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Isn't gamepass MS answer to PSNOW seeing as how PSnow was out several years before gamepass? and also yeah not even arguing that PSnow is pretty whack especially at the price point, but it's optional, you don't have to use it, in fact i have never used it past the free trial. doesn't bother me one bit

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This article really seems to be written by someone who never owned a PS4 or PS3 for that matter.

1) PSN Infrastructure - i'll give you name change, but i've used PSN since PS3 launched and never ran into "inconsistant download speeds" or having to go through the browser for the PSN store. also "connections are more stable than on PS3 too" WTF does that even mean? like to PSN in general or are you talking with online games, cause online games depe...

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I cant wait, i love the hell out of this game, and every update just gives ma another excuse to play it

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I still feel like very few have actually done lovecraftian games right. in that regard I'd like for people to keep trying. I do agree however that it's a shame no one has looked at Japanese horror manga when it come to inspiration

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Very true, wish we'd start getting more stylized games outside the indie crowd

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I was with you till you said uncharted, not the most stylized game but nothing really looks like it, most anyone who has played it can spot an uncharted screen in an instant.

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At this point they need to just get it out the door and take the hit. there's no way this game is ever going to make the money back that they put into it at this point.

I'm looking forward to it, loved the first one and i just want to play this.

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I guess but i figure it should really depend on the game, not all games need 60FPS. something like a tactical rpg, story based, or slower paced stealth game i'd much rather have 4K than 60FPS, but if it's action 60FPS is a must

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I would just like, that when a game drops a map in front of you and says "go ahead, explore" that visually it actually hits me with reasons and rewards for doing so. which brings me to another thing, storytelling in the map design. yet another thing BOTW does EXTREMELY well. when you see something out of the ordinary, usually a remnant or destruction or somthing out of place, you can almost always take a step back and piece together what happened or how it got their. Case and point,...

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I said nothing about the population, im talking strictly map/level design.

you can say whatever you want about breath of the wild but the landscape itself is with no exaggeration, AMAZING! there is so much variation and grandeur in it's design it absolutely insane. not to mention it's absolutely littered with unique landmarks both monolithic and minuscule as a natural setting would have. this in turn makes it possible to navigate the entire map with great accuracy ...

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I'm gonna go for the single player deep cut and say Rise to Honor. Make a new series and each installment will feature a new stories and martial arts actor like Donnie Yen, Scott Adkins, and Tony jaa

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quest structure and writing for sure, but i think they should look at games like breath of the wild when it comes to map design. Getting really tired of seeing standard hightmap/modular asset made maps when even the likes of Avalanche have figured out how to make more interesting maps that allow full cave systems and overhangs seamlessly. for some with their experience i just find it weird that they are becoming low tier when it comes to open world map design.

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want so hard right now

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I feel like it's a very "damned if you do, damned if you don't" kinda deal. you change it many fans will be outraged, you don't and people will complain it never changes

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They have the talent, hopefully this time they can actually take time to polish the game

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I get where he's coming from, it's hard to explain but when you look at what's successful on a nintendo console it's never really these types of gritty drama games

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It's cool i guess and would help with server population to ensure more consistent matchmaking in the later years of a mp game. but personally it doesn't effect me much seeing as how i barely play online mp game to start with

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no, it's in that in between period where it was popular cause it was a new idea, but now it has to become more economically viable. whic actually seems to be going well with the spring on these new standalone cheap models coming out like oculous go

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Yeah cause you have all knowledge of the hundreds of thousands of anime and their settings from the past 60years. C'mon bro

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You can't just take crappy multiplayer games/modes and call them underrated. Tomb Raider? Really? that MP was absolute trash

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