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They did say it would be xbox one visuals at native 4k, with 6tf that should be possible, although i think its gonna be an up hill fight for the scorpio, that one year lead will deff do a bit of damage, will be buying one regardless.

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What a load of bollocks from the lot of ya, i mention the last four videos because that is what was used to promote the game coming up to release and show EXACTLY what the game offered.
I took what shaun said at face value, like every other game maker, yeah there are things he has to add that are not there for whatever reason, but the game is the game he was talking about, not one of you actually gave me anything other than he lied he lied. Where are all these really important things...

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No you said games, as in more than one, and driveclub was great what are you on about lol, did you even play it??

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Why did you buy it if you didnt know what the game was about??? Thats what i dont get with a lot of the complaints, its as if nonody read up on the game or even watched the dour vids.....

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Mate i own an xbox one and wiiu too lol, if i truly wanted to play in 4k i would go and build a pc, im not getting pro or scorpio just for 4k...the only fanboy here is you.

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You are full of it, as in i know for a fact you are lying infected, same goes for you darkwolf, and infected if you had of really done that test you would have recorded it to use as ammo, but you didnt because u didnt do any test lol lets see your psn name so we can have a look at what you have been playing, other than uncharted 4 i mean lol, seeing as you have the console you woulda got that with it, the xbox is deff not slow in downloading and installs, but it is slower than my ps4s(same as...

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I see your point dude but a lot of games now come out rushed or things not added, day one patches and the like.

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Pistols you are always good for a few 😂😂😂, pretending to be a multiplat gamer yet you are by far one of the worst microsoft fans on this site, not everyone you bullshit is new here dude, you bitch about recore getting a slating then go ahead and put bloodborn, nms and the pro down!!! Can you not see how silly you look?, and whos disapointed with the pro anyway??? Preorders are good, first impresions are good so who is it thats dissapointed?? Id say mostly microsoft onl...

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Serious?? You are gonna tout ms exclusives running on a pc at 4k as some kind of win???? Of course a pc can run games in native 4k 😂😂😂

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What? My ps4 downloads and installs faster than my xbox one which is fast enough itself, Why is urs so slow??

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You must be pissed off with most games nowadays then

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Bullshit, the last four videos they released showed you exactly what the game offered, shue didnt admit to anything other than sony letting shaun do the promotion of the game with little experiance on how to do that. Most inportant question, do you own or have you played the game???
How about a list of the lies or something to back up your claims.....let me quess, redit?? 😂😂😂

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Name the racing games sony has released this gen???? Oh you mean that ONE racing game driveclub???? The one that despite the negativity sold well and is still getting plenty of playtime to this day, go on tell us what you didnt like about driveclub????

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Were the two tb versions not only for launch? Are they not back down to 500gb and 1tb?

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What is it you are waiting for exactly? You are complaining about people fighting over consoles yet do it yourself, personaly i will be buying both the ps4pro and the scorpio, i like ips on both so am happy enough to get both, i just find you calling anyone out is funny tbh.

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Yeah its upscaled, we know that, so whats the point you are making? It was well explained exactly what it offers, we wont see native 4k across the board untill ps5 an scorpio 2.

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They explained how they get to 4k on the ps4pro, mark talked about it.

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Dude you are well known for doing the same, who you tryin to kid??

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Well i think it will be a bit more but do agree with what you are saying overall, i just dont see the need to downplay either, both consoles are better than whats come before, sony has impressed me with adding to the gen rather than starting new one, i like the idea behind it, micro seems to be trying almost to start a new gen with scorpio, which i understand but its still exciting no?

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