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Its right at the end when he jumps out of the plane #11.1
Ive loved all of Ninja Theory's games, Heavenly Sword, Enslaved and DmC (purists can suck it).

Cant wait for this one. #22
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guessing you didnt watch the trailer #15.1
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I dont understand the dislike for Tim. Is it because of the shaved head? Im not really familiar with Tim outside of Young Justice. #9.1
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CoD is just trying to fit in with the cool kids. #3.1
Because they ran out of ideas, and had to copy someone else to remain fresh. #1.2
As epic and thought-provoking as the CoD trailer likes to portray the moralities and consequences of human/technology augmentation, everyone knows the game is just gonna be a straight up shooter with a laughably short campaign which barely touches on anything meaningful, compared to the Deus Ex games where choices and consequences matter, as well as providing greater insight into the world of augmented tech, and how it affects people and society.

TL;DNR: CoD laughably tries... #17
I love how Patrice deals with time and history and progression of humanity throughout the years. Very diverse and thought provoking.

Still a damn shame that Ubisoft stole his ideas for 1666, then shut him out of it. Sounded like an interesting concept too.

I wonder how he feels about the constant perversion of the AC IP he created.

Gonna keep my eye on this title. #3
Its going to be the Shadow of Mordor of 2015

Film-adapted games are on the rise #1.10
Or you could just...not buy it. Why should others suffer for your opinion? #21.1
Like others are saying. slowing the release down to every 2 years would be beneficial to let the series breathe

Its a great series, just too much #10
Big AC fan, will still buy it. #8
Id rather have SW 1313 than @MultiPLayerFront #EA # Doritos #Mountain Dew #DLC #5
Its a game based on movie filled with epic adventures and great stories

of course not having a campaign will piss Star Wars fans off.

Not being a Star Wars fan myself, it did look fun, but hearing its yet another MP only game, Ill borrow it for a weekend when Im bored #28
So...Bayonetta 1 sold disappointingly, they then decided to make Bayonetta 2 a WiiU exclusive...which ended up selling even more abysmally...

Witht that kind of decision making its no wonder developers go under, and its no wonder WiiU sells poorly, and third party publishers dont support it. #16
It was surprisingly fun, and much better than Origins imo #3.1.1
IS this game actually fun?

I plan on playing it SP anyways #4
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...who the hell approved this crap? #1
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Been waiting for this and Routine #8
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Disgusting. #5
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