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DMC1 wasn't as over the top as its successors, but that's because it gave birth to the stylish action genre. Bayonetta was a spiritual successor to DMC1 and was made by its creator, and that game is the definition of over the top.

If this game wanted to cater to the audience that liked DMC1 then maybe they should have made enemies that were on the level of shadow cats, and not colored ones to indicate whether I should use a demon weapon or an angel weapon against it....

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It's a different type of action game though. Just because it looks the same on the surface because it has some of the moves doesn't mean it's the same thing. People have to understand that eastern and western developers have different philosophies when it comes to developing games, and the sooner people realize it the sooner we can just accept this game for what it is. Yes, some of the members from the DMC3-4 team helped with the combat, but if this really was a DMC game then t...

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Nice to see you enjoying it. It probably is a decent action game. I just can't cave in because of what it represents. Nothing against NT though.

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My main problem with this game is that it's not Japanese anymore and NT weren't responsible for that decision.

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I told you man we have to accept that gaming journalists are going to eat this game up. There's nothing wrong with that because the game was designed with a different audience in mind.

It's ok if DMC isn't a Japanese action game anymore. We have Bayonetta 2 and MGR coming out. We should be alright.

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Man we gotta just accept that people are going to like DMC Lite. I'll never understand why, but it is what it is.

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For argument's sake let's strip this game of the DMC name and judge it on its on merits. What is it about this game that screams innovation? As a fan of action games in general, what makes this one on par or if not better than Bayonetta, NG, God Hand, and Viewtiful Joe? I'm just trying to understand the appeal of this game.

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Being a reboot doesn't exempt it from the fact that it strays too much from the original material. If they really wanted to try something different they could have made this into a new IP and redesigned the combat system from the ground up to fit the Unreal engine. This game is trying to be two different games at once and it just ends up being a product that fails to be do either particularly well in my eyes. Maybe pretty colors, and morphing environments makes people excited for this ...

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Can you please tell me what I'm doing wrong? I've learned how to dry hump demons in mid air with jump cancel, and I'm incorporating other moves into my style of play, but I'm not having fun. Is there more to this game that I should know? I'm being serious.

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I tried playing the demo so much that I would like it as much everyone else does. I just can't get jiggy with this game. I'll stick with the OG series. This franchise isn't for me anymore.

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Lol people are still debating this. If you're a DMC fan then just wait until MGR comes out because this series doesn't cater to us anymore. It's obvious that most of the people who love this direction didn't do S/SS rank runs, make an attempt to learn the combat system, and have no connection to series whatsoever.

Capcom/NT are most likely going to make sequels to this game because most people aren't big fans of Japanese action games and this appeals t...

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It's a lost cause at this point. You have to understand that these are the people that Capcom are targeting with DmC. No matter how much you try to explain to people why there shouldn't have been a reboot(to a series that was 7 at the time they started planning this out by the way) they just won't get it.

It's obvious most of the people who criticize DMC fans have either:

a) never played a DMC game before


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The game looks slightly smoother than before, but the physics are still messed up. It seems as if they are trying to make everything that took skill in the previous games more simple to pull off. Instead of having to learn how to jump cancel to keep the enemies in the air, NT has it to where all you have to do to keep enemies in the air is to keep mashing buttons. The hit pauses from the previous gameplay trailers still exists, and the combat looks to be too scripted for my taste.

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I wouldn't call a game that was in development hell, and was on the brink of being cancelled due to lack of cohesion, a "cash in." Lol people just want to bash P* because they're making a game under the Metal Gear IP. If hack-n-slash action games aren't for you and you'd prefer if Kojima Productions took a stealth approach for a Raiden game then fine, but don't let this situation be an excuse to bash one of the few Japanese developers of this generation who sta...

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Must come with some extremely rare loot I'm assuming.

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Coming from someone who isn't fond of this reboot, this is just uncalled for. It's just a video game.

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You say that like it's a bad thing (even though that's far from the truth). It's not like P* are completely changing everything about MG. It's just a spin off. Kojima wanted an action game with little stealth because he felt that he was putting on too much pressure on them when he told them to make MGS5 . His team wanted to incorporate stealth, but found it very difficult. 2 years and they couldn't come up with a game, just some good ideas. Kojima realized they were ...

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Special Edition. It was revealed in the trailer.

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