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""I will beat you next time red ranger""


Get it.... if you liked pgr then you will deff like driveclub, same kind of setup, only turned up to 11. #2.7
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All he said was that both would benifit, substantial came from the dude asking the question, either way i do believe there will be benifits just not some massive secret sauce kinda jump that some think are gonna happen, tbh as long as there are good games i couldnt really care either way, although the back and fourth between the fanboys is funny #1.4.1
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Yeah when evolution made it, still half decent but nothing special. #4.1
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Thats how you can tell you have not played driveclub yet, the ai is tough and provide a real challange. #3.4
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Its been proven that microsoft have a harsh set of rules for indies, theres no mythical about it. Some games get treated better than others due to popularity or fan demand, as for the game, its fantastic, feels exactly the same to play and deff brings memories flooding back, its still hard as nails and the new paint job is fantastic, its good news that more people are going to get to play it #1.1
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Jak and daxter???? #5.2
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That really did hurt to read, why take it to heart so much, i can almost feel the clenched teeth and spit flying out as you type. Lmao. #1.6.1
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The tracks are very well set out, you can race them, time trial them and drift them, if thats what you are into tou can even concentrate on just drift challanges and still rank up at a good pace, the game actually offers more than people realise. #3.6.2
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If you are a racing fan then you should deffo pick this up, its an arcade game through and through and has some really sweet handling, if you played and liked pgr4 you will be right at home with driveclub, i cant recomend it enough....i am a big racing fan and play most racing series, sim, arcade or mix it does not matter as long as its good....and driveclub is good. #1.4.4
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Exactly one of my reasons for wanting this game, also the setting and story have me enticed, it may not be the single best game ever but i think its going to be enjoyable, obviously the fact that it looks so nice deff helps lol. #10.1
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I dont get it myself, i mean yeah to preferences and all of that but to want to downplay something thats supposed to be your hobby baffles me :-/

And i dont mean saying if a game doesnt look good or enjoyable to you, thats fine, its when people cherry pick silly little things that arnt important and blow them up to be these big massive red flags.....its just grinds my gears lol #9.1.2
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Never were truer words spoken. #8.1.1
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I will let you know when i play it. Not every game has to be open world or freeform. I dont know about you but i have been gaming for 20+ years now and single player story driven games have always been the reason for me playing games. To me thats what a game is, not everything has to be multiplayer or online enabled to experiance it. i can understand you not liking it and thats fine but you come across as salty more than anything else. There is room for story based single player games as any... #9.1
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They need to go back to that eras marketing and bring shit like that back. I miss the old slogans. #12.1
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The best move?........ gon with the wind lol #2.2.1
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Slap happy

While i understand where you are coming from, that scenario would only work if the more powerful hardwares software is static....which it isnt.
Like i said, software can get more out of hardware without a dought, but it can not make a weaker system stronger than a system that has more to give. #13.2.4
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Dude i dont think you understand how hardware and software works. Software can make the hardware run better, but only up untill the systems limit is cant go past that, yeah you can optimize the software to help but once the hardware is maxed its maxed, you cant make a weaker system stronger than a system that has better hardware. #13.2.2
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The gameplay is really good, reminds me a lot of pgr, every car feels diffrent enough from each other and the gameplay itself is fast and addictive, i really dont understand what you mean when you say it plays like a nightmare lol its almost as if you have not played it yet....... #1.1.3
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@ nugget

Wheres the low performance in driveclub????? Its a solid 30fps that does not drop or dip, no stuttering and no screen tearing, so again wheres the low performance? #1.3.5
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What???? I can honestly say that i dont believe you have played the game. The game plays a lot like pgr4, same kinda controls and race set up. Its exciting to play online and challanging offline. The game is fast, smooth and responsive, never skips a beat or dips and looks really nice doing it. The ai is tough but beatable, driveclub is a really good arcade racer thats had a bad launch month but has now been fixed with extra dlc added for free. Try playing the game. As for all the fanbois tha... #9.5.1
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