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"Live for the Game"


The first Uncharted was pretty lackluster, could see great things with a sequel...I hope. I really did enjoy the lore and characters enough to want a sequel. Though they do really need to open it up quite a bit for exploration and give us some collectibles worth trying to find. #24
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Not going to lie, I backed them up because that trailer was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. My God. It does look like a blast too, thinking minecraft and Doom. #1
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@Nidhogg ..People bashing the game who haven't played it are idiots. #1.5
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My exact thoughts. Everything about it felt very, meh. After playing Destiny for a good while it makes BF:H feel very amateurish control wise and not much teamwork to boot. It honestly reminded me of CS minus the fun.

Will wait for Rainbow 6. #1.8
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You buy two new games for $120. You get to play an unlimited amount of games, so to speak, for around the same price over a years time. How is this NOT a great deal? #1.5
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You have to switch between characters to progress through the story fully. Don't let that turn you off though, it adds a whole new depth to experience different missions and stories from different points of views.

That and it's always fun to see where the last character you played is at in the world and what they're doing. This is the best GTA since San Andreas imo. #1.1.6
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For all I care it can stay there. #1.8
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Same thing happened last gen, slow start and ended up with some amazing exclusives throughout the years. Luckily with PS4 having such a phenomenal head start and hardware that developers can work with right away we will start to see better exclusives sooner.

Don't know why people expect big things out the gate. MS did the same last year and slowly tapered off to slim to nil exclusives. It's all about the long run people. #1.27
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Just in time for that holiday Xbone price drop. :D Always loved insomniac, looks great! #1.8
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Think they should make it a $10 upgrade for previous PS3 version owners and the full $60 for newcomers. Don't know how they'd implement that but that would work me. :D #1.7
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Still don't like the bots as filler. If I wanted to fight bots I'd play a single player campaign. #1.11
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I played a couple rounds in the Alpha on a friends Xbone and I'm not going to lie. It felt like I was fighting AI more than actual people online. There was one round where I had 15 bot kills and only 2 Pilot kills.

Like wtf? It doesn't feel online at all. They need to rid of the bots or add more players in. For a game this big, 6v6 isn't going to work. Especially when they're trying to fill the void with dumb AI. #1.13
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UC2, TLoU, Bioshock. Just 3 games of this gen that truly made my neck hair stand on end. #1.1
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Just as long as it's not like Starhawk. Great idea executed poorly. I'm all for a remastered Warhawk! #1.11
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Congrats on SoTY ND! It's a tough battle for GoTY when you're an exclusive. Especially going up against GTAV, well fought. #1.6
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This is one reasons I got AC: Blackflag for PS4 instead of PS3. Now all I need to do is snag a PS4 for my game...sitting alone, waiting. UGH.

OT: Looks so much better, just wow. Can't wait to hit the 4/5 year mark and on, games on consoles are going to explode with eye popping gfx. Going to be a great gen. #1.3
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Not big into twitch but it's growing on me. What these two are doing is pretty neat, shame I'm overseas atm. That bot is pretty funny, didn't think much of Playroom but I'm beginning to see how fun it can be. :D #1.4
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Neither did I until I played it, got that chance earlier this year at Gamescom. Waited in line 3 more times 3 hours total waiting....it's something you have to play to understand. Blistering fast combat, mechs running all over the place, the whole parkour aspect is a blast and opens the game up to more areas and strategies.

It's really a treat and much more than CoD ever was. Think Warhawk and CoD had a kid and his pet was a mech, that and it's so much more ref... #1.10.2
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I was hoping for the missing years in between the breakout and 20 some years later. Would have loved to see Joel scalping people for their clothes/food whilst disposing of them like it was nothing. That and the falling out with his brother and how he came to meet Ish.

So many stories to tell, so little time. #4.1
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