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What are you playing on switch though?

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Point is, avatars were actually used in an interesting way. Didn't mean to sound like my issues with Xbox avatars didn't translate to home. I simply thought home was more useful than avatars. Of course Miis were all over but the mmo lite aspect made home more interesting.

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Avatars were the worst thing about the redesign of the X360's interface. Optional is perfect. Forced is BS. At least make it like PSHome where you can interact with others or do little mini games like puzzle shooter or that 3rd person shooter but with a better quality. People hated on home but loved some goofy little character standing there with stupidly expensive cosmetic items.

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It's not ok. I don't use it. No one I know uses it in my presence. No one should use the word but the history of it's use for Whites is a little different.

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The bigot trifecta

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You don't know what hypocrite or hypocrisy means. Stop using it.

No one is denying getting angry or even going on rants but I'm willing to bet very few people here besides you and the other guy defending this nonsense have used the word at least semi-regularly in lobbies

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Big black fu**ing N**ger isn't racist? You're all over this thread defending this guy. I'm guessing you use the word often?

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He says the word for 26 seconds only to stop to add "big black fuc*ing ni**er" and big black fat fu**ing ni**er"

He's 26 but we need to grow up and stop being butthurt? So in your opinion, the only way to be racist is to hang someone these days?

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You appear to be going out of your way to defend this.....

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@ EatCrow

He lost his cool. In his apology he says "f*&*". Surely screaming that word is sufficient. We've all lost is for a bit but 26 seconds of "n*****" got him exactly what he deserves.

Where's the hypocrisy? He screwed up. Went on a racist rant. He's a bigot. It's simple.

@ Meka
I've been called the word. That word, historically, has power. My grandfather had the word used on hi...

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Perhaps the problem is with the writing? Or the half assed approach Nintendo takes with voice acting in nearly every Nintendo game. Half actual dialog, half grumbling.

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Loved Enslaved but to compare it to Horizon, I'd say it's the alpha version of Horizon. He's absolutely right here.

Now instead of Enslaved or their spiritual successor, I'd like an actual successor to Heavenly Sword

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This game also fails as an RPG. I hate the fact that Link never learns anything new and his skill set is based on the weapon he uses. I hate that I can mash Y all day but struggle to climb up a tower doe to stamina. I hate that when I do find a great weapon, I have to save it in my limited space inventory until I run into a stronger enemy. Why is there no recipe book? How stupid is that? The only crafting system in the game is reduced to tedious guess work.

I swear, if this...

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Last 3 games are suspect af...

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Agreed. The divine beasts were a joke compared to the random ass bokoblin with a shitty bow that one shots you out of nowhere.

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The side quests are embarrassing in zelda.
The story is trash
Voice acting is mediocre
Some characters speak during cutscenes then revert back to grumbling
The combat is mediocre and broken in some areas...

This is a decent game blown up by a combination of havok physics cheerleading and perceived freedom.

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"No useless space"

It's 90% open and empty space though. And most of the space is indistinguishable from any other area.

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The game launched broken and remains broken. Name one game where you can place a basket over a shopkeepers head and rob them blind

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Literally the worse of the series. The dumbing down of Bethesda games started with skyrim. The only thing that made it good was mods

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I generally disagree with everything you type but there's nothing but truth here with the exception of being the standard.

Hardware wise it's the most powerful console and is a beast.

The problem is the same with the base x1. You cant be the stsndsrd with no games. Why build a console around no games? Hell, part of me thinks Scorpio being so beefy is a result of them not being able to deliver on Crackdown and the cloud nonsense so they're ma...

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