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It would be nice if Nintendo allowed for the option of making the transfer to/from SD cards transparent to the user.

For example, if I wanted to play a WiiWare game residing on my SD card, it'd be nice to just launch the game from the menu as if it already resided on internal memory, and then the Wii would automatically copy the game from the SD card to internal memory before launching it. If there wasn't enough available internal memory for the game, it could present me with a ...

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I used to live in Saudi Arabia. I remember buying Chrono Trigger for the equivalent of $90 USD lol. Of course, it was well worth it.

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While you are entitled to your opinion, I will say that there are great games out there without the features you list that cost much more and are, IMHO, still inferior to MM9.

BC:R is all "next-gen polish". It is a remake. MM9 is brand-new. Assuming equal or comparable quality, I'd rather pay $10 for a new game than $10 for an old one wearing new clothes.

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I can't remember which site it was, but the reviewer apparently played MM9 on all the consoles and felt that the Wii remote was the best controller to use for the game. This is why I downloaded it on WiiWare rather than PSN.

The game is awesome but is definitely no walk in the park. Games have become too easy these days IMHO, so I'm lovin MM9.

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Bionic Commando Rearmed is a remake tho, and that's why updated graphics and sound are a requirement for it. Mega Man 9 is brand-new.

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Unfortunately, many scripts designed to censor bad words also occasionally mistake harmless text for malicious attempts at trying to bypass the system.

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Your assumption is wrong. I have not decided whether MH3 is good or bad because I have not played it. All I can tell you is that as a gamer, I am generally optimistic about upcoming games and hope that these games will be good regardless of platform.

You've already admitted to hating both the Wii and Capcom, and in doing so have basically titled all of your MH3 comments with, "Take the following comment w/ the biggest grain of salt you can find."


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As someone who owns both a PS3 and a Wii, and who still plays COD4 PS3 on a regular basis, I have to say that without a doubt Wii controls are much better for FPSs than dual analog sticks.

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Ya, the items are pretty wack IMHO but I like the stages. I wonder what Alisa's relation is to Dr. Boskonovich.

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If you sincerely feel that any company would release a console seeking to "regress the industry", then no amount of explanation will satisfy you.

You've already decided that the online will suck because it's a Wii game and you've already decided to pass on the game simply because you feel that it would be better on another platform. That kind of pessimism reveals a lot about your character unfortunately.

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So some ppl think these visuals are at a high enough level that they suspect that it is CGI knowing it's a Wii game, and others think it still looks like a PS2 game? LOL

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Very impressive indeed.

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Sorry if I sound like a broken record here, but just give me Mario Paint Wii already.

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I keep saying this, but I really wish I could use my Wii remote to play FPSs on my PS3. The IR is perfect for FPS gameplay whereas dual analogs are cumbersome and tacky. This is why I'm looking forward to The Conduit and at the same time couldn't care one bit about KZ2 or Resistance 2.

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The DS continues to prove itself as the console of choice for RPGs.

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Marketing is definitely at play here, and I think the media misconstrued and exaggerated HVS's claims to such a degree that any marketing benefit that HVS may have been attempting to achieve w/ their statements became significantly inflated. Whether this was intentional or not, we may never know.

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I agree w/ the overall message of the article. If you truly are a gamer, there is no reason to be hating on The Conduit.

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Been playing too much Okami? =D

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The developers were initially creating the game to have a newer look/feel to it, but the producer wanted it to be a true sequel to the series w/ all of the characteristics that made the series a fan favorite in the 1st place. I applaud the decision indefinitely.

Bionic Commando: Rearmed is more of a remake whereas Mega Man 9 is a whole new game. Obviously for a remake, devs will update graphics/sound/etc of an existing game, but there is no pressure to do the same for a game ...

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"The phrase Next Generation is cited as a frequently-used BUZZWORD, in which case ITS MEANING IS INTENTIONALLY VAGUE, but carries a connotation of newness or modernness."

The term "next gen" does not have a concrete definition, and anyone who uses it as if it does has simply made up a definition for it.

I own both a PS3 and Wii, and the Wii definitely exemplifies the word "new" more than my PS3 or the 360. Then a...

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