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Almost everyone at Polygon think they are some kind of 'white knight' upholding everything deemed sexist. Like last week with Phil Kollar's rubbish article about To Heart Dungeon Defenders, & we all know about that pathetic attempt with Dragon's Crown. I am a huge fan of the Japanese interpretation of 'fan service', it's all innocent fun. Some people take these way to seriously.

To be honest i don't think anyone there is a serious gamer at... #20
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The game is good if you are a fan of the Ar Tonelico series. The music is definitely the high point of the game as well as the 'diving' into the heroines to upgrade them.

Played the PS3 version, halfway through the game. I intend to finish it & will probably get the Vita version. Thanks NISA for bringing the retail version over. #4
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Sony has been a huge presence at Gamescom since it first started in 2009, so them missing it for the first time shouldn't be that big a deal.

The Playstation is already in the mind share of the majority of Europe especially this year cause of the PS4.

I can understand Sony's thinking in skipping at least the conference. Gamescom & E3 being so close to one another this year gave them a reason to spread their showings. They won't have a confere... #1.4.21
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Finally a true 'Metroidvania' game will be made hopefully cause it has been way too long since we had one in that vain. #6
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People think that with the cancellation of Silent Hills, the 'firing' of Kojima, and them delisting from the NYSE that Konami is finished. They are so wrong.

In Japan they are still a huge corporation dealing with other things like slot machines, fitness centers, energy drinks, etc. They have many other investments that will keep them around for a long time.

However as a game company they will likely cut back on it. Konami looks as they are abandoning... #9
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I don't think it will matter even if they hire Kojima, Japan just isn't interested in the Xbox brand. Remember when the 360 launched & Microsoft had the 'creator of Final Fantasy' Hironbu Sakaguchi making games for them. Look how that turned out.

Look at the sales of the HD re-releases of Metal Gear games on the Xbox, they are pretty much non-existent in the US so what makes people think that it will be any better in Japan.

Kojima will pro... #36
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This is just my personal opinion but Castlevania died when Iga was demoted to making Kinect games & loli shooters (Otomodius).

Sure Lords of Shadow may appeal to the newer fans of Castlevania but for someone who grew up with the Metroidvania style it was underwhelming & very badly written story wise. Some people liked it & that is fine, for me it wasn't Castlevania. #12.1
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It really looks like Konami is moving away from AAA game development with high costs & long dev times. Even though MGS is one of their 3 highest selling series, the cost to make them does not justify the gain in their eyes it seems.

I read that the CEO of Konami is trying very hard to legalize gambling in Japan, & since pachinko/slots are one of Konami's sectors i can see why the quick cash is their priority from now on.

Do i agree with what Konam... #11
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Actually DarkOcelet the article chose titles that weren't the obvious choices like FF & Kingdom Hearts. It lists the other 'lesser' known franchises that Square has in its library.

I totally agree with their list actually. Valkyrie Profile, Xenogears, Chrono Trigger, all deserve to be on the list.

I agree that Parasite Eve should be on the list. Other games i would add would be Einhander, Drakengard, Star Ocean, to name a few. #1.1
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Kinda funny is that i still own this game on the PS2. It was a very unique experience with its 'dating sim' elements but underneath that aspect of the game lies an extremely top notch tactical JRPG.

I have to check my memory card but i think i spent over 70 hours on this game primarily due to the high replaybility of it. There is so many choices you can make like which girl to court, dialogue choices, endings & numerous other stuffs to keep u interested.
... #2
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Cool this game is getting pretty good scores so far. Nice to see that the 'subject matter' that has always plagued Compile Heart games hasn't been a big factor so far.

Reviewers are judging the game on its gameplay. #2
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I don't get why some get so worked up about Cloud's state of mind. He was going through depression really having lost a close friend where he couldn't do anything to prevent it. I think it was normal behaviour not being emo. As someone who has gone through depression it isn't easy to rid yourself of it.

Granted by the end of advent children he recovered his confidence and became the great hero he is. Which I think is what SE is thinking when changing his mood,... #1.2
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The only thing that irks people about SO3 is the plot twist (which for me i didn't mind that much,it was interesting it went that direction) , other than that the characters & combat were very good.

SO4 is in my opinion a poorly designed game from character & story, the only thing that saves it is the upgraded battle system. The amount of back tracking you do in SO4 is irritating especially near end game.

The upgraded SO1 on the PSP was actually p... #1.4.2
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The 1st and 2nd games were updated for the psp. If u still have the original psone version of the second game u can play it on the PS3 though you'll have to start from scratch cause I don't think the PS3 has a memory card adapter.

As for the 3rd game if you still don't own a ps2 than u r out of luck cause that is the only way to play that game other than emulation.

The 4th game u can still pick up though they may be hard to find. #1.2
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They say they are developing the game in the same way as with Star Ocean 3. The logo is very similar to 3s & in the Famitsu article they said that DLC wasn't an option & they are trying to make the fullest game possible. #13.1
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The Star Ocean games generally aren't numbered per say. They usually have some elaborate title like 'The Second Story', 'Til the End of Time', & 'Last Hope'. Fans just call the by numbers cause it is way easier to remember them. #12.2
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Square Enix experimented on the Xbox last get & it just didn't work out the way that they planned. That is why JRPGs suffered to gain an identity that they once had during the heydays, the audience for the genre was just too small on Xbox.

Now many of the big JRPG developers are making their way back 'home' on to the platform that they once strived on. On Playstation the audience for JRPGs has always been there from the beginning. We were begging for the retur... #1.4
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The thing is that only western markets have no interest in the system which is a shame cause it really is a very underrated. However in its native homeland of Japan it is doing very well. Every week it is either 1st or 2nd on the sales charts with a number if its software charting well also.

The west have this mindset that the Vita is an unneeded system cause of the 3ds and the rise of mobiles. In reality it really wasn't given a chance at all, some fault lies with Sony b... #4
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So that's why Disgaea did so poorly at retail, most bought the game digitally. That's good to know, was kinda worried about the health of the series.

Hopefully since the majority of Disgaea sales come from the west the sales here will make up for the retail ones in Japan. #2
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I'm not sure why Tecmo used that pic for their promo of Lisa but in game she still has darkish skin. It may be the lighting in the stage or something that caused the pic to look like that but i assure she does not look like that in the game.

Either Itagaki is upset that his 'baby' is still successful without him & that he has yet to do anything remotely to replicate that success. #10
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