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"The hills are alive with the sound of music......"


Because it's Max Payne 3. That's why the name is "slapped" on there.....Duh.

;P #5.1
I'm sure because Naughty Dog is an American developer. Same reason why Japan gets cool Metal Gear stuff. #8.1.1
You're so cool bro. #1.7
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Dude... your multiple personalities on here are just getting sadder and sadder.

This cat is using two different profiles trying to troll me. It's getting ridiculous now.

Too bad I'm more clever than "both" of you. #2.4
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Yes... everything has to do with CoD.


*facepalm* #2.1
I'm with Dark on this one bub. #1.3.5
Holy crap! Do you mean to tell me that the ghost of Willem Dafoe is also in Gears of War 3?? ;P #7
"i typed, "come *one* guys."

Haha... I honestly did not catch that. lol #2.3
...... Whoa! Where am I? Crap I seem to have gotten lost in her eyes....


EDIT: *snaps out of it*

OT: I am sooo looking forward to Uncharted 3. I've actually started giving "Haven" a chance once I realized it was her as the star. Still not sold on it(the show) but I'm going to keep trying! #1
Did he mention CoD? No? Oh okay, thanks for clearing that up. #16.1.1
*whew* That's a relief.... I was hoping you would be able to take a joke from a total stranger.

Bubbles for having a sense of humor. #2.2
Don't be mad at me because you can't spell bro.

"it's the troll again.." That was such a mean thing to say... It totally hurt my wittle feewings... #1.2
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My heart breaks for you... T_T #8.3
*Basically* #1.1
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It's just my opinion bro.

I'm not going to accuse YOU of trolling simply because you stated your opinion preferring Crash.

It's ok man... #11.2
Classy. -_- #15.1
Cool story bro.

They need to pass on Crash and make Jak 4. As that's the one that would sell. Nobody is gonna play a modern Crash game. There is a reason why they no longer have the license.

Yes, exactly.... This story has sad written all over it. #1.1
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