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This is what happens when a site is losing traffic and no one visits anymore. Throw up a half-assed review of a big title game and give it an unjustified score.

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That's why I gave it a 8.5, it's really addicting especially when playing with your friends but I'm not sure if I'm blinded by all that fun if it really is a great game at it's core though.

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I couldn't agree with you more, I own the PS3 version as well but felt that without the PS1 support on the Vita I was missing out on a good portable RPG and this game definitely filled that void. I wish the game would get more attention as it is a great game.

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I'm not trolling or anything, but how did this get approved? Especially since last time I checked this wasn't a PS Vita title.

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More flamebait and troll pieces get approved then legitimate news and articles. I usually have to wait hours for one of my podcasts or reviews to get posted but articles like this are instantly thrown up with approvals.

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I didn't say I agreed that they should drop it, I simply stated the author had some valid points. And you don't need to give me a Sony history lesson, I'm well aware of their products if you read fully what I posted you would see how your reply is unnecessary.

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I understand where you're coming from, I mean the Playstation is the brand on it that was for the system when it was gaming, and they have definitely changed what they do with their consoles and they are more like mass media machines than just a video game system. But I don't think they should drop the Playstation brand on their next console because that's their brand name, do I see them possibly doing it down the road years to come? Possibly who knows.

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I'm not saying these games I still play or that they are the best games ever made, but the common factor of gamers hating repetition I still don't understand as gaming for me in the late 80s and early 90s was all about repetition, not every game is going to be nonstop excitement and something new around every corner.
I'll give you this though Kane and Lynch 2 was crap.

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The key thing to remember this is an "opinion" piece, and although I 100% disagree with it and think that personally as a "self-respecting gamer" I own these games and do enjoy playing them. This article made me laugh (no offence) and I consider it flamebait to even put it on here as you listed a few successful and great games that I'm sure everyone will agree aren't a waste of time to play or own.

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Nice comparison, I personally went with the 3G early bundle since they upgraded it to come with the 8gb memory stick instead. And I can use the data when I'm traveling to events.

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The only downside to the Taco Bell promotion going on is that it isn't happening everywhere in the US, I know people who didn't know what I was talking about when I posted my pic of the $5 on facebook because they don't even have the ads playing there.

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I think "hype" is too important now-a-days, look at the 3DS that was alot of hype. Look at the Wii and their motion gaming hype. I've played the Vita and it's a great handheld, launch titles like Gravity Rush and Little Deviants will speak enough for the success of the Vita, and those games aren't even talked about instead everyone is talking about Uncharted and Modnation.

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I agree, I'm currently halfway done with the first game and I can't wait to pick this one up.

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I agree, I am not excited for the release of this game. I mean visually the game is great and the story is alright but I miss the old days of RPGs that were turn based like the original FF games and Suikoden.

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That sucks, I wanted the early release bundle (get the game a week early) but the fact that it was 3G/Wifi only and the bundle came out to be more expensive then buying the Wifi Vita + Memory Card + and a good game compared to what they were offering.

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I pre-ordered the Wifi version and it seems that there are no bundles or deals for it, a shame that those of us who don't want the 3G/Wifi Vita don't get any deals.

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I actually got to try this game out at a convention last year, it's definitely is a new spin on a 2D fighting game genre. I had more fun playing this with my friends than UMvC3

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Exclusive content is always good, from a Playstation 3 owner's standpoint anyways. I'm hoping this game ends up being good and the exclusive content sounds cool.

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It's good to see the ideals behind this game defended, I picked the game up a month or so ago and it's alot of fun to play if you have friends over and feel like doing some couch coop.

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I know that, it's just annoying that to get every character they release it almost comes out to a price of another game I could buy. But, it's not just MvC3 almost any game with multiplayer has DLC now.

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