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"Blah blah blah...meh. "


I'm with you on that one! It wasn't as long as the others but man it was intense! The last bit where you and the cargo pallet are spinning out of control had me floored, felt so real. I watch that sequence on youtube from time to time, glad I can now replay it on PS4 soon! #10.1
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Pretty sure I found more to do in Mad Max than Destiny. If anything, Destiny should be the one worth no more than $10. I pay for the amount of content, not how much time I spend in one game.

Max isn't perfect but it is hella fun. Especially coming from a fan of the franchise. #1.3
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My one major problem is that all my friends have stopped playing. Destiny is about community and it's hard to enjoy yourself when you're constantly searching lfg for people to play with.

I'm honestly surprised they haven't implemented matchmaking for raids, nightfalls, PoE, etc...

That and if I'm paying $40 I expect a new planet or two alongside what they've already announced. One big open area isn't enough.

I&... #1.3
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Red Faction anyone? #1.5
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It just feels less and less like Tomb Raider in that sense though. It was never about chaos. I really feel like they're trying to outdo the Uncharted series. They don't need to do that. Go back to puzzles and actual exploration with a sprinkle of other raiders and beasts to run into. There's a reason Lara was so popular back in the day, go back to that. None of this "Badass Lara" dispatching enemies with precision and deadly ease. No, just no. #1.13.2
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Why does the series look like its getting darker and darker. What happened to true exploration and chance encounters with humans or entities from time to time? I miss the Lara against nature and booby trapped temples, not a fan of the hordes of human armies we seem to have to trample through constantly.

The first part of her reboot was great and I thought they'd transition back to her roots, not up the danger with even more soldiers...ahh well. I hope these "tombs... #1.13
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Stoked! Running mine with sli 770s. WooT! #4.2
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Whoo! Just Preordered it! #2
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Yea, for a price. Thanks guys! #1.3
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Might as well get it for PC at a discount later on. Not waiting a year for PS4 version. #1.7
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Not going to lie, I bought this to add to my collection of special editions, not to play the games themselves. Besides, it looks like this'll be a rare find soon. :) #1.1
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Man, where are the outrageous set pieces?! Looks boring tbh. Nothing like the old THPS. #1.1
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Excited for those who've never experienced GoW last gen. Have fun ya'll! #1.2
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Witcher 3 anyone? Same as Fallout yet one of the best looking games to date. Excuses anyone? Waiting... #1.1.12
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It's hard to tell anything with a camera angle like that. I'm still going off what I saw 2 years ago at Gamescon in Germany, it was glorious and I'm buying day 1. #20
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Plenty of games have implemented day and night cycles, late to the party guys but whatever. I stopped caring after Black Flag. #2.2
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Another R&C game that doesn't seem to get us any closer to the end of their saga. Not that I'm complaining but, man, these guys have been at it for a decade and then some. I want to see Ratchet finally Reunited with his own kind. We already have an idea where they are, lets set him on that journey! I don't care if it takes another trilogy, as long as he get's there in the third.

tl;dr My heart aches for Ratchet to be with his kind once and for all. #1.4
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Not likely. It's timed exclusive so it really has no weight other than playing it first. Only those uninformed or misinformed will play into the "I have to buy an Xbox one to play this" ploy.

I own both systems but I'll be waiting for PS4 version to drop seeing as how it's my preferred system for multiplats. #2.4
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I love all this "new" content they're coming out with. More like stuff that should have been included in the game in the first place at it's initial release, not months down the road for a price.

The only reason I still play is because I was an idiot, saw Bungie, thought what could go wrong, and bought the season pass. This will be the last DLC I play, I'm not paying for anything extra after House of Wolves. #1.2
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The first Uncharted was pretty lackluster, could see great things with a sequel...I hope. I really did enjoy the lore and characters enough to want a sequel. Though they do really need to open it up quite a bit for exploration and give us some collectibles worth trying to find. #24
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