1
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You don't unlock the mini gun until lvl 120 and I am not quite sure about the tank but it's around lvl 80 I think.

Shark cards (or GTA money) don't give you an advantage, I am lvl 150 and I would never waist real money for anything in GTA because it's a rip off and nothing more. #1.1.3
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I think you're missing the point. And who ever said rocksmith was a replacement for anything?

I love rocksmith , but it's not a game it's more of a tutor. I love rock band for the career and tour mode / make your own band and progress. My point from the beginning was that it would be cool these fun game modes were in rocksmith , that's it that's all.

By the way , I have supported HMX since 2005 so I don't need your history lesson. #4.2.1
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All I am saying is since I can already play a real guitar on my playstation then why wont Guitar Hero or Rock Band let you.

I think it would really be cool if guitar hero or rock band would let you have that experience with a real guitar aswell.

And No, rock band4 isn't bring back the pro guitar, not any time soon anyway. #4.1.1
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Now if only they would do this with RockSmith, why pretend to play on a guitar shaped controller when you can use the real thing. #4
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Funny , I lost a bubble after a Grammar troll was out trolling someone and their post. But this grammar troll used the words you're and your incorrectly , so I pointed that out , was marked for trolling and lost a bubble.

lol #1.4.1
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As much as I love RDR I really don't want Seth or Irish as playable characters in the main story. I thought Seth and Irish were irritating characters in RDR's story line to begin with . If I have to play either one of these characters in RDR2 then I just might have to pass on this and I don't want to do that.

RDR was a day1 buy for me , "so please Almighty Gamer God, don't let RockStar put in these shitty characters". #1.4.2
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nit pick much or what? #4.1.1
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says the fanboy !lol #2.2.1
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Well Jalve, if you want to stream games then you kind of need to be online don't ya ? #1.6.2
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"You're grammar was so bad that I had trouble reading it".

Since we are on the topic of grammar , don't you mean "your" not "you're" ? You're = you are ...lol .

kids these days #1.1.10
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"My left n*t has more insight. .. no point complaining though, better off just leaving these articles alone".

And yet here you are . #1.3.2
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Ya , including Nvidia. #9.1
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