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"Cruising through life..."


Doubt it.

Titanfall is only on X1 and PC. COD will most likely be on last gen (PS3/360), obviously this gen (PS4/X1) and of course PC. In terms of sales, COD will continue to dominate. #1.6.1
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This is mega indeed. #938
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Yes we expected a downgrade, but I for one expected it to look better than GTA V which it doesn't. I was expecting something close to this: #1.17.2
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If it looks worse than GTA V (which is only on PS3/360) then questions will be raised, whether we saw the gorgeous E3 demo or not. #1.13.1
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Lets hope that The Division doesn't get the same treatment... I'm genuinely worried about that. Watchdogs and The Division are two of the games I was looking forward to the most, I'm not so sure anymore. #1.6.1
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Dare I say GTA IV looks pretty similar? And that was 2008...

I do hope the new footage is from last gen gameplay, how a next gen game can look like that is astonishing.

This is what I was expecting, or something similar: #1.2.8
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Maybe he feels everything is going in the right direction, that he can now step away from a perfectly sailing ship and it wouldn't sink, it will continue to ride through every storm.

He has been awesome, especially when it comes to conferences. #1.2.6
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Xbox one is in stock on Amazon UK:

PS4 is not in stock and wont be until the 25th of March: #1.2.10
BX81, if the demand is there why cut the price?
If Sony are struggling to even keep PS4's on the shelf, why cut the price? Sony is a business, a corporation, a PLC, do you think the shareholders will be pleased?

Let's say it works in MS' favour, sales begin to pick up, how long will that last? When Sony can restock more effectively, what will happen to X1 sales? I think it's MS that needs to look at the long term... a price cut is not enough. #1.8.3
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There's gameplay footage of GZ that is longer than 5 minutes... #1.1.4
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The fact that I can also use it with my phone, PC and PS3 (which I still use now and again) makes it that much better and at £79.99 its not too expensive. #1.1.1
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COD4 is quite possibly my favourite FPS. It was revolutionary at the time. If it's remastered in 1080p, that I would like. However, whatever it may be, I hope it's as fun and enjoyable and re playable as COD4. #1.1.9
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I partly agree with your answer, however the CGI makes it look more realistic (sometimes). Are the two new Clash of the Titan films better than the old? No, however the old one looks really bad visually. I like the film never the less.

Look at a film like Gravity, it is one hell of a film. CGI can do wonders, however sometimes they can ruin a film. #3.2.1
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That's what I was thinking. It reminds me of these:

Especially considering they have two different guns and a knife next to their concept. #1.1.1
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I think that's all Sony needed, something to link other departments together to kick start a healthy, profitable future. As you've mentioned, PS seems to be that link especially considering PS Now.

Bright future for Sony and us all. #12.1
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I hope you're right H0RSE, the game looks great so far. The more I watch the E3 gameplay the more I get excited. #1.2.9
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''Essentially, they're there so everyone has a chance to feel like a hero, no matter how good or bad they are.''

Is that not a problem though? You can become an expert without spending time on it and improving yourself. Is improving game by game, and slowly becoming a better player, not better, than being a pro from the get go?

And the explanation about player count (from the devs I believe) is still questionable. Ye... #1.2.7
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The 3DS is selling at a ridiculous rate.

Just to throw in some numbers, they sold almost half a million (417,000) in N. America alone. Over a million global sales... in one blooming week. #1.2.1
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Well, I might as well try. #383
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Don't forget, they're saving 70% of the workforce (since the factory was scheduled to close before Sony's intervention). That's great for anyone working there.

I don't see why Sony wouldn't continue to build the chips and then sell them to Nintendo. Plenty of firms do things for their rivals; Samsung/LG build screens for Apple's iPhones/Tablets. #1.1.3
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