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But this looked great...the E3 demo was piss poor and now I know why. I thought the boss battle was just crap but it actually looks very good.

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I recommend H1Z1 for anyone even remotely interested in this. I hope Sony don't fall behind on the other open world zombie games. Or I guess they prefer cinematics over anything even remotely 'new' as usual.

Really. That looked mediocre. The IDEA is cool. As usual. Zombies, open world. What can go wrong? Why they hell do Sony and MS keep missing this? Make a real zombie survival game ffs. Have other players in it. Stop waiting for 3rd parties to show you all the...

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Yeah I know Damien, but just for the fact that its a piss poor demo, they WILL lose sales because of it XD

Not from me or people like me(Those who keep up with gaming news). But for those that don't follow FFXV. It would turn them off imo

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It was a nice experience but a terrible DEMO. Noting that demoes are supposed to get you sold on the game. I think SE don't get that we want to play it not see all its bells and whistles.

If that makes any sense. This should be a dream sequence from the main game.

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"You can… collect coins to unlock weapons, and there’s even a hidden boss in there somewhere, so if you enjoy being thorough there’s quite a lot to do.”

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I also regret buying an Xbone.

Scalebound, Bloodborne. Literally the only two reasons to own either console for me. And scalebound ain't even proven itself. It oculd turn out **** too.

I can see people will moan about Quantum breaks length, but if we look through their history I wonder what they said when that piece of **** the order came out.

The two consoles have had underwhelming releases in general. Halo 5 for me wasn't that good,...

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But FFXIII was enough to ruin it right? Anything FFXIII related was shit. The rest...not so bad. FF14 in particular. Type 0, not too bad.

One thing they should have made sure of was to make sure Toriyama wasn't in charge of a mainline FF again. But at least Nomura -> Tabata can make a decent game. Toriyama will probably lead FF16 and fk it up all over again

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Looks to me as at least its holding up to the quality of the previous games and not raping everything that was good about the series in the first place(ala ffxiii).

The only real complaint to be had now are by those who either don't like the change in combat or don't like action RPGs(I'd be pressed to say most FF fans also like A-RPG's). But everything else is in, even for the fools complaining about moodles not being in it when they simply weren't reveale...

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Its interesting, but...don't watch it. I regret it now. Not too big spoilers but...still. Its more than enough now

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Should have immediately went with Versus XIII and ditched XIII. Nomuras vision has garnered more positive response than any FF game since its reveal. Heck more than most JRPG's.(Aside from those spoons who will moan about the combat change)

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What a ****ing year though right!?

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@ martinnatalex...

The armiger has its own guage in the new demo

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You guys need to learn to read properly xD

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meh demo, it's nice..but it should be part of the game not a demo. was short and really a tutorial. Also seems like a homage to KH to be honest. Hopefully another demo nearer to release that is similar to ep duscae(I haven't and never will play that now as I missed it)

120d ago 0 agree4 disagreeView comment I being a **** whenever I masterbate??? AM I SEXIST!!!!

'cries profusely'


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I doubt anyone missed it.

It was just cringe as ****

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FFXV is supposed to touch on War, friendship and loss, the story is built around those themes. That was FFXV's push for realism.

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After watching the vid, feedback: Show don't tell Gamingbolt

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Wow, is this seriously 15 pages and a video split into 15 parts?

Wow, I didn't think you guys could get any worse.

N4G request: Let us filter some website stories. Ie: Let me filter gamingbolt so it doesn't show in newsfeed. This way theres no chance I could accidentally click onto their story

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Darkkent I hope thats a joke. ND always do downgrades. People just ignore them cause the games is still awesome

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