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From a neogaf post regarding the Game Informer article. "Game Informer beat the story mission in under two hours, and Konami says testers could speed run it in 5 minutes. How long it takes to complete the story mission and explore the camp is up to the player, but the extra missions add some replay value to the game." 5 minutes huh... #4
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I just seems an awful lot of strain on the system to read write 45 gigs of data over and over again. Hopefully we're given the option to just install the game and be done with it. #3.1.6
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It's still a 'download' install, only it happens in the background. The game does take up 45 gigs of space on your console. #3.1.4
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All the above are good answers. I think gta 5 should be thrown into the mix as well. Its possible Ubisoft was concerned that their open world just wasn't quite up to snuff. Different genres for sure but the expectations of gamers have been raised considerably. #5
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Yeah quite the classy bunch. Kind of makes me wonder what I'm getting myself into with the PS4. Played mostly on xbox this gen with PS3 being used for exclusives. Have only had a couple situations where someone was being an ass on live. As far as I'm concerned more than half of this site is filled with rabid sony fanboys who sure seem like assholes. We shall see. And yes this is directed at you. Yeah you, the one with your mouse on the disagree button. Grow up and stop treating gaming... #1.1.8
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I'm sure it is 'fart' superior... Just enjoy the game. #38.1
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Bravo. This reviewer is spot on. I don't want an action movie. A great franchise further dumbed down to appeal to the casual masses. What a shame. #4
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If you're planning on getting gta 5 just wait a couple months and buy the bundle. The 70 dollar difference gets you gta 5 and an extra 180 gigs in hard drive space. #7
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Ugh... I wish I hadn't watched that. #14
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They are and more than likely it's the way of the future but I want none of it. And this is coming from someone who has enjoyed their 360 infinitely more than their PS3. It's PS4 and Wii U this time around. #3.1
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While I agree that Sony has, without a doubt, the more appealing offering in regards to next gen I'd argue that Microsoft being finished would only hurt the game industry as a whole. We need healthy competition. I'd rather Microsoft just sulk away embarrassed and confused and realize the error of their ways. They need to be humbled not destroyed. #2.1
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Just wait until Watch Dogs is always online on the PS4. It will be the studios that make always online a reality. #1.3
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GFY #1.2.1
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Come on guys. EA's executive compensation last year was only 39.7 million dollars. That's barely monthly mansion money...

http://insiders.morningstar... #3
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And so it begins... Always online DRM under the guise of "social connectivity'. Welcome to the next gen. #1.6
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He's in damage control mode and just hoping this whole thing blows over sooner than later. Hopefully there's something that Sega can do legally to hold him responsible. There's blatant fraud involved here. The shame is that people are still buying the game. As long as Sega still sees a positive return on Colonial Marines the less likely they'll be to take legal action. #4.3
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Funny. Every time I see it I think blackberry storm. I hope you never had to experience one. #1.1.2
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I should have known better. This is why I shouldn't buy first generation anything. I've had mine for 2 months. Suck #4.4
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And isn't the PS4 supposed to ship with an updated PlayStation Eye? What exactly do you think that will be doing? Asshats... #1.10
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And isn't the general consensus that the PS3 is more powerful? For some reason almost all of my multi platform games are for my 360 due to them looking and running better. My PS3 is for exclusives and bluray. If Sony makes the PS4 easier to develop for I'll be on board day one. If not, I foresee the same issues. I'm only doing one console next generation. Sony has better exclusives yet multiplatform games far outnumber the yearly exclusive. I'd rather the vast majority of game... #1.2.6
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