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"Cruising through life..."


Not just win races, its about what you do during the race. E.g. top speed, drifting etc.

This is a great interview with some awesome gameplay: #8.4.2
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Ahhh yes, the developers saying they want the 'same experience on all consoles' nonsense. I remember Bungie saying it with Destiny, only in that case it was because of last gen that this gen suffers. #3.1.1
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COD4 was a masterpiece.

The campaign had a great story with a brilliant last mission (which I don't think I'll ever forget). The Multiplayer was bags and bags of fun. So simple, yet very enjoyable. #1.1.4
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I am done. This is just too funny. #5.7
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A bit about the game, I'll give you the link from where I got it afterwards.

Russian Developer Dinosaurum Games recently announced the development of a new PS4 exclusive game, Without Memory, set for release in 2016.
The game, currently in the concept phase, will be an “interactive thriller” based on Unreal Engine 4.
The story follows an ordinary girl that wakes up in a forest with no memories left. The player’s decisions will influence the plot, and the... #1.1.8
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Supporting last Gen consoles is not a problem.
A problem occurs when Devs want the 'same experience' for last gen and current gen gamers. For instance, Destiny is not 60fps on X1/PS4 because of previous Gen and Bungie wanting the 'same experience' across all platforms (here's link:

... #1.1.5
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The logic behind this is bamboozling if that is even a word. You pay £350+ for a PS4 or X1 and the devs want 'same experience' as last gen? If I wanted the same experience as 360/PS3 I wouldn't have bought the PS4.

I haven't had the chance to play Destiny yet but from what I've read it's all positive. So my little rant may be pointless, however one day this stupidity will seriously hinder a game. #1.1.6
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My friends always argued with each other which console was the best when playing football (Soccer for the Americans). I actually enjoyed the arguments, it was fun and just a bit of banter. #1.2.1
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''Payday meets BF4 meets GTA5, that's the feeling i got from the trailer'' - That's what I was saying as I was watching it haha

It looks badass, thats all I'm saying. #1.1.5
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I disagreed because I want COD4 and MW2 on next gen. COD4 is my favourite FPS and I'd love to see it on next gen. MW2 was bags of fun and although not as good as COD4, it was a worthy sequel. After that the COD's have gone downhill.

I do however agree with your second comment XtraTrstrL, their newer games have been pretty bad and I'm not expecting much from the next COD. #11.1.2
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I have to agree with MRMagoo123, COD4 is the best. I still have it! It was bags of fun and the killstreaks/perks were basic and not overdone.

I might just play it now actually. #1.4.5
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COD4 is quite possibly one of the best FPS from last gen (or ever). No other COD has come close to the fun, joy and quality of that game. It had a solid single player campaign and online was fun and simple. For a 2007 game the graphics were magnificent.

I just hope this COD can do the same for this gen. #1.2.6
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Doubt it.

Titanfall is only on X1 and PC. COD will most likely be on last gen (PS3/360), obviously this gen (PS4/X1) and of course PC. In terms of sales, COD will continue to dominate. #1.6.1
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This is mega indeed. #938
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Yes we expected a downgrade, but I for one expected it to look better than GTA V which it doesn't. I was expecting something close to this: #1.17.2
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If it looks worse than GTA V (which is only on PS3/360) then questions will be raised, whether we saw the gorgeous E3 demo or not. #1.13.1
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Lets hope that The Division doesn't get the same treatment... I'm genuinely worried about that. Watchdogs and The Division are two of the games I was looking forward to the most, I'm not so sure anymore. #1.6.1
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Dare I say GTA IV looks pretty similar? And that was 2008...

I do hope the new footage is from last gen gameplay, how a next gen game can look like that is astonishing.

This is what I was expecting, or something similar: #1.2.8
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Maybe he feels everything is going in the right direction, that he can now step away from a perfectly sailing ship and it wouldn't sink, it will continue to ride through every storm.

He has been awesome, especially when it comes to conferences. #1.2.6
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Xbox one is in stock on Amazon UK:

PS4 is not in stock and wont be until the 25th of March: #1.2.10
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