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I think some of it can be blamed on the early expectations of the "console war", early on every major publication and website had the xbox running away with it, Before the xbox policy reveals, so i think maybe ms thought they would have 360 level of support, just didnt turn out that way, in the end they should have seen the sales trend and invested in studios, it worked for sony so i dont see why it wouldnt have worked for ms, way too late now though.

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I got my moneys worth the first time, all this new stuff has made me redownload, its like a second game almost now, yeah there were issues but i enjoyed the game regardless, will deffo be getting stuck back into it.

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Moldy why are you all of a sudden saying you owned gt5? You didnt and have even said as much, you said in earlier comments you played up untill gt 4, i even called you out on it many times, you are full of it as usual.

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No they actually explained what checkerboarding was at the event lol and with each game reveal they gave info on the resolution of said game, they did add the dynamic tag though, i will give you that, but at the same time they were already clear about what game did what resolution.

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Yeah when the prototype ps3 still had two cells, why do people forget that.

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I still say people are jumping the gun on this, hopefully there is still sunday cups etc you can do, if not i hope they at least added the ability to do the manufactures cups and other tournaments offline too.

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But its the driving thats important, name another game that has made professional drivers out of gamers, its ok ill wait.

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Ive asked loads on twitter to get some confirmation but nobodys answering.

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No its a completely new engine from the ground up, plenty of interviews talking about it, try google....

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Lmao you realise that gt6 came out after the ps4 launched, they have been working on the game no more than 4 years, pc took 5 didnt it? With less cars than gt sport. Forza is a brill game but lets not pretend the driving model is even close between the 3, pcars was terrible, forza is good, cant say it aint but actual driving? Gt wins everytime, the fia stuff is a big deal regardless of what you think, 150 cars is more than enough and 27 tracks aint bad either.

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Less content but the whole thing has been built from the ground up, hardly a half step, more than enough content to go through before dlc etc,
You say outplayed🤔🤔
Fia partnership alone is doing more than any racer ever, online cups and tournaments with real prizes being handed out alongside fia drivers, chance to earn a real life race licence, plus we all know gts driving model is top class stuff.

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Dont get me wrong, i love some of the toyotas but with 700 cars to choose from i dont think they will be missed, may still get them in dlc though.

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Not a big deal though, are we really gonna miss toyota with 700 cars to play with??

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This game is looking fantastic, would like to see some xbox one fotage though as im not getting an x untill i can afford a half decent 4k set.

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Explain how its a half step??

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😂😂😂 Moldy you have already admitted to not playing or owning gt5, why ya lieing for, rest of your response is bull too, free pass?? Gt5 got slaughtered for reusing assets, which ya didnt have to use, also how is rebuilding their engine every single gen wasting time🤔🤔 you are full of it.

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Try rebuilding a game engine while making a game, let us know how you get on.

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Challange accepted👌👍

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So true, i think whoever was driving is used to arcade racers, no clue about lines, breaking zones or anything😂

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It does have a campain mode though moldy, clearly can be seen in latest video, what you mean is that it has no championships or cups in the single player part, which we still dont know one way or the other, for all we know all the manufactures cups and tournaments can be played offline too, we just dont know yet, as for the rest, what do you care, you didnt play the last two games and i dont think you will play sport either, every gt article you are spouting the same crap, your view of gt is...

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