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Been saying this since fallout 3 was released. Skyrim included. Bethesda don't know the meaning of quality. #1.4
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Well Zep, it has got the exploring for weapons and summons. That was in the demo even.

Hopefully they will have the chocobo(Breeding them I mean)

However, as far as airships go its up in the air. But at the very least you can jump higher as game progresses so earlier locked areas would be more explorable.

There ain't a chance they gonna leave out ruby weapon etc for this game. THey'll have side bosses. #3.2.5
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31-35 #3.1
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Agh MS, just do it, figure out the legal for the sake of...humanity , get in touch with the devs or something plz #1
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People like seanpitt claiming the game to be perfect are the reason clickbate articles exist. #1.5.3
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For me the only flaw of the game was the puzzles. I understand why they are there(for pacing purposes). But they where underwhelming. Uncharted did it right in that way, obviously you couldn't have the same type of puzzles in LoU as uncharted as it wouldn't suit. However I wish they thought of something better than that to pace the game.

Is it a great game? Hell yeah it is. Every game has its flaws regardless of how good it is.

Also I wouldn't exa... #1.2.4
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I can see why you don't like it kleptic. But well...yeah.. the 'bots' are minions. You can say the exact same thing about Dotas minions. They are so shit players won't get bored. But....they serve a purpose. The bots in Titanfall do too. This game is competitive. Just not in the same way counterstrike is competitive. Whoever can kill the most titans, players and minions. Wins the game. You can't win just by killing minions. If the enemy team is better..they are better.
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These things are wireless dual screen TVs with motion tracking in them. Expect them to be expensive. I haven't played a video game on it yet just an intel demo. But shit. I'd buy one over a new TV any day. #1.1.13
35d ago by Irishguy95 | View comment depends entirely on the price. Which to be fair, SE will definitely overprice this.

A shame. But emm. im gonna just wait till its finished and price drops. #1.1
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Ah strickster, he was only selfish and arrogant till half way during midgar(2-3 hours in the game). Also hes not a clone. He gets depressed after beating up Aerith, for about 5-10 mins.

The he gets sad after Aeirth dies for a little while. Other than that hes happy go lucky for all of it. (Aside from being crazy when he THINKS he is a sephiroth clone) #1.2.2
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Likewise, I hpe they have their personalities from FF7 in tact #1.1
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Kurapika if game prices were based on quality then sure. But they aren't. They aren't and never will be. This is what happens when you support non consumer friendly products people(The Ps3 remasters). Why would sony let you have Ps2 games for free when they can charge and get money for them(And they WILL get money for them).

Its pretty straight forward what is happening. The losing console manufacturer is the one that ends up consumer friendly. The winner seemingly se... #1.1.8
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Oh geez more overpriced remasters. I'd prefer emulation or nothing. Just feel like im getting teased by these but I can't justify paying for them at such a price. Although that is only if Sony does overprice them again like the Ps3 remasters. I imagine the profits from those games were immense though at that price. Sony sees what they can do now. Sony will do it. #1.11
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Good luck with that SE

Hope it turns out good. Looking good so far at least.

@ Kalkano and those, it was oviously gonna be a action based. But eh, its unfortunate we can't both get what we want. #3
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I agree they shouldn't be DLC.

But we were never promised anything. I@m just glad hte game is copying KH's route and is doing something different. SE have never made a game like FFXV before. But still. I think some of the changes from Versus are for the worse #1.1.11
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Yes sparta, exactly like too human. A piece of turd #1.9.2
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Not something one should brag about. This game has so many faults its insane.

Not only is the content sparse and the price insane...the gunplay is mediocre and the variety is nonexistent. The gunplay doeesn't even matter.

The game is missing what made the originals good, and its missing what makes a game good. If this wasn't "Star wars" then it be one of know, games like...Haze. #1.9
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Its already dead. Well quality wise #1.4.3
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'hits than misses'

Seriously? There hasn't. But there has been a decent amount.

Jedi knight series -> Best action star wars
Kotor series - Great RPGs
Tai fighter :3
Battlefront 1 and 2 were great
Force unleashed 1 was okay as well #1.2.1
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I bought a Halo 5 collection...and immediately Dloaded Titanfall #1.5
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