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This game is nowhere near as terrible that Star Ocean 4 was but that game got a pass for its messy design & laughable characters, average story, the worst main character in the series & the over abundance of backtracking in the game became tedious.

Look playing Star Ocean 5 i can see it is not the best in the series but it is far more enjoyable than 4 ever was. For what Tri-Ace was able to make with a limited budget thanks to the poor sales of SO4 i commend them for...

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I'm playing at the moment & it is very old school in design where save points are sparse in between. However the battle system & music is top notch. The english VA isn't SO4 grating & the characters actually emote rather than be like dolls.

I can understand the complaints that Gamespot has with the game but this game is vastly superior to SO4 which they gave a 7.5. The complaints in this game they glossed over in that review like the long cutscenes, the ...

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Are people forgetting that it is Nintendo that is forcing Sony's hand in possibly releasing an updated PS4. Look i have the utmost respect for Nintendo & what they do, but you gotta admit they screwed up with the Wii & WiiU. Sure the Wii was a huge success but it forced Nintendo to come up with the WiiU cause after the fad was over the Wii was dead.

With the WiiU it ended up being a complete bust compared to the PS4 & Xbox One. The failure of the WiiU which ...

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Wild Arms was the very first game i bought for the Playstation & for that the series has a special place for me.

Booting the original up & watching that beautiful opening animated sequence i knew it was going to be an emotional ride. It really was & i'll never forget the experience.

All the rumors of the original creator discussing a possible continuation of the series will be a dream come true. Whatever it may be i'll be there to experien...

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There were rumors that the game was bad & boring. Here is a reddit link to that rumor.


Also Sony dropping it may be signs like what happened to Stig's game at Sony Santa Monica that it didn't meet standards. Also Tequila Works was supposed to have finished this game a long time ago so they may have missed Sony's contra...

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If they go the Patreon route like Kinda Funny i'd support these guys no problem. I miss Brandon, Kyle, Mike & the rest of the crew since GT folded. Seeing them continue what they love to do & show the enthusiasm they have was what made GT great.

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Ummm who is "Quantum Dream"? It's Quantic Dream. Really IGN do your homework at least get the name of the developer right.....

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Probably because even with its shortcomings the core gameplay is still top notch maybe even better than past games of the series.

Mechanically the game is stellar and besides this is Street Fighter it gets better the more you play it.

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These E3 shows are planned months ahead of the actual showing, heck Sony has even mentioned a few times that after every E3 they are planning the next one.

Whether they go first or last doesn't matter cause what they show been ready for months.

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You gotta remember that Capcom has said they are treating SFV as a service rather than a package game. There will be no 'Super', 'Ultra', 'Turbo' edition like previous titles that add little extras each time.

Think of this as the Driveclub of fighting games, it will get better over time and everything is free to unlock (or paid if one chooses to go that route).

I think Destructoid has said it best in their review.


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Yeah these are just short back stories that set up what is to come in June when the actual story patch is released. There are some major spoilers in these so be warned if you do wanna see them.

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Yeah it is kinda strange they are doing this while other games like Senran Kagura & Monster Monpiece which had similar 'functions' pretty much stayed intact when they were localized.

The characters by the looks of it are actually fully clothed unlike Monster Monpiece & Senran. Both genders are involved so that shouldn't be an issue. Think Nintendo is doing too much unnecessary censorship in their games.

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In an age where we get rushed out incomplete games with many of them with ridiculously priced DLC that should have been included in the actual game. These articles about the lack of Playstation 1st party exclusives is dumb.

Last gen it was almost exactly the same, did all these people forget about it? The PS3 had a lack of games but by the end of the consoles life cycle it had so many that many of us couldn't play them all.

I rather have a complete qualit...

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I remember Sony mentioning they are willing to take a hit with the price of PSVR & make it back on the software. Now that Oculus kinda priced itself out of the 'mainstream' audience it is in Sony's best interest to price it for the mainstream.

A $399 price for PSVR is probably the most ideal start, anything over $499 will not be beneficial to the success of VR that Sony is heavily banking on.

The reason Sony didn't announce a price during ...

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I think most people's problems isn't that PSN goes down occasionally but it takes Sony so long to get it back running again.

Seriously they should have some talented engineers over there, however it takes them hours or sometimes days to get PSN back to normal.

From what i hear PSN has been down since this morning, it has been 12 hrs (West coast) and still nothing. Also Sony's ability to communicate with their customers is lacking. At least keep pe...

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You're entitled to your opinion of the game & that is fine but i really think alot of you guys are jumping to conclusion to what a 1:30 of the game.

We don't entirely know how that combat plays like, it could be FF15, it could be Crisis Core, heck it could even be like Star Ocean with switching of characters on the fly which was basically how FFvs was going to be like. All we saw was some action oriented combat & OMG it is gonna suck! Like really!?

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It was a good show with something for everyone, which is what seperates Sony from the other players in the industry.

Look showcasing VR is a tough thing to do on stage without completely BSing people with 'fake' tricks. VR needs to be experienced first hand & yes the showcase was a tad flat what they showed on stage is nothing compared to what it is like first hand. Lets get that clear folks.

Also keep in mind that some of Sony's 1st party de...

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It's basically FFvs13 combat in a sense. Nomura wasn't able to make FFvs so he put that combat system into FF7. In a way this is sorta the evolution of FFvs and what that game was originally suppose to be.

As much as i love the original gameplay in this day & age if you wanna appeal to a wider audience which SE is very hard set on they have to change with the times.

People who are complaining about there being no turn base need to let go of the p...

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For those comparing it to FF15, this is more reminiscent of FFvs13. Remember the trailer where they showed that you can switch between characters, here we see Barret being used.

Tabata totally changed the gameplay of FFvs13 for FF15 so here we have Nomura bringing it back for the remake. FFvs13 lives on as FF7 remake it would seem.

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It has Jam in it, that is all i care about. She is my girl & was so happy to see her back in the fold.

Xrd was good & the story was actually very good for a Guilty Gear game. If Revelator is just as good as Xrd than that will be a bonus.

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