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I really wish devs wouldn't waste development time and costs just to include a playable female character. Put that extra effort into fixing bugs and making a longer campaign. #10
The Far Cry series seems to be the only thing keeping the PC industry afloat. Maybe its time to move on to where the real money is made? #18
DX12 may break the tie between the PS4 and XBOX ONE. MS might finish this generation on top like the last generation, despite its crazy failed start. #49
With the original PS4 struggling to run games like a next gen console should, Sony is doing the right thing and releasing an all new console. It will probably be higher powered. Not fair to previous buyers but its just the right thing to do for the industry. #29
You should try Watch Dogs sometime, you'll know exactly what I meant. #2.1.1
7.5? It's barely even a game. #2
So ubi missed their gaming target but we still had to pay the pricing target. #24
In Japan only? That's like saying NFL ticket sales were higher in the United States than rugby ticket sales were.

Not exactly memorable. #73
Are you new to gaming or something? Maybe oldies (31 years old) like me have been too spoiled with new game hype and the resulting products in the past. Watch_Dogs is one of the biggest disappointments I've ever seen and it seriously makes me consider just quitting gaming all together. I have forced 4 hours of play and I just get more disgusted as I discover new lazy programming. #1.2.1
Solution: get an Xbox one if you're truly a fan of these games. #39
I'm not surprised to see Watch Dogs having a sale already. Give it a few months and the development team will have a fire sale. #1
Call of Duty does 60fps consistent, so forget about this maybe-maybe not 30fps talk. Stick with the title that has proven developers. #9
What better way to admit defeat to Call of Duty than to switch making a cops and robbers game?? #42
I want to know what Sony plans to do for the mass of gamers that _hate_ watch dogs #27
I'm soooo disappointed in this garbage game. Please tell me this is just a hiccup for next gen games. #33
I've played it for over 4 hours and I plan another 4 hours tonight. I'm going to finish it either way. It's just unfortunate that we, as gamers, let Ubi get away with this. Blatant false advertising, a blatant delay to avoid competition, and a blatant slap in the face with a $60 price tag. #17.1.1
I preordered on PSN and was playing at 9PM Monday night. It was a nice treat for me! Well, the game itself is lackluster but being able to play early was great. #21
More fake graphics being used as false advertisement. Are we really going to let this happen to us after just witnessing the Watch Dogs debacle? #40
Watch dogs was delayed to keep it away from GTA V, and now we can see why. What a waste of $60. #17
This game is ridiculous. Explain to me how underground gas lines are digitally accessible and, somehow, have explosives mounted to them ready to be used? What a sad excuse to make more explosions. Did the developers actually sit down and talk? #16
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