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Here are my 2 cents into whether FF7 Remake will be on XboxOne.

One of the main reasons SE is finally doing this is cause console sales in Japan is at an all time low. Just like back in 1996-7 when SE released the original FF7 in Japan it boosted console sales specifically the PSone astronomically. It was the Golden Age of console gaming in Japan the years that SE & Playstation were very tight.

SE is trying to do the same with the remake & hopefully... #5
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Whether the game needed Kickstarter or not is debatable but i do think it was a genius move by Sony & Yu Suzuki. With record breaking turnout they knew right away people wanted it.

Also as a backer it makes me believe i had a hand in making the game happen. That is what Kickstarter is all about to give you the gamer some sort of entitlement when a game is successfully funded. It feels good to know that you had a hand at its success & development. #2.1.2
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Yeah there was a reason rented theaters for every state in the US & Canada rather than like last year when only a select few places were able to see it on the big screen.

There is nothing like it when something huge is revealed together with others that also share the same reaction. #20
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If they are doing Final Fantasy 7 might as well add Crisis Core to the mix to complete the cycle. Would love to see Zacks story in HD and to see that ending again fantastic. #23
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As much as I love Knights it was Bahamut Zero that made me lose my sh*t. It was a dragon from freaking space shooting basically a hole through the world!!!!

Now with the age of streaming get ready to cry all over again when *spoilers* our beloved Aerith sacrifices herself for the greater good. That moment will be beautiful yet heartbreaking all over again. #1.1.1
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I may be mistaken but the voice is I think the English voice of Sephiroth. Like movie teasers this was a teaser for the game. It was supposed to set a tone and like inhuman mentioned the dialogue was perfect, it conveyed our desire for the game and like the line in the teaser said we were 'wishful thinking'.

The music was a mix of the classic tunes we have fallen in love as well snippets from Advent Children. A FF7 teaser without these songs would not be the same. I t... #5
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This IS the game that put JRPGs on the map for many western game players. Before FF7 came out the genre was more or less relegated to niche or cult following. Sure there were some solid titles before it like Earthbound, Secret of Mana & FF6 but none of those lifted the genre into the upper echelons of gaming like FF7 did.

FF7 is the DOOM of FPS, the Mario of platformers, Tetris to puzzle games ti became the landmark title of the genre. It may not be the best Final Fantasy... #3
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I see alot of people on Neogaf complaining on how it looks & for those people they are missing the point of this game. Ueda games are never about how it looks, it is always about how it plays & the story it tells.

Ueda games you will get attached to the characters & i foresee playing this game will make many people emotional one way or another. #6
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I'm talking but the franchise in genera according to metastatic and compared to other series similar to it.

Look I loved kz2. Mechanically it is top notch. You gotta admit thoughthat the dialogue and story is poorly written. That has always been the black mark of the series. #5.1.1
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This was the sleeper hit of E3. Who knew that a game like this could come out of the guys who made Killzone which has generally been received as average games.

The amount of attention to detail & scale of the game was jaw dropping. The designs of the robots were incredible & to top it off with kick ass game play, yeah that is how you introduce a new IP. #5
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Some Japanese people are very cautious showing their faces in public. Also if you have ever heard of Taro-san he is a quirky guy in general. #5.1
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It's great that Mike Huber knew right away what it was. With just a single blossom & music note a grown man was turned into a slobbering crying mess and it is fabulous! #2
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Like is said in my post below. Like who cares if Sony's 2015 line up is lacking 1st party wise. That is where you partner up with 3rd parties to hold you over until those 1st party games are ready. I rather have a finished polished game than one that may be rushed out prematurely like Driveclub or Halo MCC.

And this is Sony we are talking about. Have people forgotten the PS3 life cycle where it was bare early on & in the end we got so many games we can barely play the... #9.1
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This is a joke article right? Satire? Lacked focus.....look Sony delivered on 3 games that the gaming community have been crying for years & to not only deliver on one but all 3 is mind blowing. The only thing that was missing was Gabe coming out & saying Half Life 3 is coming out.

They showed us dreamers a reality, they showed new & interesting IPs (like Horizon was WHAT THE @#$%!!!), they showed innovative concepts with Dream, indies got a few minutes of fame, 3... #11
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Like seriously how was Sony gonna demonstrate Morpheus on stage without looking silly? The only way to experience Morpheus is hands on & that is what they told people to do during the conference.

We could see a 'video' reprentation of what was being played but that is dumb. I like that Sony said wanna know what Morpheus is all about. Try it.

From what i can tell from those who have tried it, it is an awesome experience. #4
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I bet u that Hashimoto knew what he was doing during the PS experience when he basically trolled the world. He knew what was coming & he tricked all of us to thinking that the PC port was what we will be getting.

Sony's message before their showing was they were gonna 'break the internet' & for a time there they did literally when Kickstarter crashed due to Shenmue.

Squenix are on a roll right now & is it me or rekindling their relatio... #1.7
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They don't own the FF7 IP but back in the day when it was released in North America Sony had the publishing rights for it. Remember the marketing campaign for the game back in 1997? It was insane the amount of commercials & magazine articles u could see with FF7 on it.

Sony backed the hell out of FF7 in 1997 & it paid off for both Sony & Square Soft (Squenix). #4.2.3
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It was tough to follow The Last Guardian of all things but Guerrilla did a fantastic job on showing the game with solid gameplay. They could have easily did the cheap way & just show a video but showing actual gameplay was what sealed the deal.

Bravo Guerrilla Bravo! #17
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It's the licensing issues with this that has to be worked out between Microsoft and publishers. It's the same reason the PS store has such a hard time adding titles to its library.

If Microsoft is willing to dish out the monies for the licenses than this is great for Xbox gamers. #48
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I wouldn't say YoshiP redeemed the Final Fantasy brand in general but he did take a turd of game which was Final Fantasy 14 1.0 and turned it into one of Squarenix's profitable games in the past 5 years.

I've been playing FF:ARR for the past 2 years & if you are a fan of nostalgia the game has plenty of it. The idea of it being a MMO may turn people away but those who invest in the game will find one of the best MMO out there today. The amount of free content... #8
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