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It absolutely is not gambling, you are buying a box with content inside, whether you know what's inside or not is irrelevant.
Is buying baseball cards gambling? All you know when you buy any trading cards is there is a chance to get a good one or not.
The only gambling you are doing is figuratively, there is no literal sense of gambling and I doubt any games commissioner would see it that way.

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Not if Disney has anything to say about it and according to the article Disney threatened to pull the license.
Disney does not want the negative press with the SW franchise.

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I don't believe it's gambling either, you're paying for a box which has content inside.
Just because you don't know what is inside the box you purchase doesn't make it gambling, it makes you stupid for paying for something that you don't what you're getting.

No, it's not gambling, it would be gambling if there was a chance that the box could be empty. You guys ever buy surprise bags at the candy store? Well that's what a loot box...

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47 year old gamer here, I too have been playing since the early days and I would say it's a great time to be a gamer.
Obviously games can be hit or miss but if you are to spoiled to appreciate how gaming has evolved over the last 40 years, then maybe you need a new hobby.

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Waterdown versions?.... I think all these extra pixels have gone to your head.

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Is there something wrong with 1080p?
Unless you are a moron and would rather just and are willing to spend another $500usd on a console that plays the exact same games but need those extra pixels, hey be my guest.

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Exactly... I am not going to fall for this shit, all it is, is a money grab in the end. I'm happy with 1080p until next gen.

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Well thanks for all the laughs you've been giving us over the years septic.
I don't think anyone can ever take you seriously anymore.

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Even with a year head start in North America and a 1 1/2 in EU with 8 million sales lead, the 360 still finished last.
You have no idea what you are talking about.

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Keep counting your pixels to justify your purchase.

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You guys are chest thumping over higher resolution, faster load times and if you are lucky maybe 60 fps on some games.
1080p isn't trash and if higher resolution is really the only selling point, then I question the true purpose of this $500 mid gen upgrade because MS is going to need more than that.

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MS comes out with 1x and now they decide to focus on 1st party studios and games?
That kind of thinking is ass backwards when you consider by the time development of any 1st party game is completed the next gen will have begun.

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Are you suggesting better load times, more stable fps and better texture filtering are worth another $500usd?
I wouldn't even consider the pro for these very reasons, no bias just not buying into bullshit.

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To little to late for this generation and for the onex.
Better luck next time.

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This resolution revolution is so ridiculous that it has got you fanboys so worked up that you don't even see what's going on.
MS and Sony are laughing at you guys. They got fanboys buying console twice, only one has a better resolution.
I'll keep my 1080p and wait for next generation... suckers.

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The current CPU's are a bottle neck... You got 6 teraflop GPU and an underwhelming CPU.
You will never get true 4k gaming if you don't increase the CPU power and speed... So ya a next generation Xbox is inevitable.

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It's quite hilarious when guys like you constantly make an ass of yourself.

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I bet all your movies and music are physical media copies too.

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Dead for you maybe.... I love how some of armchair analyst think you know something or think you can speak for other gamers.
I got news for you, just because VR isn't for you doesn't change anything in the industry or for the future of VR.

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I wouldn't call this racist pill of trash a fanboy... By the way, if you're one who would defend a person like this, then you need to take a long hard look in the mirror and question your own morality.

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