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Oh, the memories I had. Jumping over the flaming pile of tires, getting rid of the aliens at the school...good times. #1.2
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The new HUD is amazing. You know what's better? The explosions...Jeez, there is going to be some insane fun when we have Resistance 3 vs Killzone 3 graphic battles. #1.4.2
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No sir, that is your opinion. To others, like myself and the 100k players that logged in weekly for the past few months, they were great. I loved the realistic movement. As a Marine in Reserves, I know what it's like in the battlefield. Carrying 30 pounds of equipment plus a gun won't make you turn 180 degrees in a split second. Once you turned that quickly, the extra force would push your aim even further due to the momentum. Killzone got that down... #1.1.7
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True, and then along came a fix like the jizz from the lord almighty.

The pc version is kicking ass. #1.1
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Emma Watson reminds me of Emma Stone(in name), that's why I said completely unrelated. But I'd tap both. #1.1.6
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Completely unrelated, but I'd wreck Emma Stone like Spielberg wrecked Indiana Jones. #1.1
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Most of the cars are Japanese because that's what Polyphony is, a Japanese Dev. They only travel to get info for the tracks, they get cars by model delivered to them.

I have no doubt though that this will be the finest sim to date - anywhere. #1.1.1
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I had the same issue until I got a fix.


Worked for me. #1.1
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Will this add "fun" to the game? #3
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Baodeus, you can use the technical stuff, I'll stick to my examples.

Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, GOW3, Heavy Rain all look better than anything the Xbox 360 has to offer. Your basis on what each can run and how well it runs does not matter until a product is made to show it off.

Thankfully, graphics aren't everything, so I get the best of both worlds. #1.2.2
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(Picture of a rose)

I'll be getting COD, N4S, Sly Collection and hopefully Dead Nation. #1.1
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Crysis 2 on the Xbox 360 wasn't impressive as Uncharted 2, GOW or Killzone was. Hell, I even thought Gears looked better.

I've seen it, at Gamescon. The PC version looked beautiful though...

Perhaps it'll improve the visual bar on the 360 but that isn't saying much when you're looking at the competition. By the time Kingdoms hits the PS3, we'll be seeing even bigger visual advancements.

And lol, HHG. #1.2
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A legend leaves us. His legacy lives on. #1.1
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Blacktric- I'm sorry, my response to that is "LOL!"

I'm almost positive you haven't played the game or do not own it. Regardless of how many pieces it's broken into, the value rivals the top competitors. The single player is longer than 90% of the games this generation and the multiplayer will keep you hooked till you're breaking all bonds in your social life.

As for the agreement with Activision, did that affect their games in... #1.1.2
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The greatest PC developer of all time is hands down Blizzard. All of their games are top notch titles. They take their time, but when the game releases, it's the best in the genre. #1.1
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Not true Combine Elite.

I have a single 480 with a modest 930 OC'd to 3.9 GHZ with 6 GB of RAM and can run Metro on max at 30 FPS most of the time.

As for the heat and weight talks, it's exaggeration. It'll get only slightly hotter than another type of GPU (with air cooling, I still maintain 46-52 degrees Celsius. ).

My only beef with newer cards is that there are only a few amount of games that will take advantage of them. My s... #1.1.1
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But this is news how...? #1.1
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This. And tell me when the Wii can handle HD. #1.1
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What a vague review. Looks like a review for the beta.

Whatever it may be, real or fake, I know my money's going to HouseMargue. After the excellence that is SSHD, I trust them completely. #1.1
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