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The only notable game in the Switch Launch Day Line Up is Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Don't get me wrong: The title looks amazing and is properly a GOTY contender.
But Zelda is also a port from a Wii U game. Zelda was scheduled for a 2015 release. If Sony had delayed PS3 games like God of War Ascension (release march 2013), The Last of Us (release summer 2013) and Gran Turismo 6 (release fall 2013) to match the PS4 launch in November 2013, would that be consider great ?

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Very poor article. The author should have done some fact checking before defending something he does not know about.

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Damage control so early in the year.

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Always Online and the high price didn't help. Super Mario Run is not a flop, but it is still quiet disappointing. Especially when you consider how much money smartphone games like Candy Crush, Kim Kardashian or Clash of Clans are generating.
Super Mario is one of the most iconic IPs in the world.

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The target was 60 million shipped. So I think it's still possible.

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LOL. Only when you still play on Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii.

Zelda, Red Dead Redemption 2, Horizon Zero Dawn, RE7, Persona 5...
I think 2017 will be great.

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@ Petebloodyonion

At the end of the Original Xbox Microsoft lost money, at the end of Xbox360 Microsoft lost money (due to RROD) and now they are still losing money. When you don't get your investment back, you lose money. Remeber: revenue ≠ profit

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When that's the race, than Microsoft lost. They didn't gain a single dime since starting the Xbox business. In fact they invested billions and are still not even.

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I don't think it's a bad thing. Sony has still some big aces in the sleeve:

- Horizon Zero Dawn
- Detroit Humans
- Days Gone
- Hellblade
- Uncharted: Lost Legacy
- God of War
- Gran Turismo
- Spider-Man
- Death Stranding
- The Last of Us: Part II

And that's only the FIRST PARTY games we know about.
Microsoft on the other side seems a little bit short hand...

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If dropping Kinect, release Halo 5 (2015), Price Drop, Backwards Compatibility, 4K Blu Ray Drive, Gears 4 and Forza couldn't save Xbox One, than nothing will.

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Why are some people defend even the greatest dick moves ?

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This Blogpost is stupid.

Eurogamer reports:
Dead Rising 4 launched in UK on Tuesday.
The Last Guardian launched in UK on Friday.

Simple like that !

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Bullshit article is bullshit article.
PS4 sold 50 million in 3 years.
PS3 sold 50 million in 4 and half years.
XBOX 360 sold 50 million in 5 years.

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TLG is fine to me. Metascore is like 83 or something. This game was in development for about 10 years. A lot of people thought this may end like Duke Nukem Forever.
For me the scores for Dead Rising 4 is way more suprising.

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Sony has a lack of good AAA exclusives ? Quality wise Sonys games are Vetter received than Microsofts games.

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Nintendo didn't wont to be put to shame by the fact that AM2R is a way better contribution to Metroid 30th anniversary than Metroid Federation Force.

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The last time we checked it was 2:1 ratio for PS4 against Xbox One. So I would say: Yes, it pays of. In a big way.

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They should have called it Switchport !

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Why are people always forget about the time between January and September ?
A year has more to offer than the holiday season.

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To be a bit more specific: First Weekend Sales not First Week Sales.
COD:IW launched on Friday, 4-11

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