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"Cruising through life..."


I'm only a fan of classic American muscle (when it comes to American made cars).

I'm a bit disappointed with the number of cars, however the game looks so good I can overlook that. Furthermore there should be more cars in the future. #1.1.9
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I was never a big fan of indie games... That was until I played Journey; which quickly became one of my favourite games from last gen.

Now I always give indie games a go. They are quite cheap and usually very enjoyable. #2.1.5
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The positive that can be taken out of this is that it surely cannot get any worse... Can it? #1.1.1
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Me too!

Tough AI that won't back down, I'm all for it!!!!

However what I'm looking forward to the most is the rain. May sound odd but from the few pictures I've seen it will look amazing. Then there's also day and night cycle... too much! #1.1.1
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And when a new title launches, millions of people decide to log on and play the game at the same time, what will happen?

DDoS protection is fine for websites, but for something like PSN, I reckon it would be pretty bad. #18.1.2
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The definition of hacking: 'gain unauthorized access to data in a system or computer'. ( http://www.oxforddictionari...

Therefore DDoS is not hacking. #1.1.4
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What bubblebobble is saying is; you get more from a £329 PS4 than a £329 PC (when it comes to gaming).

I believe that is a better way of putting it. #1.6.2
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You are right, however some consoles will need more corner cutting than others.

What I have a problem with is this line: ''subtle change that takes effect on the updated PlayStation 4 build too'' - This clearly shows the PS4 version is being downgraded to get that 'same across all platform' nonsense that all developers are going for. Diablo 3 may not be the best example, however we saw it with Destiny, PS4/X1 versions being held back because of last g... #1.4.1
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Kojima shared an advertisement on Twitter, here's the pic:

Ad has this -
Genre: Third-person shooter
Publisher: Konami
Release: Q4 2014

And of course a picture of Snake right above with a sheep being taken by the parachute.

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If someone told me Del toro and Kojima were making a game which had Reedus being one of the characters...

But it's real. Awesome is an understatement. #1.1.4
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Blue and red are available on Amazon UK site, however no White or Camo. I quite like the camo one, hopefully it will be available soon. #1.1.6
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You all forgot the best of them all...

'Truly next gen' #4.1.3
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Not just win races, its about what you do during the race. E.g. top speed, drifting etc.

This is a great interview with some awesome gameplay: #8.4.2
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Ahhh yes, the developers saying they want the 'same experience on all consoles' nonsense. I remember Bungie saying it with Destiny, only in that case it was because of last gen that this gen suffers. #3.1.1
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COD4 was a masterpiece.

The campaign had a great story with a brilliant last mission (which I don't think I'll ever forget). The Multiplayer was bags and bags of fun. So simple, yet very enjoyable. #1.1.4
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I am done. This is just too funny. #5.7
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A bit about the game, I'll give you the link from where I got it afterwards.

Russian Developer Dinosaurum Games recently announced the development of a new PS4 exclusive game, Without Memory, set for release in 2016.
The game, currently in the concept phase, will be an “interactive thriller” based on Unreal Engine 4.
The story follows an ordinary girl that wakes up in a forest with no memories left. The player’s decisions will influence the plot, and the... #1.1.8
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Supporting last Gen consoles is not a problem.
A problem occurs when Devs want the 'same experience' for last gen and current gen gamers. For instance, Destiny is not 60fps on X1/PS4 because of previous Gen and Bungie wanting the 'same experience' across all platforms (here's link:

... #1.1.5
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The logic behind this is bamboozling if that is even a word. You pay £350+ for a PS4 or X1 and the devs want 'same experience' as last gen? If I wanted the same experience as 360/PS3 I wouldn't have bought the PS4.

I haven't had the chance to play Destiny yet but from what I've read it's all positive. So my little rant may be pointless, however one day this stupidity will seriously hinder a game. #1.1.6
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My friends always argued with each other which console was the best when playing football (Soccer for the Americans). I actually enjoyed the arguments, it was fun and just a bit of banter. #1.2.1
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