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Uncharted 4

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Pardon me for wanting to hop in a game to have some fun.

I was just trying to add some insight, from my own personal perspective, as to why the game's overall appeal may not have been so broad.

I wish I could enjoy it as some others do, I deeply respect the efforts made by the developers, and hope the game can live on through the dedicated members of its community, but it just simply is not for me as of this moment.

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I was really excited for this game, but after goings hands-on with it, I immediately lost interest. The mechanics were fine, and the scale was breathtaking, but almost every match I had participated in was either completely one-sided, or went absolutely nowhere. Teamwork on both sides seemed to be practically essential for any kind of satisfying experience, and I just can't be bothered to deal with all the arrangements to get such a thing in order.

I do hope to give the ...

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Mirror's Edge meets Canabalt would be the best!

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Anybody who has played Dissidia should know this is a non-issue.

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I used to be pretty big into achievements and the like, until I got sick of consistently having my progress impeded by that ONE achievement in the set that asks you to invest an absurd amount of time to acquire. Namely in particular, the Gears of War series, and their "Seriously" achievements.

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The author speaks as if the inclusion of these services actually take away from the development of games, which I highly doubt it makes even the smallest impact at all.

These services mainly serve to compliment the Xbox Live experience further, and should not be essential to your enjoyment of the system in any way.

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As someone who doesn't already own a 360, why do you need "new" games when there's nearly 7 years worth of a backlog?

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I think Resistance 3 was largely considered a "flop" because the intial sales were less than stellar, it only really started to pick up steam after it dropped in price so quickly. I can typicially find the game as cheap, or cheaper, than inFamous 2, which launched earlier, and without an online multiplayer component to boot.

The sales for Twisted Metal are very promising, all things considered, with the connectivity issues, and some mixed reviews. Here's to hopi...

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I have no intent of purchasing a Vita until they have 64GB cards at a reasonable price. I'm not going to shell out an additional $100 for a 32GB card that won't even support my decision to go with digital-only in the long run.

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The only unlocks that carry over from the campaign to multiplayer are Warthog, the laser pistol, and I believe a skin pack.

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The closest thing to a half decent game I've played on my smartphone was Dead Space, and even then I still found myself having to constantly struggle against the clumsy virtual controls.

I've dabbled into smaller titles too, and while fun for brief periods, they never managed to hold my interest anywhere beyond that. When otherwise, I had no problem investing hundreds of hours into Peace Walker, Valkyria Chronicles 2, Dissidia, Monster Hunter, etc.

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I was expecting at least somewhat of an insightful discussion over Twisted Metal, instead I find nothing but excessive ramblings about how accelerate is mapped to square. Protip: Use the racing control scheme.

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Junkyard Dog's alternate special drops a health pick-up for teammates to use.

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Overall, the platinum trophy seems pretty obtainable, save for a few more luck centric trophies, like "Remote Nuke" and "Twofer".

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I'm pretty sure it means reach the highest rank from accumulating a set amount of experience points.

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You can probably exploit the system clock to your advantage for this one.

EDIT: Oops, this was meant as a reply to sypher.

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Hey now, as a game sniffer (what can I say?) this is news to me!

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I never knew about the alternate energy attacks, if they were even available in the demo at all.

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Eat Sleep Play, how can you break my heart so close to Valentines days! In all seriousness, though, I respect their decision. After all, they are entitled to have the freedom to express their creativity however they wish, but on a personal level, I can't say that I'm not slightly disappointed, especially after seeing what they're capable of, as evident by Twisted Metal.

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