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Well that's a VERY VERY good case you built, just dont want to get my hopes up though, i've been begging for a new tenchu for a LOOONG time

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One organization not understanding a medium =/= controversy, also it's not using child abuse as a marketing ploy, it's a plot element, an essential part of the story. Why is it perfectly ok for any other medium to use this subject and most times even be praised for it, but when a game does it "OH! you're just objectifying abuse for merketing!! no way video games can cover serious and sensitive subjects. they're just for kids!" i hate when people who have no idea on a...

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When was this controversial? everyone who watched and reacted to it just seemed intrigued and eager to dive into this story. there was no controversy, you're just trying to make some where there is none for clicks bro, try harder

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Its good, but NIER is better imo

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Canceled the single player game that had tons of hype behind it. Stumbled on first battlefront only to completely faceplant with the second entry by only BARELY addressing fans gripes with the first one, then just [email protected]#%ing there fans with horrid microtransactions.

If that aint droppin the ball i dont know what is

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What? The general consensus i got was that it was the best in the series. In fact hearing that so often was the only reason i borrowed my friends ps3 to go back and play it after i sold my ps3 towards a ps4.

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Been keeping an eye on this for years, grabbin it day 1 for sure. and i'm probably this most diehard fan of SotC you'd find on N4G, don't see what's to hate about someone else taking a concept and making more with it. Not like there's ever going to be a SotC 2, and it's not like the market is saturated with SotC clones. If this releases around the same time as the SotC remake, i'm going to be unseen for weeks.

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GOOD! maybe that'll show EA you cant keep shitting on your customers and expect them to keep coming back for more.

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Yeah im sure a lot of developers "would have loved" if shitty aspects of there games didnt affect review scores

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i get it can be frustrating having outsiders telling you how to do their job when they don't know what happens in the studios, but you can't play victim for avid consumers of your product calling you out when you pull some shit they don't like (in this case REEEAAAALLLYYY don't like) would have been better off saying nothing and making what changes you can post launch letting your actions speak for you, it's working for Ubisoft with the crazy revival of Rainbow Six Siege a...

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Most likely going to just be like gta v shark cards, those things make them so much money they dont need to do anything else

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You missed gravity rush remastered, seriously cant find that game anywhere and gamestop already has it listed $10 of the original sales price used

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Well on one hand it sucks the market isn't allowing them to do what they have a passion for and are obviously very good at, but on the other hand i'm really looking forward to see what else they can build with that talent. i hope they can stoay afoot and not sizzle out, they're really good at fun gameplay

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You're not even wrong...

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Not they were timed to show off there games, like at nearly every event ever.

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Hopefully this sale sticks around till i get paid

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Not as BIG as the last few months for sure, but they still look fun enough to try each IMO, also like this bonus game they've been giving the past few months to get people more into VR and such. kinda excited to play rush of blood, i liked the demo. also kinda wonder if the EU PS+ lineup will differ from the US one like they sometimes do

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i never got the complaint for this game's controls, you move jump from X to triangle and add an R1 grip mechanic and all of a sudden it's a rubix cube? took me to like the middle of the second colossi to get used to it. Also if you don't like it the PS4 allows you to remap any controls through the accessibility menu. i don't care if you buy it or not but your reasoning is fueled by stubborn ignorance.

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Working at a game store i can tell you the very few people who do know about this have no clue it cost $500, and that's going to be a huge turn off for so many people. don't think it'll bomb, but i think it's going to be very slow moving after its initial sales

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