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I don't mind loot boxes in online multiplayer games, but it is pretty shitty when they're starting to incorporate them into single player games. Loot boxes should only include items which ONLY affect the skins of characters or weapons. Anything beyond that where it affects XP, weapon/armor bonuses, or anything that gives even the slightest advantage in a game should be removed. I buy loot boxes sometimes during different events in Overwatch and I'm fine with that and it hurts n...

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I really wanted to wait a little longer before I pulled the trigger on the switch, but that Mario Odyssey got me thinking on Mario 64/Sunshine days. Besides, it's time to jump into BoTW now. Got that Odyssey Switch bundle.

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What the hell is Destiny 2 doing up there? Yikes. Neir Automata had to be my surprise hit for the year by far though. Not surprised to see Zelda up in the top spot, though I'd almost rather put Horizon at #1 seeing how it is superior being the most innovative in combat and the story was top notch, no matter how "gamey" it ended up being.

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I have a feeling a lot of what was shown was cut out for DLC later on. Just have a sinking feeling, another Destiny DLC extravaganza on the rise? I don't usually do refunds but they had some serious pieces missing for the core game that was constantly shown. I should have returned Destiny as well but that gameplay was on biggest regret.

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I just put in a request on Steam for a refund. I'm truly upset at the amount of lies. I expected this from bigger studios but man, this felt like an Ubisoft/Bungie lie. Disappointed in Hello Games...and Sony for that matter trying to push it out so fast unpolished and missing so much.

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Gamecube, bruh. With a refined Super Smash Bros. game they single handedly solved world hunger and brought peace to the multiverse.

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I'm super happy they're bringing all their exclusives to PC. Saves me having to own a console I'll hardly play except for exclusives. Since I already play PC a ton along with PS4, this'll simplify things greatly. That and I won't have to pay for Live on PC to play online. It is nice to give people a choice between their preferred platform to play on between the Scorpio and PC.

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Um, all new content is free. New maps, new heroes, new modes, free. Everyone else they give you those for a price or they use season passes. Really nothing to complain about especially if you bought it on PC for $40. I am a little curious as to why it's full price on consoles though.

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No. While I still think 2 was better, 3 had some amazing set pieces. The Boat comes to mind and the fight in that cargo plane while it was falling apart to this day stands as one of my favorite from the UC series. I still get chills from Nate struggling to hold on to the cargo pallet and then opening the parachute, top notch. For me it's 4, 2, 3, 1, and then abyss (which I never finished, but hey, it's gotta go somewhere.)

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"Destiny 2, with even more unwanted nerfs and recycled levels than before!"

Yea, no. Not falling for it again. Honestly, what killed it for me was the constant updates to weapons, armor, nightfall drops, light levels, etc. Bungie cannot keep themselves from screwing something up consistently every month. They literally made the game worse over the course of that year. Sometimes it's not always best to listen to pvp whiners, they made about 90% of our Legend...

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I wouldn't have got it on PS4 at release date. Rather wait for a significant price drop. I got it for $9 from the Ukranian MS store, that sounds about fair to me after the timed exclusive garbage they pulled.

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No kidding, I completely despise the Microsoft store, but I could not pass up a $9 game. Runs fantastic.

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Well, this one just dropped down to my bargain bin pile. Thanks Ubi!

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I was able to find a used copy in gamestop today, like new and has the first Bayonetta disc as well. Lucky me!!

Everywhere else I checked though was out of stock, might try to find one more unopened for collectors sake. :P

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Got 1-5 for ya right here:


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Unfortunately the TTK hype got to me and it was the best DLC by far but the sparkle wore off all too quickly before the grind became a bore all over again.

It has no meat to keep it interesting anymore. No story, just a hint of one and a new area to waste your time in.

Doubt I'll be getting into Destiny 2 though, or at the very least wait till after release for the reviews to drop. Angry Joe was on point with this one and I expect the same with D2. ...

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Meh, quit playing since Fallout 4 and honestly..I'm not missing anything Destiny. Nothing excites me about it anymore due to the pay to unlock what should have been included day 1.

Good Riddance :)

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I'm with you on that one! It wasn't as long as the others but man it was intense! The last bit where you and the cargo pallet are spinning out of control had me floored, felt so real. I watch that sequence on youtube from time to time, glad I can now replay it on PS4 soon!

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Pretty sure I found more to do in Mad Max than Destiny. If anything, Destiny should be the one worth no more than $10. I pay for the amount of content, not how much time I spend in one game.

Max isn't perfect but it is hella fun. Especially coming from a fan of the franchise.

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