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Lmao that looks brilliant

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Do you play driveclub??? One of the best arcade racers out. Right up there with pgr4.

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Gt sport alone is gonna sell upwards of 5 mill easy, more than any other exclusive coming out at least, gt sells consoles on top of the millions of copies it sells, i dont see how thats not considered important. Plus we have seen plenty of the sony games you have mentioned yet not so much of the microsoft ones you list, its clear whos had the stronger lineup if you can look at it objectivly, the most important thing is games, no matter the console.

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Go look at the specs.....very different machines.

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In for a treat mate, took me around 70 hours to plat. Loved every second of it.

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Gangsta, serious?, you forgot the s/,Ive been on this site for over a decade now and septic was always a microsoft fanboy..its only the last year or so that he has started being positive towards playstation, also uses mutliple accounts.....

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Why is it you only mention this in gt articles??? Ive asked you this before and got no response so im not really expecting one here, you never bring this up in forza articles, or any other racing game.....

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Ok so all those games offer the chance to earn a real race licence? Vr out the box ? Real fia championships? Concept cars from some of the best car makers in the world? What about the 900 steering with the wheels? And thats without talking about the physics, im not saying you cant like it etc but i do disagree with you.

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Theres no room for the original console sim🤔🤔🤔 , you sure about that?

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Looks so good, smooth too, cant wait.

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Capital you should really go and do some digging as it was proven time and time again that the models used for gt5/6 were as detailed as the replay modes....there are added effects but the car models are the same.....plenty of proof from last gen....all you have to do is look.

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How is selling close to 6 mill selling badly?? It sold well, was recieved better than 5 also, the suspention model alone was a massive upgrade....

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Gt6 sold over 5 mill...

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So all the people reporting it are lieing???

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Loving this game at the moment and have only seen maybe 1/3rd of the map so far, story is good so far, graphics are see to believe kinda good, side quests/collectables are fun and not always easy to get, games performance and combat are top tier

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Right in the facts 😂😂😂

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They didnt, naughty dog sold the rights before sony bought them.

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Something like the ngage??

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Article boils down to 😢😢they should have used our company😭. 😂

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The undertaker
The playstation division is its own company, profits ect get reinvested back into the playstation division.

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