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Yes sparta, exactly like too human. A piece of turd #1.9.2
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Not something one should brag about. This game has so many faults its insane.

Not only is the content sparse and the price insane...the gunplay is mediocre and the variety is nonexistent. The gunplay doeesn't even matter.

The game is missing what made the originals good, and its missing what makes a game good. If this wasn't "Star wars" then it be one of know, games like...Haze. #1.9
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Its already dead. Well quality wise #1.4.3
'hits than misses'

Seriously? There hasn't. But there has been a decent amount.

Jedi knight series -> Best action star wars
Kotor series - Great RPGs
Tai fighter :3
Battlefront 1 and 2 were great
Force unleashed 1 was okay as well #1.2.1
I bought a Halo 5 collection...and immediately Dloaded Titanfall #1.5
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Why was kinect bundled with Xbone originally? Because it was vital to the system. According to microsoft.

Just saying.

I just bought an xbone yesterday and im extremely happy I waited. #1.1.15
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yeahhh..were moogles in FF7?

Ah I see, they had a minor role.

BUt yeah, they weren't in all FF's some major ones too. It varies, their ROLE varies from game to game. FFXV is 'varying' and considering being one of the titles without them. Stop bitching in other words. Complain about things that deserve it. Nocts kingdom has been changed from reaper worship. The battle system(for those who care) etc #2.1.3
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I hope you are wrong, it will be big and empty...well empty in that it won't have quests. But also empty in a minecraft way. Lets see what happens. I expect the game to be sex to my nerdy sci fi penis. But we'll see. #1.2.2
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I liked morrowind, oblivion was a bit of a let down. Skyrim was a boring 'RPG'(adventure game more like) with abysmal everything #3.1.2
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I'm afraid that once again a Bethesda game will leave me hopelessly disappointed #3.1
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Big + skills >>> small + skills #1.1.2
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It shouldn't be 'part' of the ecosystem. It should be able to stand on its own two feet. Like the 3DS

So annoying, the VITA is so great. No one makes games for it. Gamecube of the handheld world #1.2
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This is a major blow for me, I can live without blood etc...but Reaper worship -> Special black...Fuck off! #1.5
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Hell no, I expect all the people who wanted to 'play' advent children will buy it, likewise all the anime fans, likewise a large amount of people who will buy it on the hype alone, let alone the fact that its STILL called Final fantasy, it will just sell.

Also, I expect people like me, the guys who like RPGS in general, will end up getting FF7 Remake. I mean, if FF7 Remake comes out with blazing reviews...whats gonna happen? Of course it will sell the boatload expecte... #7.2.2
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You're crazy if you think this won't sell.


I mean...FFXIII sold, and its sequels XD

And that was widely regarded as **** #7.2
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Is it even more than COD? This might be even more casual #1.1
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Not that Obito would know about it #3.1
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Calling this game casual is like calling "X,Y,Z"

Ehmm No...since no one has played it yet no one can judge it. It could very well be a piss easy casual game

On the other gand it could be an intense challenge.

GG do nice difficulty settings with EASY and HARD so Horizon will probably be okay #1.1.7
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Thats 4 times the resolution. Break out a calculator if you need it.

1080 X 3840 is 2X 1080p
2160 x 1920 is also 2X 1080p

When you double both multiples you quadrupal the answer

1 x 5 = 5 (1080p)
2 x 5 = 10(2x 1080P)
1 X 10 = 10(2x 1080P)
2 X 10 = 20(4K) #1.2.13
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Having time for short quality games or having time for one long quality game. I'd pick the cheaper option #1.1
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