Then by all means. I've been needing a break from this site, so a ban would be delicious.
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I like how you refer to your PS3 days as if they are gone for good o.0 lol

Long live OKAMI!

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It's certainly something new.

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Or maybe you can set it to friends only ;]

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Maybe the author expected butterflies and roses?

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No way I'm going through those 100 pages...

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I don't like the current weather =[

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RDR's horse physics are awesome.

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Mate, you have to learn not to care about the disagrees. All kinds of reason why a person would receive disagrees, just don't worry about them. This is the internet, expect what is not expected.

Hence, someone could disagree with me for telling you this which you should have known already.

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Mate, do you know how far E3 is? lmfao

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What the heck does Farcry has to do in this article?

I'm talking about the images in the post for those of you who didn't click to see it.

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Can I get both?

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Can't help but laugh at your comment and your avatar...

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Did you even care about clicking on, "Read full interview"? It was an interview if the title put you off. If they chose that quote to make it the title then that is totally fine. You don't need to go there.

There's actually some useful information about their next game, Beyond. How he explains that he plans to surprise the audience with something that nobody would be expecting.

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This websites with 15 pages for one damn article. Biggest WTF ever.

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What a pity that you (and whoever agreed with you) care about how someone else looks. Seriously?

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oh boi ..

Make sure you set that mode to [ON] at all times... You might have some fun.

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Have you seen this one?

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I'm pretty sure that they had seen the Giant's Ground Smash before releasing the game. Why didn't they just patched it? That's what I'm not sure about.

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Old vs New?

Old > New on Singleplayer

New > Old on Multiplayer

Old > New on Customization

At least that's what I've seen so far, even though it doesn't have split screen.

If you are trying to make a game with the same name and not even one single thing of difference (Need for Speed Most Wanted), at least make the new one be better than the old one in every aspect, just saying.

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