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Is gt6 on now?? I dont think it is, my wife uses that now crap and would have told me if gt6 was added.

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By the time you finish campaign mode you will have a good grip of the game, another thing i did was go through every track in arcade mode, beat them on the professional setting, it gets you used to racing the a.i and the tracks themselfs, plus you earn credits and exp points so well worth it.

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Day 1 for me, really wish they would outsource a company to rebuild the games the same way crash was done, love jak and daxter my fav platformer by far is number 2.

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Great time to jump into the game, over 70 hours ive put into it with no online play. The campaign mode is actually really good and challanging, cups have come at the right time as im finished all single player parts to the game, at this price its deffo worth a punt.

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I agree mad, very well put👌👍

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While i think some will re-review, most probably wont, they may add an update to exsisting reviews but to be honest it dont matter, as long as pd keep improving i will keep playing.

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Yeah i would like some of the older tracks back too, they did say that news of new tracks is coming, hopefully they give us some new details a psx.

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Yeah i near shit a brick when i seen the price😂😂

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The game is great, really looking forward to decembers update, put in over 70 hours so far.

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Single player campaign along with doing every track in arcade mode took me over 50 hours, right now i am sitting at 70 odd hours played, this update is only gonna add to that number, and i still have not played a single online race yet.
Obviously there will be cars being worked on at various times and are futher along than others, forza has a history of releasing between 6 and 10 cars a month, never see you say the same thing about that. Why does it mean its rushed o...

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Gt sport released to the number one spot in the uk mate, dont know where you got that number 11 from lol

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Why would anyone need to hold off buying it though?? Physical or digital its the same game, you buy iy for the one and you already have your xbox x/pc version anyway.

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Ive raced every track multiple times and i only use incar view, the only time ive noticed the game even slightly hitch is when ive set a custom race to 20 cars and put myself at the back, first corner sees a slight drop but after that its fine.

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6 years???? Gt 6 released AFTER the ps4 did.....

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I just dont understand why they would be working on it and say nothing, would it really take a team that long to program in some races in a row and overlay the menu system??

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I think they heard the outcry from fans and other gamers and went straight to work on it

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Some probably will, either way im still playing daily from day one, all this stuff really just confirmed my opinion of the devs anyway😁

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There is 38 tracks in the game, plus they did say in the article that news on new tracks is coming.

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It couldnt come at a better time either, ive finished all single player content and am itching for more lol just doing daily challange etc at min for the daily prize, the fact that its free is brilliant, they have obviously listened to the fans asking where the cups were, the fact that the cups will also be getting added to in 2018 is a bonus. Really happy with this news.

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Damn quess kaz was telling the truth about adding new stuff as they go, 15 free cars by december is brilliant and the promise of 50 by march will keep me playing, really looking forward to this new free stuff

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