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"Currently addicted to collecting weapons in Kid Icarus"


Genuinely disheartening news this is. Loved the games this studio came out with and its a shame to see them go :( #25
I don't think he is. In the past he's made his thoughts clear on Nintendo and it's fans. #2
Haha this seems a little too much. Is it really needed? #1
Wow! Surprised just how many games are coming out next year. #1
Jafar is in the game? Nice! #1
Couldn't agree more with the article. The VGAs don't focus on the people who the show is for. The award winners. Just a way of promoting big games. #1
Maybe the screen could be teasing multiplayer? #2
Genuinely looking forward to this game. Not often I say that about a Kinect title :P #1
Couldn't agree more. Bought my copy last week and am loving every minute of it :) #1.1
Will give this a listen when I get home from work :) #7
I believe it comes with the Xbox 360 version. You get a code which allows you to download the demo at a later date. #3.1.1
Dragon's Dogma looks great. Plus the Resident Evil 6 demo doesn't hurt ;) #3
Got my special edition pre-order ready! #4
Can't wait! #5
The idea of a musical game sounds exciting and if they can get the songs just right, this could end up being fantastic. #2
Really looking forward to this game. The more I see, the more I want it. #1
Really enjoyed the 3DS and Xbox 360 version of the original so will probably give Giants a look too #1
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