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My fav as well, Are u from belfast by any chance? Its the word beast, only ever hear it in ni lol

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Its a good question, this was xbox ones trump card, turned out to be a load of hot air, what was it again? 4x the power or something?

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Just to be clear, the games never looked bad but they were not know for their graphics, story, gameplay and the emotional attactment to an animal is what i remember everyone talking about, and yes im more than old enough to remember the launch, and the mags, which i still have, point being is graphics are not the most inportant aspect when it comes to studio japan.

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I give up, the games not for you, but it is for me and im gonna enjoy the hell outta it.

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Looks to me like you would rather make up reasons to not like the game, thats fine as im gonna put wayyyy more than 100 hours in . Oh and the procedural generation is only made up of things the artists have already made, if you truely read up on this game you would know this.

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Again go look at the vids, there are alien cultures that you meet, you have to go as far as learn their lingo before you can really interact with them, there is plenty to discover, thats confirmed by the guy making the game himself, seems to me you have not looked into this game as much as you think.

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Nope deffo not, but a game of this scale has never been done before, like i said go check out the ign vids, all the info right there and plenty of different gameplay vids.

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Yeah but not a graphical one, sotc is my no1 all time game, but even when it released it didnt look stand out amazing.

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The "campaign" is to get to the centre of the universe, why? They wont say as its part of the story and lore behind the game.

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No, not really, the size alone makes it the biggest game ever, every star has a system, every system has visitable planets that are fully explorable, we are talking silly numbers here. Go and watch the ign vids, they show you more than i can.

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I shall be setting off around the same time, safe travels 😉

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Go and have a look at the ign first videos, there is a lot to do in the game, i think you will be suprised.

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Straight up crap, google will correct you if you wish to look.

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First thing i thought of lol high five ✋

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Would love that

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Wow...... so much bullcrap in one post, you are deluded and wrong on the majority of what you typed, do some research man.

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Play 6???

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Yeah was my fav as well, played well, looked great at the time and had a brill story plus nemisis 😞😔😟☻

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I like all of them from 1 to 4, including veronica, even though 4 was the start of the end for me 😣 it was still a good solid game. Resi 2 remake is day one, i just really hope number 3 will get a fair shake too.

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I just loved the whole thing lol, my fav lead, plus story set 24hr before and after number two just amazed me at the time, plus nemisis was proper scary at the time lol

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