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Your math is waaaaay off

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Lol seems that way sometimes

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Am i allowed to buy both??

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Im not taking any stance lol, if we get right down to it, everything originates on pc, i was just going on what was mentioned in the comments i replied to.

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None of those were a microsoft first septic, achivements have been in games long before micro made it a feature, communities was on ps4 before xbox clubs were and party chat has been on pc from forever too.

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Sony was working on motion controls long before nintendo even thought about the wii, have a wee search on google...

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Dont get me wrong, i can see why it would annoy some, but at the end of the day they are not forced and they dont hold you back from playing or getting the content in game.

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Have these tokens not been used from forza 3 or 4??? Dont like them dont buy them, they are not forced.

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Wow, most of what you said is wrong and can be proven easily with a google search.
first sales, gt5 has sold more than any forza, i even think 6 did too and that was during the launch of ps4 so theres that, 350 hours between 5 games are you serious😂😂, i put over 3 times that in just number 5,
more content is subjective as gt gets new events constantly on top of everything else it comes with on disk.
Visuals were defo in gts favour last gen, plent...

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So much wrong with this article, but arcade racer?? 🤔🤔🤔

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Why dont you look at my gamercard? I didnt say i didnt like forza, calm down lol.

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Didnt see you ask this off any of the forzas or other racing games, funny that, downplay all you want moldy, its ur mo after all, the game is gonna be massive, like it or not, the real racing sim is back.

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the combat has been improved, that jumped out at me straight away, will pick this up to play with the kids.

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what was it you didnt like about it? it was a good looking simple platformer, it didnt try anything massively new but it was an enjoyable game, i played it with my daughter though so maybe that could be why it didnt seem so bad.

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Im praying they do a lim ed gt pro console, my red gt5 slim ps3 was my fav(rip)

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Im excited for it but i dont really like microsofts pr, phils ok but at e3 it was a part of the xbox one ie same idea as pro, now hes saying its just part of the xbox family?, who wants to bet no exclusives other than vr will change at some point? Micro afe known for this, tbh i would rather they support the scorpio with exclusives, same as pro, i wanna see what they can really do without being held back so much, even if its only a few.

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Yeah! I member.....member power rangers

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Sega gt, crazi taxi, sega rally and virtua fighter

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Thats not the point though is it? They were just as big as any other dev making racing games, sony shut them, they could have stayed open if they were independant, the whole team moved to codemasters, i think that says more than anything.

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You know nothing of evo, they have been making racers forever, the first wrc games on ps2? Evo, motorstorm on ps3, evo, go take ur head for a shake mate.

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