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Please. No.

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Gah, not sure how to delete this. In the creation screen it never showed another article on this, but I just found one.

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Actually, I got Skyrim about a month ago and just started going through the mod list. Sure they are months old, but they are pretty cool. Future installments will be much better.

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You haven't even see the gist of all the controversy. The Humble Mumble (Humble Bundle's blog) has been plagued with complaints about Humble Bundle straying away from Indie titles. Posts on reddit have been nuts as well.

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It's an expression!

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I am really excited for this. I'm hoping their Kickstarter project works out. :D

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What's wrong with the Auction House? Well, Maelstromb said it perfectly: "#3 reason - the auction house, which essentially undermined the entire basis of playing Diablo III in the first place: the loot hunt."

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Yeah, if you head over to Steam and pre-order it you will get Torchlight free. I think that offer ends after the game releases on Thursday, so you will need to do that rather quick to take advantage of the offer. DRM would be 6, yes, but I am currently editing a specific article for DRM instead of adding it to the 5 reasons.

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