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Well i mean there's no point in leaving any games on the Wii U only, why not bring the good games it had over for those that don't want to buy a dead console.

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Only things i buy digital are super mass produced or mp only games. Like i wouldnt care if i got far cry 5 digital or not, but ill be damned if im not getting a physical copy of yakuza 6

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If anyone actually bothered to view the post they'd realize the pixelized look is not actually how it looks, it's censored till the actual reveal

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SO MUCH THIS! one of the things that got me hyped for the PS4/XB1 was the prospect of insane physics and destruction that they can now put into games. instead all the devs are more worried about how things LOOK rather than how things REACT, such wasted potential

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SWEET! planned on getting it day 1 but other things just kept coming out and taking my money, luckily so seeing as how i prefer physical. Only thing that has me worried is it doesn't say which platform.

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I always thought is it didn't have any reference to Devil May Cry it would be highly praised. Is it a good Devil may cry game? HELL NO! but it's got crazy amounts of style and it's gameplay is a cut above most.

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Aw! lame

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Yes, no question. If you're paying for progression it should not be a gamble, you should know what you're getting when paying hard cash. That's like going online to buy parts for your PC but instead of just buying the part you have to buy a mystery box with a chance their'd be a better part inside you were actually looking for.

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Doesn't have as many games as this one though, no gunstar heroes, no toejam and earl, no beyond oasis

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Wow dude, thats a really dumb argument, you bring up that people didnt like the depictions of violence towards women in gta, but it doesnt. It depicts violence towards everyone, and really only does so when the player does it themselves.

And how is this pandering? No one asked for it, it would be just an inclusion of an unused plot element, women do exist in the world of criminals you know? Dont get why everyone is trying to make a big deal about this, its really not going...

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Since when did any of those have gunstar heroes, toejam and earl, and space harrier? Psp version only had like 25 games, 360 had about 40, this one has over 50

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I have a strong feeling that this game would have been out long ago if not for its ties to "The power of the cloud"

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I would legit punt a puppy for a Vita version/release

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yeah 4K is nice but to me HDR has far more of a WOW factor

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Wont happen, Capcom sold the rights to the series to some random mobile game studio

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That doesn't even make sense, we have a Resolution increase, or graphical increase, turn both of those enhancements off WILL allow more frames instead. Not saying 60fps, but it will do something above the standard version

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No performance mode?, id much rather do higher framerate than any of those options

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