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I agree about Galaxy, I found those ones WAY to easy and thus extremely boring. No challenge is boring. Breezing through a game makes me lose attention and get disinterested. That doesn't mean I want it to be hard, I just want a bit of a challenge to make know, use my brain? A bit more interaction in my video games is necessary for me #1.1.11
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The recent trailer is earlier in the game. I hope they don't reveal any more party members/spoilers #6.2
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Only Noctis?? Where? As far as I remember you can switch between all characters on the fly. Since the 2010 trailer, last years E3 one too. THeres no indication that has changed? Or can you find a direct quote for me? Also @ above, there is open world and exploration they're in teh interview and many others.

Also, i'm a bit confused about the auto dodging and auto weapon switch too, while the weapon switch was originally intended for Versus, last year Nomura said now y... #2.5
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Yeah theres alot of superb details and then some not so great ones, I hope the smoke/dust improves and AA. Other than those i'm very please with the graphics.

I see alot of people complaining about how the characters seem too, while i'd prefer them not to look so emo, they are actually normal characters personality wise. I mean, how would you react if you saw a giant dinosaur thing? #1.2
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Very simple explanation

This is earlier 'weaker' noctis than the two trailers last year. Nomura said it'd speed up later. Also, in the gameplay trailer last year Noctis used firaga and teleported every other second with general combos.

@ Article #1.8
I will never understand how anyone could love the turn based FF's combat. I mean I LOVE the games as a whole. But the combat itself is and has always been shoddy at best. It's not always the case that real time is both more strategic or more fun than turn based, but when real time is done vastly excels past turn based(unless you mean S-Rpgs which are different entirely). FF combat has been passable-fun up till now. Now it'll have great combat and then everything else th... #1.2
You were promised Airships, Cars and chocobos dasbeer, also enemy vehicles in combat. Just because the trailer didn't show them doesn't mean they ain't in it #1.3.7
Been playing the PSP subbed version last few days...its actually pretty damn good #4.1

Was just about to sleep...should I get up to watch or not...hmm

haha theres only one answer to that.

I'd say more will pop up soon enough Mikey #2
They won't ruin it silly child, they'll make it linear! Put explosions and cutscenes in it and add a generic story featuring your newest favorite actor :D


Hope Notch does well himself. Minecraft will be grand. #3
Yeah but Skyrim is terrible. Time doesn't matter in it because of level scaling. Not that i'm defending Destiny, just that Skyrim sucks.

Like...everything is Skyrim, literally everything besides the landscape was bad. The story(ies) where bad, the quests were bad, the combat was extremely bad. Even 'looting' and leveling where bad all due to the scaling systems bethesda likes to use. Over the result is 'Skyrim sucks' #1.12
Red ringed twice, had the other issue once, then disk tray problems. 3 consoles in total with 2 sent back for repair. While I agree MS handled the repairs and replacements well...

The 360 was one faulty *** machine #1.1.2
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Stick it online....first one to beat it

Curses, wish I was there now #2
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No other game has the planet to planet exploration this game does, not even star citizen. Don't get me wrong i'm very cautious of this game because of the way it's being made but eh, it's totally worth the hype, just so long as you remember that procedural generation COULD **** this game up totally.

I'm glad theres customization and stuff now confirmed. Very glad, I thought the object of this game was to explore and thats it. Now I know otherwise, it sound... #4.1
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@ Summons, while I know what you're talking about, I detest FFXIII, I never thought it looked particularly good(besides the very first trailer). But I have consistantly been hyped for Versus(now FFXV).

If they are lying about what FFXV is then sure we should be scepticle. FFXIII generated hype BECAUSE it was FFXIII. FFXV is generating hype based on the info and trailers we've been given, for me at least. The FFXIII 'lovers' seem to dislike FFXV because its bat... #1.1.4
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It's been a bad year for PS+. Not just this month #1.10
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I'm only 7, what is this pornhub?? #1.1
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Wtf!? Ps+ what has happened to you! Been mediocre games for a while now. Although, eh, battle royale is okay I guess

@ below, i'm not talking about Ps4, i'm talking about Ps3. Ps4 is understandable. Ps3? Last year was amazing, this year is meh

I ****ing hope this isn't due to Ps+ being mandatory on Ps4, it's like they don't have to try anymore. Well ****, I guess Ps+ was pretty much too good to be true. It used to be a massive bargine, now... #1
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Doubt she hates them in the second game, isn't the new one about her embracing the 'tomb raider'. As in...she now adores tombs and all the evil critters around them?

Shame i'll miss this title, I hope it comes to PC eventually or Ps4.(Is it timed or full exclusive??)

Anyhow, the first one had the best Tps Adventure gameplay i've ever played. Well, either that or the last of us. #2.1.1
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Console gamers accept mediocrity more than PC gamers. That's the difference. BF4 is a letdown. Very simple. PC has many more FPS games than the Ps4. Many superior FPS than BF4. BF4 is the best shooter on Ps4 right now and it's a pretty meh shooter. #1.1.5
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