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It has Jam in it, that is all i care about. She is my girl & was so happy to see her back in the fold.

Xrd was good & the story was actually very good for a Guilty Gear game. If Revelator is just as good as Xrd than that will be a bonus. #6
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The main reason Cloud is at the forefront is that he is arguably the most popular & most recognized character in the FF universe. He has become the unofficial mascot of SE.

Tifa or Sabin probably fit better in the Smash universe but they aren't as familiar to the casual fan base that Cloud is. #4
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Say what you will about Geoff Keighley, whether you like him or not. However he really does try to put games on the forefront and make them the center of attention.

The first one was pretty good cause it was without all the BS that the networks try to cram in there that has nothing to do with games. Last year it was all about games & some good stuff came out of it. #2
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The last time Konami made a Metal Gear without Kojima was the god awful Metal Gear:Snakes Revenge. It was so bad that Kojima decided to retcon it from the timeline of the Metal Gear series.

So far Konami has unsuccessfully tried to reboot a franchise of theirs without the original creators consent or involvement. Gradius became the weird shooter Otomedius. Castlevania Lords of Shadow wasn't really good to be all honest, LOS2 was a mess of a game. Silent Hill the HD collec... #14
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'Come to me dark warriors, a battle awaits us!'

Oh Valkyrie Profile, i would kill for a new game or the rumored Valkyrie Profile: Hrist. The music was so bad ass & epic it makes battles that much more amazing. #3
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Happy End? oh thank god cause the endings for Drakengard 3 were some of the most twisted, depressing stuff i've seen in a video game. Most of the Nier, Drakengard games don't have good endings like really good endings so hopefully something more pleasant happens in this one. #5
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I don't think price will be an issue. Sony needs to get this into the mainstream markets & an affordable price even if they have to take a hit is the best course of action.

They can make that difference up in terms of software sales. Have good experiences with software they deliver and Sony can maybe make a profit out of this.

One thing to get the word out is have kios at every major department store so the public can get hands on experience with the... #12
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Probably another Neptunia game or they are announcing western releases for Neptunia 7. I may be in the minority but i would love another Agarest War game. The past few games of the series have been getting better so if a PS4 version would be made it would be awesome.

*edit* nevermind Neptunia 7 has already has a western release so no idea what IF would announce at PSX. #4
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I wouldn't really call it a horror game, more like a psychological thriller cause it makes you think alot when playing. Compared to their last game Amnesia this game is not that scary at all.

It's Frictional's smartest game yet & the design of that world is awesome. The story is pretty strong as well but the 'twist' you can probably see from a mile away. #3.1
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As good as the pass few Shin Megami Tensei games have been on the 3DS i think it is time for the series to return to its console roots.

Nocturne & Devil Saga were fantastic games on the PS2 and were some of my favorite JRPGs on the system. Look how well the Persona games have done on console & it is high time the Megami series do as well. #4
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I totally believe that Shenmue 3 would have garnered more than the 6+ million it got if it hadn't been for the 'unjust' negative publicity it got cause of the "is Sony funding it or not" smear campaign it received cause of misinformed game journalist.

As soon as those stories broke it greatly haltered the funding of this game when it looked like it would easily reach the 10 million Yu Suzuki had hoped for to make the game he wanted.

It w... #19
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Tomb Raider is a great franchise but over the years the quality of the series has faltered dramatically. The reboot is a good start to revitalize the franchise & the new game looks promising.

However there is one thing that sets Uncharted apart from Tomb Raider & that is Tomb Raider takes itself way too seriously from its tone & subject matter. Remember the reboot got so much flak for the 'intended' rape scene, stuff like that can get too over dramatic. S... #12
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Well if u have played the secret ending to KH BBS final mix u will know she is stuck in that place for a very very long time. So her in that one world makes sense.

The thing is nobody knows what really happens to her in that place so this will be the first time we get to see if she makes it out of there or not.

Her part of the story is basically the 'Ground Zeros' for KH3 & since she was my fave character in BBS this will be awesome. #1.1
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Have no problem with games being on other platforms however the issue is that other platform owners don't speak with their wallets when it comes down to it.

Look at Japanese games on these platforms (Xbox & PC to lesser extent) & how they have sold in the past.

Squarenix was basically in 'bed' with Microsoft when the 360 came out & made games for it exclusively like Last Remnant, Infinite Indiscovery & Star Ocean 4. All these games... #15
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It is nice to see that all the speculation at the beginning was that the game was going to be god awful wasn't warranted. That the game is a pleasant surprise and actually a very well crafted experience.

When you have all the big name Youtube celebrities playing the 'hell' out of this game & telling their fans to buy the game its gonna draw attention. So hopefully the sales of the game will be good.

There is literally nothing like it on the ma... #5
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I find it strange when IGN has issues with the story but in another review the story is pieced together by finding clues scattered around the game that gives the player a better narrative of whats going on.

So maybe IGN didn't find as many of these clues so the story didn't make as much sense to them as other sites. Just a thought. #40
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Come now DragonKnight, The Cloud of Darkness & Ultemicia were pretty good villians in FF 3 & FF8.

Granted men usually are represented as the 'evil' in most JRPGs cause it is easy. Making a women the evil usually takes some more effort in story telling.

Other great female villans in JRPGs include Eve from Parasite Eve, Selvaria Bles from Valkyria Chronicles were also pretty memorable. #3.1.3
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What this is impossible! There were so many articles that say that Sony had no presence at Gamescom. That Microsoft had the clear advantage since Sony wasn't going to attend. That Sony made a huge mistake by skipping Gamescom.

This has to be a mistake, this is clearly from E3 right? right?

Seriously though hopefully all those BS articles by uninformed wannabe flamebait articles will stop embarrassing themselves. #1
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One thing people need to consider is that the PS4 is selling so well even without a price cut, that is the crazy part about all this.

The PS2 in the day hit its stride when it received its price cut & that was when the sales of it exploded. The PS4 is not there yet but what happens when it does get its price cut, will we see the same kind of explosion in sales.

It's great that Microsoft has such a strong fall/winter lineup but to be honest it is the... #4
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So awesome! I still have my original copy of the PS2 game, and although it suffered from technical issues it was still a beautiful game. The story was touching & lovely and the simple combat was great.

Looking forward to this & i hope it will get localized. #5
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