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""I will beat you next time red ranger""


Take off your hdd cover look down the side of the hdd bay and you should see a little screw between the plastics, tighten that and it will solve the eject issue. #1.7.1
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Seems a lot had the eject disc problem... I seen some of you say you broke the button and others say it still happens every now and then....the fix is simple there is a scew that you need to tighten down the side of the hdd bay.... #1.1.12
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@ muzik

Most of what you just wrote is complete fabrication lmao. #4.1.6
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Wrong . driveclubs rain is simulated. So is the wind and the snow and the temp and even the stars... So yes there is another game that simulates those effects lol read before you type lol #11.2.6
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Sony did let evo take their time.....driveclub was give them more time lol

Gt is a proven console seller though so i dont really understand your point lol sony have that much faith in the brand that kaz is allowed as much time as needed... Oh and that sales slump you talk of???? Gt6 sold roughly what each forza does... On hardware that was already replaced with the ps4 lol your points are weak man. #6.1.2
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@ funk

Actually they have to win races on gt before they get to race any real cars... So gt infact does make real race drivers lol
It was the same with the signiture edition of gt5 to win the merc you had to race on gt to get the best time and then if you got through you got to race with the real thing to own it... I still have the invite that comes with the game. #1.5.5
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But should it really be needed?? If for whatever reason you dont have access to internet all you have is a coaster or a downloaded game that wont work... Ic you pay for the game then you should be able to play online or ofd. #2.1.1
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Grape you are trying too hard, driveclub looks fantastic and feels fast as f**k, now obviously a pc racing game can and does look better with the right settings but driveclub has the most detailed tracks and cars on any console. Without a dought. #1.4.3
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Initially yeah, mostly because of the cell and blue ray diodes. They managed to turn it around though with the revisions really helping to cut those costs, also didnt help that they were selling the original units at such a loss. They managed to get a grip on the losses and turned it around. Either way it was a fantastic console to own. #8.1.1
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Tell me what that has to do with anything? As a company micro could wipe the floor with a few but that wealth does not translate to the xbox division alone, the xbox division still has budgets and such that microsoft as a company put in place, the division doesn't just get to dip into the pot willy nilly, as a whole the playstation division is doing better than the xbox division and no amount of comparing the company's as a whole will change that.

On topic the xbox o... #2.3.1
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Thats where you have the advantage lol brute strength. #13.1
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You deff have not played it since the update, those all just sound like a review i read, problem for me is that the ai are fine, there were more than 60 cars, i take it you didnt like pgr very much then? #3.2.2
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Id say forza will be fine, it usually sells well over time so im sure the numbers will just go up and up #4.1
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Have you actually played that racer on ps4 you talk of? Because the rain does a lot more than just make the game harder, each drop of rain or snow is properly simulated and behaves like it should. as for that dude saying that forza comes out too quickly, 2 years is fine inbetween games, especialy if said game offers improvements over the previous. #1.1.10
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With those statments it sounds like you have not played the game. But if you have send me your psn id and i can send ya some challanges. #3.2
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I dont get why you are getting so many disagrees. The majority of what you said was bang on the money. And yes you should deff buy the season pass if you play the game a good bit. Well worth the money. #2.1
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Nice, you managed to get a shot of the lightening, love the way each flash lights up the track for a brief second especially on a night time section. Good round up of the improvements although a bit more detail on the changes would have been good. At least you have played it. Most on here that mention the game have never touched it. #1
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I honestly dont know what you mean by driveclub being empty, its trackside detail is unmatched and as for the whether, well it speaks for itself, so what if its 30fps and has less cars than other games, its fast fluid and doesnt drop a frame, plus its time of day and whether are dynamic and very well done. Nobody had a problem with pgr 3 or 4 last gen and they had roughly the same content(less now with everything evo have added) why do people have to downplay one for the other? I play all typ... #12.2.1
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For me its 132 then j, also best engine is pushing it, yeah it looked great and ran smooth but the texture loading problems that every unreal 3 engine game had took it out of the running for best engine. #7.1
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@ abt Pricing a console high is the same as trying to stop used games and having a 24 hour check in???????? Also u realise that the xbox one cost 4 pound more than the ps3 did at launch???? Yeah they were arogant but at least they were letting you keep your games lol #1.1.20
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