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Looking at it the difference is massive. Guess I just don't care anymore. Oh well. The game is amazing at least #1
Art wise...preference, graphics wise, not a hope #2.3.1
Yeah...alot of people don't care about the product...what could have been, the artistic value of it. Konami could have been behind one of the greatest horrors(of any medium) ever created. But nah. They're idiots. Money speaks louder and when you focus on money you lose sight of what makes it #1.4
Nah its just evolved into something better #1.2
That happened in the anime already too... #2.2
Well i'm not justifying myself, i'm still stealing it by downloading it early. But I bought it too. And will continue to buy whatever the company creates

Actually thinking about it...pirating the Witcher 2 is what convinced me to go PC gaming. I bought the games after that. Bought the Witcher 1 too. #4
Actually there was also a 4-5 minuite gameplay trailer for FF versus. But eh...FFXV looks alot better #2.1.1
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I hope so...I LOVE the witcher series but the games have always released buggy and unoptimized... #1.2
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UUUGhgg my penis

I can't wait #4
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I think this may be the first time I ever actually cut off a gaming company...this one is too far you know? #1.11
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Battlefront was massively inspired by battlefield...I mean literally it was an attempt and at star wars battlefield...

look it up. #1.1.2
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From the dialogue so far, none of them are emo. You guys have no idea what you're talking about :/ thats all I see, I keep seeing the word emo thrown around and that the characters are similar...but like...they aren' all

Edit- Ah sure its been the same for ages, same people comment stating incorrect information. Like they haven't even looked at the game. This is probably the first FF were 'Emo' doesn't even come close to the characters personali... #2.1.2
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Brah it is magic that gives them such strength haha, i'd say haste and stamina spells will replace your anxiety about sprint ;) As far as we know the 'jump' in t he current version of the game can become really high somehow, i'd guess magic again #1.1.2
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Ground Zeroes... #1.1
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Their personalities are suppose to be quite different... just saying


Noctis is nothing like squall and cloud and for that matter cloud and squall were nothing alike either. #4.3.3
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Its intimidating until you actually do it and realize you had no reason to be intimidated at all. #1.2.3
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Why wouldn't it be? Tabata said none of the story details have changed right? #5.1
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I've played a few hours of the PSP version on PC/translated(At the time SE didn't announce it for the west/EU).

Its good imo, nothing like the old FFs of course, although the world map is similar to FF7-9, like extremely similar Random battles and all. Combat is action based, best combat from a FF imo, until FFXV comes out(hope... #1.1.3
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I wasn't even aware there was a FF WITHOUT a level cap #2.2
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Halo 2 was horribly slated for its ending. Why should any game get away with having a poor ending? #1.6
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