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I think is that Patrice Desiletes game he was teasing. Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey it was called.

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If he's the worst, what's Pewdiepie?

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At least we see Godzilla fight in this

*cough movie *cough*

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Borderlands did it first

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Good step in the right direction imo.

Many other developers and publishers would benefit greatly from partnering with third-party specialised game-optimisers to ensure their games arent broken on release, which seems to be a common trend for AAA video game development by large companies.

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Its perplexing to think that they call this version the complete edition.

Does that mean they knowingly release the first iteration as "incomplete"

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Sounds like a major tool. Glad I've never had the displeasure of playing his games, nor will I be touching this tripe.

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Already signed up, seems like a great idea

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I'm confused, people love Borderlands yet hates the guy for financing it and making it?

Do people really expected a good video game tie in to a film from 1986?

People wanted Aliens rather than Borderlands 2? Or are the people who are upset the ones who bought Aliens?

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If people stop reporting on this hack, will he wither away?

And secondly, condolences of his death should be objective to opinions of him

Something like "Never liked the tosser, but RIP" very tasteless

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That game was brutal, was hoping there'd be a sequel but Activision relegated the developers to working on CoD DLC packs.

Waste of talent imo.

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Great game, loved every minute of it. One of the best movie video games on the market.

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I dont know why its so hard for people to understand.

On December, they'll release the core campaign of the game digitally, then they'll release FREE expansions to the game monthly adding new content, and then after a year once all packs have been released, it'll be bundled together in disc format.

Those who are complaining clearly don't have all the facts in order.

People pay for CoD every year plus season passes for many ga...

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Says everyone who keeps asking naughty dog to reacquire the Crash Bandicoot license hurr...

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That's great for the three people who still play PSP and are still into Digimon

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First? You missed out on Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell?

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Surprised you wouldn't get shot or arrested for wearing a bag and cap with a gun on it around school.

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look what happened when they adapted Korra...

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In games like these, they should have a monumental plaque with those who have passed away to honour their love the game, maybe placed in the central hub.

Mass Effect 3 did something similar in the Normandy but with the fictional characters who died.

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Briefcase, Artbook, and Rubber Duck (seriously, why is this such a prominent motif in the series?)

Would've said the tie but anyone can buy plain red tie from a store.

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