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I cant believe you can feed the animals, to make them less hostile, this is a feature i didnt know about till yesterday.

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Gta, tekken, gt, the jak games, the ratchet games, god of war, are just a few of the games that pushed the ps2 to the limit, sotc was not one of those games, yes it was open world but it was quite bland, nothing to really do but go to the next area to fight the next boss, yes the actual fights were impresive but you must not remember the game too well to claim there were no load times, every area you went into had a scene play showing you the beast before you could actually interact with it. ...

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Gt sport looks great, what are you on about? Also sotc didnt push ps2 to its limits at all, there were many many better looking games both before and after sotc released. Its my num 1 game of all time but it was never considered to be pushing the ps2 at the time or now.

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Lol we are all aware of the fact that dx12 is in someway in use in the one, nobodys is disputing that, the issue was that the headline did not reflect what the article was about. There was no mention of xbox other than the headline, now the article has been edited to include the xbox. No fanboys here lol just pointing out something that wasnt right.

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Originaly the pc was the only hardware mentioned, the article has been edited to include xbox, so..just to be clear, where it now says xbox and pc originaly it only said pc, understand now?

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Pistols the original article before the edit only stated pc and nothing more, only the headline mentioned the xbox, the article has been edited to dd the xbox to the article.

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Where it now says xbox and pc it only originaly said pc, thats where i got it from, the article has been "updated".

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But where did he say xbox one? He said pc, he didnt mention consoles.

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Sweet, thought there would be more but with the way you learn the languages i suppose its understandable.

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Did they settle on four? Last i remember they hadnt gave a number.

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Yep this has been known for a while now, you also have to form relationships with them to learn their language to be able to trade, its another great feature that keeps getting forgotten, if this game is terrible i will be the first to hold my hands up but from everything we have seen its going to be everything i ever wanted from a game that lets you explore a universe

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Same here, the fact that they want the game to have suprises only gets me even more excited, i understand if people dont get or like this game but the intentional trolling in every nms article is getting silly and the excuses and questions are getting worse lol.

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Go back and look again, so far the graphics have improved, as for npcs, they will all look diffrent based on where they are from, this has already been covered.

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Yeah i just reported it, whole article and not one mention of any xbox, just pc.

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Its being made by activision and the skylanders devs, thats what i ment when i said im worried, here this link gives some info

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Looking good, cant wait to jump into this with the wife and a couple of mates, beta had my worries settled so really cant wait, on a side note, who else is getting the gears s? Thats a day 1 buy for me.

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Cant wait, reminds me a little of onimisha, been itching for something like this for years.

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My only problem is with whos making it, although i would say sony would have a few of the ice team in there just to make sure the quality is there. Really looking forward to this, as long as they stick to the original feel of each game and dont try to change too much we should be good to go.

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Its the way forward my friend lol, yeah looks worth it to me, deff one of the best looking consoles i have seen.

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