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Sigh... it is different gameplay... different section of the game completely... note the word different. Did you even watch it?

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Wow... adhere to embargo much?

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True that... But both shot and recorded different days hahahaha.

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First video covers act one... This video covers Junctions.

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Hey... It's a different video. First video covers gameplay from Act 1 this one covers Junctions.

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It essentially kills the lasting appeal. Therefore they have technically shot themselves in the foot. On a lighter note... MKX is pretty epic.

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It's DLC that takes away the challenge. As the article states: If you have finished the story mode, unlocked all the content in the Krypt, seen each character’s fatality… then what is there actually left to do in Mortal Kombat X? By actually mastering each character, you will essentially have a title that will keep you coming back for more; however, if you stick to using easy way out Mortal Kombat X may just land up on your shelf sooner than you think.

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Nothing mentioned in the article about younger players. On a personal note, I would never let my kid watch me play MK X... way too violent. You are right in the point where it makes the game feel cheap. Think about it, You purchase a game and then drop some coin to unlock a character at its ultimate level from start to finish... this eliminates the fun factor, lasting appeal, and destroys the overall gameplay experience.

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Have to agree there. Was hoping to grab a physical copy on launch day.

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At the end of the day it is an opinion piece.

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Not sure, but I'm sure the author can't keep everyone happy.

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For a small team they have done a great job. I also saw the scores where all over the place. I took into count the size of the studio and the effort placed into the game. Good game overall, just needs a bit of polish. I hope they continue to make larger titles like this.

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Remind me to choose my cover images a little better... lol!

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Wow... It was actually unintentional. But by the look of the pics you would think that it was.

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They are very solid. they have a good idea of what works and what doesn't, but I think they pretty much pull off anything if they gave it a shot. Oh, this was our first ever video review of a game. We generally stick to text, but decided to try something different.

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I would have to agree with you. I just wish they would add in a few more gameplay mechanics in order to ramp things up a bit.

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Wow... Okay! I have personally replaced around 6 Xbox 360's and 2 PlayStation 3's... This is not a jab at any console manufacturer. Additionally, PlayStation did a phenomenal job getting things done so quickly.

I still own two Xbox 360's... Each console has a unique feature that benefits each play style. While our Wii U may be used a little less than the others, it is still being used.

Basically, I stay neutral when it comes to console wars.

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Most of them do in all countries, but to have a console die 4 and half months later is kinda annoying. Luckily we get same day service this side of the world.

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