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The same concerns being "How can we get the money without annoying anyone?"

Paying for shortcuts helps no one except the company

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You can clearly see one vid is low resolution compared to the other and time of day! Really, one has the sun in the sky causing lighting conditions the other doesn't. **** you could get two of the same versions of the game Xbone, and they will look different depending on both video quality and lighting.

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Kind of a stupid comparison. Get the angles right! Don't use a trailer to compare either. If I had to guess i'd say the Switch version will sit somewhere inbetween the Ps3 and Ps4 version. But who cares anyway.

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No one else excited for this? Nice little gem I randomly found and Psn years ago...
The combat takes getting used to but once you are! Damn!

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Haw haw haw I love this keep it up Fox

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It was never supposed to be 4K...just a hype word like 1080p on Ps3 when Ps3 barely had any 1080s on it.

On the other hand if MS releases what they said they are gonna release, a truly 4K console that can manage it as a standard. Then it is what it is.

Whether MS actually delivers? Who knows at this point. MS and Sony overhype the **** out of everything. Its standard practice to use white lies in marketing for gaming these days. Sometimes even bigger lies...

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This isn't day 1 DLC is it? know, DLC for the future? Thats okay. Day 1 DLC is not. RE5 had multiplayer locked day 1. For a price.

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That is so inappropriate!

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We used to. From Reggie at some point and a few other wankers from Sony. All of them just BS marketers

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Cough paid service
cough cough nintendo rules

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Its a toss up between nintendo and sony

Nintendo have pure quality incoming, more than like there will be multiple GoTY contenders
Sony have Quality and Quantity, most will be very good games at least
MS have....

Imo Sony have destroyed this gen. Nintendo as usual have a small amount of extremely high quality exclusives. Definitely up there with Sony...theres just...too few of them.

Sony from beginning of the gen up t...

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Nintendo is a company. Its not a plural. So aren't is wrong. Isn't is right.

A company is single separate entity..nowadays. In fact a company has rights. That's why a company goes bankrupt, not the shareholders/owners.

Now, i'm gonna stop being a **** and join in.

Screw Nintendo! Consumerism! Blah di blah.

Anyway, if they're targeting hardcore gamers they're going out their blind. If they mana...

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Not sure what to do myself, a ps4 slim for 300 WITH uncharted and another game or a Ps4 Pro for 400 with nothing added...Big difference.

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NEver understood it myself, when I was a kid and xbox achievements came I out I cared, then one day I thought..."What a ****ing joke - I get nothing from this". Then I stopped caring. Ps release their trophies and to this day I don't understand em.

Its just an extra feature to wank over I guess.

But eh, some people do like them. So I guess nintendo should accommodate those people?

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Not saying anything about Xbox or nintendo, i'm sayign PS delays a crap load of games. Who knows what games will make 2017? You're just as sketchy with PS as Xbox. With their history of delays.

But sure, on this site - Oh Xbox was bad with delays. Lets pretend playstation haven't had any issues

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So VR is exclusive to scorpio? What about Occulus and Xbox one?

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Obviously they did since the removed the WII name. Most people I know don't even know there was a new nintendo out.

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I'm not arsed getting a list for you overload, Ps has been horrible this gen for delays too. Almost everything was delayed.

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Wow I wouldn't be speaking about delays and the PS brand if I were you XD. PS is the worst for delaying games

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I have an Axe and i'm on my way...

Naw, you gotta give it a few hours at least. It would be overwhelming to standard peasents. Not as overwhelming as souls for sure

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