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Google Pitfall! and it's sequels.... #22.1
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So Uncharted takes tresure hunting and puzzles from Tomb Raider but Tomb Raiders 2013 rips the cinematic gameplay and combat style from Uncharted....but because TR is an old franchise, many of you are crediting Crystal Dynamics for Naughty Dog's innovation.

Answer this....why is the reboot so different from any other Tomb Raider? What happened to dual welding unlimited ammo pistols while doing somersaults? Remember that gameplay?

It's not like CD took... #20
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In the dream sequence of the last game. It looks like they basically made an entire game out of it.

Also, what I mean by more Far Cry is they will swap out towers, guns, vehicles, and explosions with trees, bows, animals, and fire. You'll still be out doing the exact same things and given the short amount of turnaround, I'm guessing there will be even less innovation like there was going from FC3 to FC4... #16.1.1
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Call me Bias but....

Berserk: Gut's Rage is one of my all-time favorites. To me, this game is what Devil May Cry and God of War were for hack and slash games. Hell it predates both and I honestly believe that if it launched on the PS2, we'd all be playing it's sequels to this day...

Resistance Fall of Man: Really a ground breaking title held back by the hate train that ran through the PS3 for years. Go back and check out some of the weapons and ab... #11
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I love Far Cry but's just more Far Cry. Not saying it will be a reskin but damn there's really good chance.

Horizon, on the other hand, is a brand new experience.... #16
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So, is it open world like the previous Lego Marvel or more like Batman 3 which was disappointing because of the hub worlds? #1
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I doubt it will define a generation but what else shold he say about a Flagship title?

As for copying CoD, CoD has been copying everyone else for about 3 years. #6.5
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Having a hard time understanding why people are disagreeing with you.

The biggest issue I had with MS last gen was their reliance on the same handful of games. The fact that they're focused on new titles should be exciting for all gamers.... #2.4
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Man some of you guys....

So let me get this straight. Microsoft launches one of the largest franchises in gaming this holiday along side Tomb Raider, but a handful of niche titles are equal or better?

It's flat out embarrassing how some of you guys absolutely refuse to give credit where it's due. I guarantee if Sony launched Killzone 4 with Gran Turismo , and Tomb Raider as a timed exclusive, every single one of you trashing Microsoft's lineup wou... #16
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Dude that inFamous shard took me about a year of off and on searching to find. #1.2.3
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Except they're not making money on the Wiiu and they've yet to.....

You know what, it doesn't matter. I've said this over and over and you guys keep at it. They have not sold enough to make a profit but you guys pretend like covering the manufacturing cost of a single unit sold equals whatever.

I'll see you in 10 years when you're telling people all about how successful the WiiU was just like you do for the Gamecube and N... #3.2.1
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Wow one down month and the trolls show up with this. Never mind the fact that ps+ is $10 cheaper or the fact that the games offered on the Xbox 1 were already on plus months ago.

The really trolling part is the speculation by the author they we MIGHT get Dead Rising 3. Nice try dude. #10
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False. The moment they dropped the price by $80 is when the 3ds took off and they only did so because of the Vita's launch pricing... #6.1.2
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It failed. You can call low budget games niche but when you spend a billion on a new platform, it's called a failure. #5.1
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This list might be one of the all-time worse. Hell, they put Titanfall before, well....28 other (better) games including Cod 4!

The top 20 is just flat out insulting as a gamer... #1.1.12
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I know. I feel dirty saying it but.....they have a point O.o #5.1
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A psp is a psp dude. Nobody counts up how many 3ds xl's sold so why is the psp go considered a failure when it's still a psp which sold 70+ million... #3.1
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At first glance at this post, I said GTFO. After reading, it's an interesting take but misguided. The player should not have control over who Drake is. It takes away from the vision ND has and waters down events and moments that should have great impact.

Also, Uncharted 3 was a Goty contender and Uncharted 2 was a GoT Gen contender. I'd say the formula ND has works just fine. Every game doesn't need 100% player agency. It's like the people who suddenly hate li... #13
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It's not about visuals. Arkham Knight is a beautiful game but turn it down to Wiiu/ps3 standards and you must remove large chunks of the city, remove some of the traversal, add more invisible walls, etc. It's more than just going from 720p to 1080p.


No one says you have to throw out last gen consoles. Keep playing those old games if you like..... But if games are still being made for last gen, it holds back current gen AND ADDS TO YOUR BACK LOG... #1.2.6
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They've been charging $50 to $60 for maps new and recycled. At least now they are screwing people over day 1 edition... #3.1.5
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