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"I'm not an enemy. Calm down. My name is Sn... uh, my name is Pliskin. Liutenant Junior Grade."


but does LoZ come out every year? #1.1.6
No that is the beauty of capitalism! Competition! We, the costumers are the ones winning here. #1.1
I thought the outcomes of my action decided the world tendency? #2.1
I would so tap those untapped females #1.2.1
Dick? #3.1.1
AC 2 was ok? Are you kiding me? #3.4
Why do we- western weaklings have to wait?!?! #1.1.5
Could this be MGS: Outer Heaven (aka Peace Walker 2)? #1.1.3
I had two game breaking bugs so far, luckily I had back-up saves. I wouldnt call it perfect, i would barely give it a 9/10 #1.1.3
I never asked for this. #1.1

-_- dude just go away #1.1.4
That not entirely true. i may be wrong but Forza and Gears 2 and 3 arent on pc.

Oh god, i just read the article. TES franchise belongs to the xbox because it doesnt work properly on ps3?? It would a huge downgrade with the tes series exclusive to xbox. #2.2.1
All that extra green looks really nice #1.1
Really? Wow, i'd figured it was Black Ops or MW3. #1
Here's what on Svensson's mind right now: #1.1.2
Jesus f'ing Christ... Stop patching Skyrim Bethesda, until you do some proper testing or something. Dont rush it,you are doing the exact opposite! #1.1
Kojima HAS been making Naked Snake games... They are called MGS: Portable Ops and MGS: Peace Walker.

The next sensible step for Kojima would be remaking Metal Gear 1 and 2. #1.1.2
okay people wtf! Keep this spoiler free #1.2.1
I agree, atlest make every hit cut the enemies #7.1
pc_masterrace, you can't let graphics completely cloud your judgement man #1.1.3
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