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I like the trailer. There are very few dino games. Looking forward for this one.

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To promote a console you need some New released exclusives. Sony does it with Bloodborne, but the Next big thing for Microsoft is Halo 5 end of the year.

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Excited I am for this game.

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The best game of 2015 ?!
Let me think about it:
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the port of the remaster of a 2013 handheld game. Seems strange for "best game of 2015".

I think I will stick with Bloodborne for GOTY 2015 (so far).

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This story is Bulls***. If Microsoft could bought the leadership in the console market, they would already did it. But money isn't everything - its about the games and the credit you have among your costumers.

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By the way: At least EA put some effort into the Wii U development: Need for Speed looks amazing on the Wii U.

And why put all the hate on EA ? Konami (MGS Rising), Square (Tomb Raider), Take2 (Bioshock Infinite) or Capcom (DmC) show also no interest in the Wii U.

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It seems some of you don't remember that it was the lack of EA sport games that killed the dreamcast. even on the wii FIFA games sold well enough to keep them going.

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It's very hard to tell. I never heard of before, but when well-informed sites like EDGE and say xbox720 has used-game-block I believe them.

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I'm pretty suprised that those two people wrote a whole year on the script of Gears:Jugdment. Normally it's the plot a really mediocre B-movie. I hope they can bring some depth in the characters.

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I hope one day, this sort of articles go away. For example you can set Kratos to Old Egypt and whola - new setting, new opportunuties.
And really ? Madden ? Football is a sport. Sport is here to stay. Can't you get it into your head.

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FIRST PS4 Controller LEAK !!!!!!!

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For me it's about quality not quantity. Some of those Wii U games are old and/or bad. The Croods: Prehistoric Party ? WTF!

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For me Always-Online is worst than this patent from Sony.

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You should look up the meaning of "NEW". It has new content but it's not a new game.

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I also think this story sounds crazy. But the guy said "someone like Sony", not Sony particuly.

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Even Nvidia said they want to make money right of the box with this device.

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Because it's hell cheap.

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300 bucks ? No chance. Even big players like Amazon or Google are losing money with theire 200-300 $ tablets. An those devices have a lot less hardware power.

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I heard some rumors, that a ps vita version is also in development.

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You're totally right. 4# is just a number. I prefer Playstation Orbis rather than Gamestation 4. ;)

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