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Well Sony did patent various methods and tools, about 6-7 years ago, which were supposedly used in an attempt to stimulate sensory perception without physical stimulation. The patents included multiple apparatuses, methods, and software. The medical application would be to restore sensory functions to the blind or deaf. Another proposed application was to adapt the tech to be used in conjunction with VR tech to create a more immersive experience. Who knows, in reality they could still be conn...

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Masticate your speech http://n4g.com/news/1411367...

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Plot twist, it's Cerny in the video. I would lul if it were true, just saying because of the long sleeve blue shirt.

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Enough said: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

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Please tell me how a capital S obviously and undoubtedly makes this a DC dlc. Perhaps it is a super power dlc, or a super hero themed dlc that has nothing to with any existing license other than LBP. When Media Molecule is involved, I have learned to never jump to conclusions. Also, considering there have already been multiple Marvel dlc packages made available for LBP I kinda doubt it would be a DC package.

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Looks cool but I'll be honest in saying that it looks vanilla and plain.

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This is off topic, but I have to say every time I see you post I am reminded to stop by the dragonballclub and get my fix of DBZ. On topic however, my radar actually removed itself from my face and committed suicide when it was announced that ps4 would launch this year. Everything since has just been power overload that is building up to one hell of a release come November.

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I'll wait a few days and decide for myself, thanks.

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Why is this joke of a petition the Hottest article today? Seriously people? Did I miss the part where the person came clean and admitted it was a light hearted joke? I must have missed something, because this is just strange.

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I see so many comments about ram series 5 or 6. This is a release statement for a technology that has been very carefully and intelligently crafted. Can you people just get it in your hands and appreciate it for five minutes before talking about how it would be nicer if they just skipped and went from 4 to 5 or 6. I understand many posts were jokes, but not all were. Be happy with what you have, or imagine waking up tomorrow and losing all that you weren't thankful for yesterday.

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I don't understand how a game that won several GOTY awards can years later be touted as the true black sheep of the series. I can't tell you how many hours I packed into tearing up the streets of Liberty City. Yeah it was a little dry, but I don't think that warrants the back lash that has occurred since GTA 5 was revealed.

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This is amazing. I'm going to meet this guy.

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Why does BO2 look better than Ghosts?

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Pretty sure I commented about this yesterday. If you look at Franklin's face on the booklet it is distorted, possibly because the person in question blew up the picture or even tried recreating it themselves. I'm no expert, but something was wrong enough with Franklin's face to make me think it was fake yesterday.

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This is why I love Rockstar; it's why we all love Rockstar. They have their own voice and they are devilishly good at creating their art with it.

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Good to know that Cliffy B works on Central time. :D

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Be the verb.

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Rockstar tip 3* Want to escape from the suburbs? Go with Michael, he is the best at riding bikes.


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I'm not sure what the article means when it says the trailer didn't match up in terms of details. What on Earth does that mean? What details? What isn't matching up?

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I honestly think that you are spot on. It looks like the quality we saw from GTA 3 previews back in the day, and if you think about it an intern with less experience would create work which looks dated and less professional if only because those techniques are simpler. We have to remember, this was likely captured in engine and the process for doing so requires the user to utilize the complicated software programs properly to capture "gameplay." I can see no other explanation.

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