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Lol, no. #15.6
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How about a new Modern Day story with a new set of characters, who follow after the events of Desmond in AC3 #7
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Hey, what do you know, people like having options, and people have different playstyles.

Console gamers are used to Controllers, so if theyre comfortable with that, why shouldnt they be comfortable with using one with a PC?

Stop being so close minded and elitist... #3.1
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Herd mentality truly is astonishing. Visuals havent been downgraded, coop was always mentioned as being separate from single player, and the himalayas are specific set pieces integral to the gameplay/story.

If you dont do your proper research, how can you make such ignorant claims? #2.1
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^^Theyve said this from the beginning...

The Story/Campaign part is only SP, the rest of the open world/side missions is Coop or SP. #1.2
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Lol. #23.1
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Yes because Division, The Crew, Child of Light, Valiant Hearts, South Park: Stick of Truth, and Watch_Dogs are sequels...

"Hurr durr, i haet Ubicrap, der Gaemz sucks, 900p lawl!" #20.2
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You LITERALLY quoted that she's a PRODUCER, then criticise her for being a DEVELOPER?

Is stupidity a new thing for you or were you just born with it?

She's a producer, handling of the company, finances, marketing, and helping get sequels greenlit.

She doesnt sit there and code games and do animations, she's a business woman, with more integrity, intelligence, class, skill and success than youll ever have. #15.5
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She's a producer, different line of work from creating the game, she's the driving force for getting the games started in the first place and helping it along. Her input with marketing also wouldve helped push AC in the spotlight rather than being hidden, and also considering how basic AC1 was, it was risky to make a sequel, which came out and was proven to be a success. #6.3.1
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Wasnt a fan of Bayonetta so doesnt really affect me. Would rather have a DmC2 #12
A game like Agent is Vapourware, Project Cars is not. #9.2
This was originally supposed to release in 2012 if im not mistaken. How many delays are we gonna get? #5.1
Except people have been playing it for years, #9.1
It'll be a fun game :) #13.1
It's definitely not catering to the 12 year old mass market meaning it'll benefit those who actually play the game seriously and properly.

Even so, Im sure there are other modes plus campaign which will attract the attention of those who do not wish to play MP #8.1
DmC was a blast, not sure how Bayonetta 2 stacks up to it tho, the first was a chore #4.1
Pagan seems alot more reserved in nature than Vaas. They're both insane in their own ways, where I find Vaas terrifying at face value, yet with Pagan, he's like a ticking time bomb and you never know what'll happen. #5.1
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Yes I did, which is why I dont see why a claim like that should be made. 2 is a coincidence, 3 is a pattern, as they say. #4.1.1
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Far Cry 1 (which is pretty much unconnected in every way) and Far Cry 2 didnt revolve around insanity.

I somewhat preferred the serious nature of Far Cry 2 which had you in the middle of a civil war, as a bounty hunter looking for an arms dealer. The story felt simpler, and the experience was revolved more around the survival in this dangerous world rather than being thrust into set piece after explosive set piece.

Not to say Far Cry 3 was bad, its in my top... #4
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Go bandwagon somewhere else.

This game looks fun. #1.2
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