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That's relieving to hear Adrian, I hope you're right!

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Here you go MAN pig, Seriously. If you DO want to take a look, only undo the first few lines of the plot. Like, just to even compare it to what SE has show,

Don't read more than 4 lines of the 'basic plot summary'

This dates back to June. The trailers released at the time had no mention of what he has mentioned, ...

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Due to leaks a few months ago, these leaks were at first lol'd at, before starting to realize this guy was actually
credible, then SE release the first few hours vid and the leaks were 100% correct up to that point..

These leaks also stated a more than likely delay due to the game not being finished. Not to mention Tabata was

interviewed on it. Unfortunately for me, I now know I ruined the general plot for myself. :(
I will link t...

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It was meh, but not too bad. Nice set up for the game. But as expected...its made for the game. Not for itself. Worth a watch if you are interested in FFXV. On the other hand it has very stereotypical characters etc etc. Hopefully the game will have diverse characters, especially Luna, Luna in the movie seems like your typical damsel in distress. However, in the final game she clearly battles leviathan(as seen in a few trailers now)

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Snopers eh?

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Hopefully they don't. Just one more trailer with not much spoilers please SE. Already know half the plot :/

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Seeing as Uncharted 3 is arguably the best character models from Last gen. wise, its doing quite alright considering the scale and gameplay features. Lets wait and see if it holds up in the stuff that really counts

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Oh...I get it now.

Good day.

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The engine is only part of the equation...

Max payne shoulda had a more open world. Cause it was on the same engine as GTA.

Was N4G always like this!? Oh..yes..definitely.


And thats just ONE of Europes R&D programmes. Never mind US and Asia. You know? 112 million...its...

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Ah I see, Star citizen will end up being a jack of all trades with the exception of being the greatest Space Sim.
I get what you mean Apocalypse. But I guess you would simply prefer they left out the other mechanics altogether? Not me. Mass effect for example. Not the best shooter mechanics. Still I like it more than most TPS.

Cross genre games don't need to perfect EVERYTHING. They need to do them well.
GTA didn't do shooting or animation as we...

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I didn't see starship fighting in Uncharted! I didn't see entering a planet from space...why isn't uncharteds destruction as good as batlefields!?

Come on man, with 118 mill, you can't expect it to just take the best aspects of every game and mash them together. Its never worked that way.

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Because it was 60 quid! I don't care if it's 15 people, well done to them for making this. **** them! **** them for lying about the features in the game. You're basically telling Hello games and other Indie devs:

Yes. It's okay. Lie. Sell your game for full price. Lie about what the game will feature. It's okay. Everyone does it. Gamers like taking it up the ass.

Seriously. Why are you okay with it! why!?

People lik...

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Yeah...come on. PS+ used to be optional. Now it isn't. Sony doesn't need to have good games on it anymore. And why the hell would they?

Been saying this time and time again. The console which is leading the gen, IE: MS in lead for ALOT of last gen. Sony are clearly leading now....

The one who leads, slowly becomes less consumer friendly and more money oriented. Sony and MS are not nice. They are companies. Their goal is...

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Wow. Seriously. I can't even anymore.

Not but a week ago Sean murray tweeted how it was amazing that two players met on the first day.

But sure i'll let you guys look that one up. And the ridiculous confusion as to why the players couldn't actually see each other. Thats right. Lies.

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Ahh I see Throstein, right here is a perfect example! What the hell is your knowledge based on!? Do I have to start pulling up quotes! Its well documented, I will not repeat what is literally plastered all over the net now. I don't care if the game is good or bad anymore. If I buy something I expect to get what I paid for! Not half of what I was told I would get.

Literally Sean stated there would be no Paid DLC. None! Yet, as soon as the game is out..what do you know! &...

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Can't believe people are actually defending Hello games and Murray for this,

If you actually had kept up with the game, from launch, absorbed every detail Sean stated, you should realise he literally outright lied about many features in the game. I mean you can't even fly to the Stars! There is no 'star systems'. There's a box of a few planets together and a sky box of a star in the background. Vast majority of animals shown in the trailers aren't ev...

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Not to mention this is the most basic advice you can possibly give..

Recharge your health? Watch your stamina meter? Are gamers that bad these days they need to be reminded how what the what...4 icons on your screen mean?

48d ago 3 agree0 disagreeView comment mean now I have a virtual women scowling every time I put a new corpse in the basement? As if I need another one complaining about my lack of direction in life and in bed.


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But this looked great...the E3 demo was piss poor and now I know why. I thought the boss battle was just crap but it actually looks very good.

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I recommend H1Z1 for anyone even remotely interested in this. I hope Sony don't fall behind on the other open world zombie games. Or I guess they prefer cinematics over anything even remotely 'new' as usual.

Really. That looked mediocre. The IDEA is cool. As usual. Zombies, open world. What can go wrong? Why they hell do Sony and MS keep missing this? Make a real zombie survival game ffs. Have other players in it. Stop waiting for 3rd parties to show you all the...

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