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It's actually easier to find those features with Win8, just start typing and it will come up. You can also pin them to the Metro.

Sounds like you need to spend more time with it, or you don't actually have it.

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He actually meant that in terms of PS consoles, might want to reflect that in the title.

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You should know that Microsoft own this IP btw.

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Sandbox mode is coming to 360.

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They set-up a studio there to make Xbox One games, Microsoft Osaka.

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You get to keep those Xbox games even if you cancel Gold though, I downloaded Fable just so i don't have to switch disks to play it. They may be old, but are still amongst the best games Xbox has to offer.

Gold has Cloud storage too btw. It also has good discounts, I bought AC 2/Brotherhood/Revelations for £4 each and Dark Souls for £8 last week.

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Plenty of companies have been doing this for a while now, this is nothing new.


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Definitely a sequel to Halo 4, no matter what they name it. That was Cortana's chip in his hand and the "bird" was Forerunner in design.

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For those that do like the timed gameplay of the previous games, there will still be a mode where you can do that.

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They had to do this, especially after Microsoft announced it at their conference. Although with their free games to keep initiative (starting with Fable 3 and 2 new titles each month), Microsoft may have the better deal. Depends on whether they'll offer next gen titles for free, like Sony.

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Panzer Dragoon is a Sega IP, who aren't involved with this.

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Good for them. I'll be buying an Xbox One and won't be visiting hit-reset from now on, not that I ever have ;)

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I like a few of his tracks, especially the jazz-tinged ones, so this is cool. I don't like him though, so I'm glad it's not an in-game character appearance.

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If Microsoft "lost all ambition to try and capture the Japanese market", why did they open a Japanese studio to make games for Xbox One?

"At the unveiling of the Xbox One, Microsoft Studios - Osaka was listed on a global map, dedicated to providing exclusive games and content for Japan."

Shenmue needs to be multi-platf...

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Quantum Break and Ryse for just 2 others...

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Well said.

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Duplicate submission.

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I had no doubts, not long till the 14th!

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Come on now. Buried? 2 clicks of the RB button and you're at the Game section. The game in your disc tray is on the home screen, you also have Pins on the home screen.

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FFS. The feature is opt-in people, if you don't want it you don't have to sign up for it.

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