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Witcher 1 and 2 have been buggy on release, Witcher 3 is their first real 'massive' contender for becoming RPG elite crowned devs. They want it to be polished. #1.3
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One of the most boring games in existence. The game is an amazing example of quantity over quality. It had crappy everything besides exploration. Plot, quests, combat...everything #3.2
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Bout ****Ing time, cars sound **** in GT, probably the worst aspect of the games aside from the Ai and lack of destruction #1
Yeah that was awesome but difficult haha #1.1.2
60FPS is so much more important to the game than better shadows.

60FPS both looks and plays better #7.1
...Ah come on, it's SE's product, not ours, as much as I want to play the game they certainly aren't in the wrong for keeping Type 0 'theirs', if they want to translate it and make money off it in the future there simply is nothing we can say against that. As much as I dislike SE for being that way, it's THEIR work, they made it, they can do what they want with it. They probably don't want other people using their products and asking to get paid for it afterwards.... #1.2
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Pretty much my only gripe with the awesomeness of said game. Along with the enemy Ai not being as good as originally shown #2.1.3
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A moderator with one bubble? Haha #1.3.5
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GG lied about Killzone SF. Its Common knowledge now just google it. GG are just **** devs. A bad side to sony imo. A dev who got lucky with KZ2's quality and will never reach that again.

GG are and always have been in touch with 'lies of omission'. Ever since the first KZ2 trailer(It took them 3 years to actually come out and say that no it was just CG) and even then they overhyped KZ1 to ****.

And please, to anyone...don't try and bring up o... #1.1.2
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Haha, my 20 quid Mouse and Keypad are better for gaming that your 60 quid rip off of a controller.

No zsquaresoff, the sad truth is that even the cheapest M/K are better than Joypads. #4.1
11d ago by Irishguy95 | View comment cinematic that ND admit 30FPS sucks compared to 60. 'Cinematic' is a term used by devs who try to downplay the drastic crapiness 30FPS offers when compared to 60. Another buzz word used to control hype. Fanboys love it. Devs who achieve 60FPS openly admit 30 is terrible compared to it. ND finally coming out and admitting it after all this time. Watch them retreat behind 'cinematic' further along in the gen. #1.1.2
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Most of the fanboys were expecting the Ps4/X1 to outperform Gaming PC's(600-700 quid) out of well...pure ignorance.

"Closed systems have an advantage when it comes to outlasting it's percieved technical limitations "

It's minor at best. Always been overrated. Example -> The Ps3 and X360 were always outdone by the 8800Gtx. By quite a large amount too. Regardless of how long companies had to optimise and learn the two consoles. The 8800... #2.1.1
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At this rate you'll upgrade to 'PC gamer' in no time. #9.1.2
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It's an arcade Racer I hope you know... #3.1
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Yeah 500-600 quid gaming PC's #2.1.1
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Its been crappy the last few months but eh...last year makes up for any crappiness it may ever have #1.1.12
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BS opinions you mean Silent Negotiator, that was always BS, 60FPS >>> 30FPS for gaming end of. Oh but I guess TloU Ps4 is now choosing 60FPS and ditching the 30FPS because...well...because...wel l they don't have to make an excuse for the Ps3's weak hardware anymore. Any dev that states 30FPS is better than 60 only states it because their game isn't 60. It's a woeful disgrace of gaming fans that anyone thinks 30FPS can ever be better than 60 except in the case of maki... #1.2.5
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There are so many idiots in this comment section I have to leave N4G and let my brain heal for a while. #1.1.25
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Ugh I thought they said 'no more filler'...sigh #2
29d ago by Irishguy95 | View comment only have 1 ****ing enemy in the game, I mean i'm not dissing the quality or anything but it's completely understandable that you don't need RAM considering the type of game

"other cinematic game"

Exactly Opie(nice name), Ram isn't nearly as important. Not is it for the AI, but either way the AI isn't staggeringly good either... It's actually pretty sub par

I'm not downplaying anythin... #5
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