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The stupidest thing i've heard in a while. What if someone only owned Ps3 and didn't own Ps1 and 2? What if someone missed Ps3 and went to X360(like most X360 owners I know). Come on now. People who start on playstation doesn't mean they stayed on PS or were there from the start. #1.2.2
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Seriously Kayoss?

Some people have literally no imagination. FF7 could easily be converted to Action. You guys act like Action RPGs are just action games.

Foxtrot, it doesn't matter. None of the FF7 devs want to keep the same battle system. The vast majority of gamers prefer action based over turn based. THeres simply a bigger market for this remake. The devs have consistantly said the battle system will be different. #1.1.5
Can some one tell me more about the RPG elements in this game? It seems like an open world action game to me so far. Which is fine of course, it looks amazing either way. Are GG just keeping tight lipped on the RPG elements or did they reveal them already and I simply missed it? #1.1
Not really no, Noctis is the last in line of the Lucis family. Noctis inherits the position of king but he ALSO inherits the powers of the Lucis bloodline. Theres a reason Noctis family are the rulers of his city.

Lucis(Noctis kingdom) and is not actually an indusrial empire. In fact his kingdom strayed away from 'war' and machines and stuck with Magic. The industrial empire(Nifilheim) are attempting to attain the crystal of Lucis.

Noctis kingdom is... #1.4.1
Hopefully in the future DLC or sequel when Space Combat is in, everything will be done up the standard of the ground combat. This is why i'm glad they didn't rush the space combat in right now. Do it right! #2.1
Seph became superior to jenova. If ya pay attention to the game you'll realize seph was controlling her. #1.3.4
Yeah, I guess we're lucky Tabata and nomura had nothing to do with FFXIII's crappiness #1.2.7
They said you could fly it already #1.3
Me too Donkey, not for Halo tho. Fifa and Cod zombies maybe. Halo however I ALWAYS do split screen campaign. #1.6.3
Trying to introduce your other half to games is pretty hard these days yes. I've tried minecraft and castle crashers. She asks can we play multiplayer together is some games I like. All I can say is no #2.2.3
I have a little brother i've played every single Halo with.

Its important to me. #1.6.1
Emulator? Its HD #2.2
Morganfell, Xbox will sell more than PS4 with its FLAGSHIP titles coming out. For those months. By definitely it will close the gap....even if only a little. Of course Xbone won't catch up to Ps4s sales. But the gap will close a little for the moment. Until next year. #2.3.8
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Eh...the game downright couldn't handle the Ps3's ram design. Bad testing. #2.2
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Halo and forza will sell consoles. Simple as. Ps4 will open up this gap again next year however. Selling more for a moth or too isn't gonna change whats happening.

I'm not saying it will sell an extreme amount bruce, but it certainly will help push the consoles Along with Halo you know?

A new Halo, a new racer, a new ACtion/adventure sequel to a very good game..and a gears remaster. The combination should really push the console a bit for this year.... #2.3
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Eh, the campaign was **** in the old ones. #2.4
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I don't know 1 person who pays for OS's #3.1
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Going off your ideas they should just never improve FF. #1.7
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From the demo its the opposite. If you're skilled enough that is/ #3.2
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Lcie/falcie stuff wasn't the problem with XIII. The main creator was the problem.

Type 0 also had Fal cie and Lcie and it was fine. #1.1.1
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