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What a dumba$$! Mature games have a big M on the front of the package to warn parents it has mature content. Also, they cannot be sold to underage buyers. Its the parents job to know what the kids are playing. Its called parenting. But in society now its blame others for your screw ups.

Besides, there is more violence and sexual content on basic TV channels. It is way to easy for someone to purchase military-grade weapons in the US. Gun reform and a focus on mental health is... #65
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Totally agree. What happened to unlockables? I've seen this happening with other games. They could have at least split it up. #2.1
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If your letting your 6yo play Gears 3, then its your fault not the industry. And if your a teen and don't realize bad language isn't "normal" and think its OK to curb stomp someone, then their an idiot.

Oh, and like cartoons in the 50s & 60s weren't bad. How many times has Wily E Coyote fallen off a cliff and Tom gotten his brains smashed in by Jerry. Please.

Parents need to learn how to parent. #3
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Looks cool! #3
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Its being way over used and can make a match not fun. It doesn't take much skill to get close to someone to get a 1 shot kill. I very rarely get close to opponents in a match because of the SOS. #2
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You have the option to customize your character before beginning the game. So what does it matter if the base female Shepard is blonde. Also, fans of this franchise will most likely carry over their Shepard from ME2.

Anyways, Jack will always be the hottest Mass Effect female. #14
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Battleheart is a cool! Maybe it was #11 lol. There are so many amazing mobile games being released. I need to get a few more jobs to keep up. :( #1.1
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LOL Ya, tiny State and less people too. I guess living in RI has its perks. #1.1.1
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I live in RI and have internet through my cable provider, Cox. Speeds are great! Didn't know it was because of the State I live in. lol #1
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I have to agree. With iPhone, you can play some really good games that are better than some console games. Why pay hundreds on a handheld when you can get an iPhone for $200. You can do way more than just play games. #2
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Its my favorite iOS game! Just awesome. #2
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I'd love to see Apocalypse but in the style of "Age of Apocalypse". He looked so badass in those comics! #2
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Used games will always have their place. I don't think its a huge issue for the industry. I will only get a used game if the is a big enough discount. Most relatively new releases are only like $5 cheaper anyway. Might as well get it new. #3
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Great article! I loved the sarcasm in this article. He's making fun of the fanboys out there. I took it as him poking fun at all fanboys. How many times have you heard a XBOX 360 or PS3 fanboy dissin the competition when they don't even own that system. Each system has its own good qualities. If its a good game, not what some fanboy says is good, then I'll play it.

Great article! #53
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Death to IE!!!!
Maybe now IE will finally be pushed to the back burner. IE has so many bugs that it makes designing sites for cross-browser compatibility a pain. IE does everything backwards. With FireFox already out and Chrome coming out, hopefully IE will not be used by our PC brothers and sisters. #20
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That looks awesome!!! It great that we are getting some really good professional games for the iPhone/iTouch. I can wait to get my hands on this game. #3
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