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Tiger Woods 10 on the PS3 and 360 won't have motion controls. Chances are TW11 wont either. Neither have release dates yet. #3.1
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...the fastest selling console of all time? #9.2
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A huge 5 flashes when the lightning crashes...

Edit: I went back and a "3" flashed. I guess its changing. #9
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Some Japanese developers seem like kick-ass guys.
Western developers all seem... -_- #7
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You are AWESOME! Did you know that?

/sarcasm #39.1
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God forbid Sidar defends a preview build against a low review score... On a site crowded with Sony fans, I like reading his posts because they're usually balanced and fair. I agree with him on this one.

And Chris399, I think your philosophy on reviewing is dead wrong. You can't go into a review ready to compare a game to another game. Judge a game on its own merits and don't measure it against something else. Why bring up Killzone 2? #1.5
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If you'd bother to read the article, you'd come to the realization that they're talking about how the Wii is tracking better than the PS2. i.e. If you put a graph of the Wii's sales over the graph of the PS2's sales for the first 26 months of their respective release, you'll see the Wii's line above the PS2's.

Edit: Mr Tretton beat me. #9.2
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You do know that the Gamecube was more powerful than the PS2, right? Look what happened there... #2.3
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A. Nintendo didn't develop Tiger Woods.
B. Where is displaying footage of a Wii game illegal? #14.1
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Do you mind if I step in and answer?
1. I'm currently playing three games, two of which are on my Wii; Fire Emblem and Guitar Hero: World Tour. I'm also playing Soul Calibur 4 on my 360. The last game I bought was Guitar Hero for Wii.

2. The next game I'm going to buy is Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. They say it isn't as good as the first, but it looks excellent none-the-less. After that, I'll be buying House of the Dead: Overkill in February, Madworld in March, and The Conduit in April. Oh, I'm getting... #13.2
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Ok. I definitely despised this game when I first heard about it. The horrendous E3 presentation definitely confirmed it. I freakin looked horrific.

However, I have completely changed my opinion on this game. It appears to have a lot more depth than I first thought. Watch this video if you want. It should change your mind a little. #10
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Haha... I think the last game they gave above a 9 was Brawl. That was in March. Not one site has said anything bad about this game. #1.1
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There are already 10 million more Wii owners than Gamecube owners. That means 10 million prospective buyers. Why not? They're trying to introduce these GREAT games to people who never had the chance to experience them. Yes, the hardcore fans will repurchase them, but if you don't agree with it or don't see it worthwhile, don't buy it. It's simple.

And I'm sure if Shadow of the Colossus was being rereleased with SixAxis functionality, these threads would explode. #14
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None of those 3 games could be done on the Gamecube... or the Xbox or the PS2.

@Fantasy Star
How could games like Gears of War 2, Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 have spoiled you? They're not even out yet. Just because they look good doesn't mean they are good. #1.6
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They're scans!! Sheesh... #9.1
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Have you played a Wii game with FPS controls? #2.1
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Do you honestly thing people are still amused by this? #2.1
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Tee hee hee!! You're hilarious, Julia Bond! #3
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Yay!! Another All vs. Wii blog. Brilliant.

2009 looks amazing for the Wii btw... probably should've been mentioned... #2
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The game was originally delayed because of the natural disasters in China. Now Gustav is happening. Stuff like this is always going to happen. They might as well release it.

Also, gang violence occurs almost everywhere, everyday. Did that stop Saint's Row or GTA from being released? #1.1
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