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I feel that Nintendo is using these limited run retro consoles not to make money but to indirectly hype up the brand and generate long term demand for their switch and future products. They want to stay in the news.

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How about games before we worry about accesories?

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I have my ps4 hooked via ethernet at my place. Vita TV at my parents place 2 miles away on ethernet. 60 mbps cable Internet at both homes. It works flawless. Playing mgs5 remotely

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The only way that Xbox 1 sales or market share can catch up to PS4 sales is if Sony decides to start packaging Xbox 1's in PS4 boxes and selling them.

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Hi there,
I was wondering if you could help me. I also submitted a claim but didn't receive an e-mail. What was the e-mail address that sent you the voucher? Much appreciated man!

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They were boneheads making Bayonetta exclusive to wii-u. They could have made sequels to any of these franchises:
If I were ceo of sega, I'd set up a site where fans could vote on what they want game they want to see next.

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It breaks my heart how stupid sega is. Where are all the big games/franchises we begged for. Why didn't they focus on ps4 and x1 which have over 30 million market share? Where is a sequel to skies of Arcadia, shenmue hd, panzer dragoon. They released a bunch of wii-u shovelware.

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Hi OpenGL, please see my comment below.

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I'm a huge fan of remote play but I'm gonna tell you guys exactly how it is:

On my Vita, remote play is a DREAM come true. It connects consistently and relatively quick. I am able to connect over local wi-fi, connect from a friend's, and even connect through my phone's wi-fi tether. Once I'm connected, it is good to go. Beautiful experience with hardly any lag even if I play for an hour.

On my Xperia Z3C, the experience is more inconsisten...

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Their website works just fine... Just went on.

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Dude its sad there are so many haters giving out false info about the Vita...its the best/most complete handheld gaming device to EVER hit the market. Haters need to get over that.

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Hate to say it, but this Sevir guy is a jackass. I, unlike him, will tell you the truth. They showed no one what was going on behind the curtain, and instead directed our attention to the free copies of Ratchet which we all got signed by the entire dev team. Nothing was shown, no NDA forms were handed out. This guy is a piece of lying trash.

They definitely are working on some stuff tho, as most of the office had been cordoned off since the last time I had been there for the prio...

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Eurogamer only does impressions/comparisons when the results favor the Xbox 360 :)

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Like I stated, the Sega Mega Collection is running via emulator (you can even do "save state" etc) but it can also activate trophies to register on the PS3 from a subprogram that is linked to the emulator.

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Think about it do you really think Sony has the time to go back and completely "port" and remake TWO God of War games for the PS3 and release it for only $39.99

And on top of that they are not even done with God of War III?

Plus if this was a "true" port they would have announced it way sooner like at E3, Gamescom, etc

This is GREAT news regardless.

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Please read it again, he says "We haven't developed general purpose code that would now work for EVERY PS2 title out there"

That means there is a software emulator but it does not work PERFECTLY with EVERY PS2 game but with optimization it can work with specific games such as in this case: God of War I and II

He even says "this is not [a] port"

I was in the 9th row at the Sony Press Conference. He said "exclusively on the the PS3". End of story. Greenberg is in denial. What happens down the line, we will only know when we see, but this is what was said.

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