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""I will beat you next time red ranger""


I dont think its uncertain, they are investing, their numbers are steady, i think they are fine right now. #8
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Yeah me too, only thing that concerns me is if what they show will be the real build or not, dont want a repeat of forza 5s first showing vs what we actualy got, which was fantastic in itself but deff not what they showed the first few times. #2.1
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Didnt rocksteady say he was an original character??? #7
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It cant up the power, it can deff help streamline things and make them work better but sofware can only help the hardware so much, better hardware will always be better hardware, there is no way around that fact. I just dont understand why some people feel its soooo important, hardware has been diverse between companies from the get go, theres nothing wrong with the xbox one, it is what it is, same goes for the ps4 and wii u. #3
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Cant say he would have lost too much sleep coming up with this one lol, theres no real evidence to support the idea and the fact that micro keep investing in the game space would point to micro keeping xbox. Plus xbox wouldnt be xbox without micro. It would be like having a playstation with samsung all over it ughhhh, they make some nice phones but i dont think they could pull a console off. #7.2.1
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The xbox edge?
The xbox x1?
The xbox note x? #2.1
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Im not google mate, i dont need to post links, the info is out there, available at your fingertips, as for this new point you bring up, its the games themselves as always that matter, if a game comes out that you dont like, you dont like no buy. #8.2.4
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No, he is right, major flip flopping has been done, like it or not its just the way it is, as for the length of time it takes to do a remaster from the original release does not really matter as it is the game itself that matters, and as for the diff between ps3 and ps4 last of us, there were a lot more improvments than what you just mentioned, try looking it up. #8.2.2
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I dont dissagree with you at all, but his point still stands, which was at first aimed at one person not a group, tbh i would like some more remasters for later games, gears, gt, and two souls etc as for there not being much heat, look back over a few of the news articles about it. #8.1.2
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Nobodys saying whats better and whats not, the point he made stands because its true lol, as for other remasters the best one so far has to be halo, the amount of content is outstanding, but remasters are only worth it if the individual thinks so, the last of us was worth it to me because for me its the best single player experiance i have ever had with a game, if alan wake does come out i will be buying it as i believe it was the best single player story driven game on 360. #8.2
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Whats that got to do with what hes saying though? Hes right by the way, the last of us got ragged on here for getting remasted but as soon as the one got some, suddenly remasters were ok.he wasnt pointing out timeframes either just the fact that he remembers that one user was giving crap for a remaster on one console but is ok with it on another. #8.1
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Thats right lol forgot about that. #4.1.2
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He said former stig, theres been like 3 so far if not more..... #3.1
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Yeah the original concept was very diffrent, for a start it was a 3rd person shooter to begin with. #4.1
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Yeah either that or metal gear station #2.1
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Vr motorboating??? #3.1.1
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Yeah i wanna know too, what is it??????? #2.1.2
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You, my friend, are on the same wave length as me. #7.1
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I dont know where you get that idea from but its wrong, 7 is above average..... always has been always will be. #3.1.2
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I see no reason for sony to buy them yet, let them get another game or two out to find their measure... thet did the same with sucker punch i think. #3.1.1
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