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I don't think it would have sold on ps4 either. Cod and Fallout says this game should have launched in the spring.....

So if it launched in the spring and still sold poorly, then we can discuss bad idea #2 which was timed exclusive deal... #2.1.11
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At least someone is excited. It's a shame the majority of gamers will probably stick with Blops 3. Even your exo zombies couldn't save AW... #9
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One of the least played CoDs in the franchise. No one was streaming it and they removed player counts specifically due to the low sales numbers.

AW is widely considered one of the worst CoDs in the franchise along with MW3, which Sledgehammer also worked on.

IW and Sledgehammer are the reason why there was a beta this year after not having one since 2008! Activision wanted to assure us that this CoD was not the trash from the last two years! #6.1
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Let's end this now. Please tell us how Uncharted is copying Tomb Raider.

Then compare the rebooted TR to all of the games prior. You see when people say "modern", they're referring to Uncharted. So when Lara is in her Tomb and that camera zooms in close for a dramatic shot, or she leaps for a ledge and misses and somehow catches the next ledge with two fingers...ask yourself where that came from.

Now if Drake starts doing somersaults from a... #1.1.2
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Did Cerny say something that's not true? #8.1
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I'm curious of Ps4 gamers will pay full price for a game that's a year old. Could also hurt the game's sales. #6.1
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Blows my mind why they launched the game in the middle of CoD and Fallout...

Especially since they went a whole 7 months between anything.

CD should take one more que from ND and launch in the spring... #1.3
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I agree for different reasons. Game better launch at a reduced price or full dlc. If it's over a year old, I don't think anyone is out there paying full price Uncharted-lite.... #1.8.2
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Yup. The whole point of remasters is shoving out a product with minimal effort for a quick buck. Game is last gen and 3 years old and there's no way anything but a small team worked on porting it... #1.1.4
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In the minds of the few that drank the kool-aid day one. I remember sitting there watching Milo and Kate and thinking about how staged it felt. Called it day one. Kinect had zero potential in games and it almost destroyed the Xbox... #6.1.1
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Good....move on. Looking forward to never reading about how much potential it had... #6
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Just gonna throw this out there...

I go to play a few games I downloaded right before Live was shut down last Xmas. Can't play those games until it's back up.

I go to install Black ops 3 on the X1 and after 5min it stops at 5% and says the disc can't be installed because it's dirty. It's brand new....and a Blu ray...

I have yet to have any such problems with my ps4 and I've had it a year longer. #2.6
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Not really what I mean. The charactersmodel has changed entirely.

Andy Park drew an iconic version of laura but Nick Selma's version just looks better in my opinion.

Might have to Google those two guys... #6.2
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Uh...she's much hotter now that she doesn't look like a cartoon prostitute. #6.1
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My Nintendo collection is pretty sweet.

Power Glove is a glass case.
Virtual Boy sitting next to it
Super scope six hanging up near by in the original box #16
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Awesome news. Hope its fury this time. Strife seems cool with the guns but I'd rather play with Fury's whip and claws.

Loved this franchise. Always hated how it was unfairly treated do to its borrowing of gameplay from GoW and TloZ. #6
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Jumped right out the window with Advanced Warfare at 3. Easily one of the worst CoDs.

Look at the numbers. No one is playing it. No one is streaming it. Youtube is dominated by Blops2. #7
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Were you really going to buy it for consoles if it were 1080p/30 on pc as well? #1.2
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The Order 1886

The reveal had me pumped as well as later previews (even the negative ones and there were many...) werewolves, steampunk, knights of the round table, and the best graphics of the year. There's no way they screw that up. We'll turns out the preview trashing the game were correct and we soon found out why they delayed the game. I mean who delays a game to add fun?

Now I know diehards here love the game flaws and all but the weight of hyp... #12
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What you're saying is that taking an image that is this large


And blowing that image up to this size


Is the same thing and its clearly not. What confuses me here is why this still matters. The Xbox 1 was cheaper for a while and will most likely see another price drop to "win" the holiday for PR purposes. Who cares unless you own both consoles?
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