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But I didn't enjoy those 20 hours, they were boring, a waste

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Nah, I put 20 hours into FFXIII, enjoyed maybe hours of it. The other 18 were a drag and ultimately boring. What possessed me to play 20 hours? Hope did...Hope that I was wrong.

NMS is good for 2-3 hours. Then you realize, in those 2 or 3 hours you've seen everything this game has to offer. There nothing like exploring 10 planets only to realized the only thing that really change is the color.

I think hard mode is better than normal mode, but hard mo...

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"Built only with the pro architecture" -

Eh...yeahh its called x86, just like ps4

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Day 1 was a woeful piece of crap

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Goldby, Hello games are also, in the business of money. With that fiasco of a release.

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Game was crap on release, pure ****

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Gears has solid multiplayer, which is what it is known for.
Well, gears 1-3 had solid multiplayer, haven't played since them

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Couldn't get my money back, I was 3 hours and something when I tried(over the 2 hour refund policy on Steam)

Opinion on the company and Sean Murray -
I still can't believe people defend them. They should never be let away with lying like that, it is the worst case of false information in gaming as far as i'm concerned, the lied through the skin of there teeth right up until AFTER the game released. I can see that they're really trying with the updat...

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So much fun, specially at night and when you get the spider man tool

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Prefer Witcher 3 as its one of my top games ever, Horizon is amazing though. Combat and art for Horizon are better, Witcher is better as an RPG and I simply prefer RPG's.

Nier though...we'll see where it ends up

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neither did 7. For some reason....everyone throws Cloud into the Angsty group, arguably one of the least angsty in the series.(Except for advent children, he is full on Emo in that).

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The new games have meh level design and plot

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So, it didn't want to have engaging gameplay? It didn't want to be fun?

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Goldby, every zombie game has 'little details to separate it'. But the result is always the same. If they look and act like zombies, we can call them zombies. Gaming is the first time i've seen a group of people argue over such semantics. If you had to describe 'freakers' to someone, you would simply say, "Oh they're pretty much zombies except they aren't dead yet", and then the person would instantly understand. "A horde of people trying to eat you&...

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Its kinda sad to see VR failing like this, Sony are leading it to be fair, no one has released a great VR game yet, not on PsVR, Occulus or HTC vive.

I really hope it pulls through. You don't pay hundreds of dollars for a lesser gameplay experience! Kinect and Motion controls showed that. If VR isn't there yet then imo, developers jumped the gun on it. An FPS without actually being in control of where you go is not an FPS.

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Emptying your clip into an endless horde of zombies(Sorry, infected). How fun. Its almost like they just said **** it and didn't even try to be creative.

Seriously, the trend of wanking off every little thing sony pushes out is rediculous. Days gone has nothing on the last of us, it looks medicore compared to the horizon.

On one hand, we have an article were the majority say they are sick of open world games and would always prefer Uncharted or what...

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Agreed! The movie was a huge let down, the king had about 3 lines, its was cheesy as hell. Nyx was the only redeeming part of the movie. It had so little emotion, the kings death could have been great, Luna coulda had a personality. The pacing was terrible too. Who directed it ffs! Even Nyx death was mediocre and he practically went out the same way as Noctis.

The game had interesting characters(outside of cutscenes/exploring)
It had a g...

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Ps4 - Xbox 360
Scorpio - Ps3

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