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Then you play it without a vr headset, its vr compatable not vr exclusive.

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The game looks fine, all this concern trolling being done was the same as the hate gt5 got, even though it smashed it people still nit picked it to death, no matter what i have faith poly will give us a gt we can play right up to gt7s release.

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This game is gonna be fantastic with the psvr and wheel hooked up, really looking forward to getting my teeth back into gt. Couple of new direct feed vids floating about that look very nice and smooth, some of the "concerned" fans should have a look.

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Well theres deff no dynamic time of day or shifts, its probs a mix of both for lights on cars and street lights ect though im not sure how it works in gt 7 as they have yet to go in depth on the lighting system. Its a shame as i feel it deff adds to the experiance.

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Looking forward to this, vr and the new wheel, yes please.

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I dont see the problem, it will only be a small part of the show, sony will probably mention tv/video a bit as well, its kinda expected now.

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Neither cause it aint gonna happen, slims on the other hand........

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Looking good so far, defo gonna try an get me one of those licences, new gt wheel plus psvr is gonna be a hard experiance to beat.

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he didnt school anything all, cherry picking some bad previews proves nothing, and yes if i wanted to i could provide just as many good previews that refute what has been said in those bad ones he has linked, if i have read them im sure you have too, as for throwing stuff outta my pram??? When and where? He is a known troll, thats not accusing, thats telling. Oh and mentioning sales at the end of one post and then saying myself in the next that its not important is hardly wafflin...

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Ok first 137 cars is more than enough for any car game, we dont know anything about the development of this game so how long the ps4 has been out for is irrelevant, you were not complaining when forza five released with less content so why you do now is beyond me. I know you are gonna throw launch game at me but thats irrelevant too. And we both know that article that you linked is taken out of context, they COULD HAVE called it gt7 is basically all that article states, i know it, you know it...

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Yeah im the childish one because you see me posting all sorts of crap right?, although regardless you are a known troll, thats just truth, no matter what, gt will do what gt has always done and thats provide a deep sim for those that want it, and no matter how much negativity you bring it will make little difference in the end, proven over 3 gens so far.

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Bare bones? In what way? Plenty of cars and plenty of tracks, theres also various modes to play and then various online modes on top of that. Seems like plenty to me. Where has this info about it being rushed because of vr come from? Both have been developed over years not months mate, probably parrellel to each other at some point. Also you have already commented on a few articles that quote both the dev and sony reps saying that this isnt gt7 but more of a focused game based on fia, so i do...

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Well yes i could nitpick like you over minor things and make them huge issues but i have seen enough to make my own judgment, you are a known troll so your view is invalid

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Infected i could post just as many links saying the exact oposite, thing is i dont need to cherry pick articles, ive got these things called eyes, you should try using them.

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So theres videos but you post none........ great argument mate well done.

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Its like night and day.

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You are right, the sales are not important, but so far all your supposed worries have been proven wrong, visuals are fine, sound is fine and gameplay is gt so its all good, but lets be honest, you have been concern trolling this whole time and its getting boring to be honest.

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What???? Judge things better??, you have commented on almost every single gt thread, you have seen plenty of videos with diffrent settings, tracks and views. Everyone knows what you think as you keep repeating the same shite over and over, the game looks great and its gonna look even better come launch. 5 mill lifetime easy.

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You keep ur money and you have the mojo....and i get the baby!!!! Jelly baby back ribs

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@ onthex1

Whos you guys?
I know you are trying to call me a fanboy but to be honest i like all 3 of my consoles, check my gamercard on live IR3TR0UK, or psn xTSxRETRO, if you must, thats how i know which is faster by the way, not from rumors or people on the internet but from my own experiance with the consoles i own, not everyone is a blind fanboy like you mate. Lol

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