Then by all means. I've been needing a break from this site, so a ban would be delicious.
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Wow that's something interesting that I did not know about.

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Glad you have your mind set, but who knows if the game makes you go defensive when you see yourself with just one bullet on the gun ^_^

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Obviously you. You have the guts to come here and post that. Who knows if you even went on and clicked the "Read full story>>" link and read the whole article yourself.

My saying of all time: there are not stupid comments, there are stupids who comment.

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Are you sure that people can't sign in with jail broken PS3s? You don't play much PS3 do you?

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They should be offered for free.

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Meh for Gigawatt25.

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You said it and it become a reality...

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Don't be mean, mate. You know there are ppl who aren't everyday experimenting like you and me. Maybe this could give them a hint or hopefully just do the job for them.

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Haha, God thanks for the laugh. Needed it today.

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Maybe people expected us to create lava and not use fire as the cavemen did? Hmm, interesting.

There will always be trolls. If one thing is "alright" for their eyes, they will find something else to rant about. Sometimes it is annoying, seriously.

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What about Robert Bowling?

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Lol mate. That was an epic mistake!

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+1 this article.

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You and I think alike. However, there are a lot of dumb people who believe this kind of crap. Sad, but true.

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I find your pic rather funny for this topic. Lmao.

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I don't really believe in reviewers for one. They rush themselves to get their review out first than anybody else, so they wouldn't do everything in-game to say an "actual" play time. I don't even believe on an "estimate" play time from them.

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How about the tail boner? lmao

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I just wish it doesn't give headaches or make eyes hurt for gamers that play for long sessions, like myself =S

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Same, fantastic sound + you can hook it up to the PC.

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