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Soap? Kratos at 7? Link? #8
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He is all that is wrong with YouTube but be careful. Saying so will get you labeled jealous and a hater instead of some in possession of good taste... #4.1
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You can say that about most Fps games but Resistence is probably the most creative and inventive.

What other shooter do you know of that has weapon leveling that's more than just cosmetic? 60+ man online? Action and Horror? A compelling era of alternate history that's more than just Modern war trash 10? #10.1
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I honestly hate this one....

Bungie should at least attempt at adding content instead of selling overpriced crap like their last expansion. Would it kill to drop in a new strike every few weeks our at least rotate them? #4
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The difference is that all of those things are optional on one and built in to the other. That and about 10 million more consoles sold.

The PS division of Sony is making money. What does failed TVs and terrible spiderman movies have to do with the gaming division? #1.1.5
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I would love for everyone to play the first Witcher. The game was truly brilliant. Of course, no one would ever say that the Witcher 2 was a good game after though.

I seriously hope the Witcher 3 is more like the original... #8
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Kinda like how no one is buying the WiiU? Remember the WiiU launched with very few titles. Have you forgotten the PS3? Twice the price of the WiiU with a similar 3rd party issues for 2 years but still outsold the WiiU in the same time frame.

And no, I most certainly would not own a PS4 and Xbox One if they were as barren and incomplete as the WiiU. While Sony does have a ton of franchises like Jak, Ratchet, Sly, Uncharted, GoW, Resistance, Turismo, Killzone, Motorstorm,Socom,... #1.1.2
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I think a lot of people will be disappointed in this game.

PSA.... save your money people and by Bloodborne instead. #2.3
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It's not in any dev's best to promote one over the other even when the number clearly show an advantage.

Fanboyism is always trumped by the numbers.... #1.1.11
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Grinding is apart of every mmo so people complaining about leveling from 16 to 20 in Destiny would have died leveling 45 to 60 in vanilla wow or leveling 1 to any level in EQ.

With that said, I'm sure they'll patch ththat spot sooner or later. That's really the go to spot for everything at this point. #7
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Yeah so after casually playing Crucible foe months I finally get an exotic bounty only to come to this strike and no matchmaking strikes again :/ #15
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The article is kinda foolish. He's arguing over another critics assessment of the game and that's ridiculous.

But the way the author feels about the game is exactly how I feel about the game.

Come feb 20th, PS4 owners finally get to feel the sting of disappointment much like Xbone owners did with Ryse.

That is what this game is. Pure eye candy. There's not a single bit of gameplay released for this game that looks fun.
... #1.1.13
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Doom sure but kicking myself for forgetting wolfenstein... #7.1.1
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Yeah but even Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat are both shaped by Killer Instinct's combo system. Prior to KI, combos were very basic. After KI, suddenly every fighter has 10+ hit combos.

MK in particular had very few combos. Uppercut spear teleport and maybe that's a combo. The game changed for the better in 95 when it introduced a real combo year after Killer Instinct became a hit.

Also out in 95, Marvel superheroes which also featur... #7.2.1
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I judge a game'S influence by how many clones it

Super Mario Bros
Mario 64
Gran Turismo
God of War
Gears of War
Resident Evil
Street Fighter
Medal of Honor
Metal Gear Solid
Devil May Cry
final Fantasy
Mario Kart
Double Dragon
Killer Instinct... #7
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Actually Killswitch perfected Winback'S cover system and Gears made it popular..... #2.1.2
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Hope not. Let's not rush through this gen out of desperation...I mean, the Ps3 is still $200 #8
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Every device in my house came with a charger. It's like selling a wiiu without the power cord :/ #6
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Not counting the hack of 2011 and ddos a few weeks ago, I'd say psn has been down more this gen then all of last gen combined.

I'm embarrassed for Sony. #1.3.3
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What he should have said is your performance in the Crucible is meaningless. Whether you go 20 and 5 or 5 and 20, your reward is a cap shoot. No matter how many zones you cap, you still get crap blues, coins, or nothing. Meanwhile, the guy that has done nothing has the same chance to get an exotic random drop as the guy at the top.

Pvp is nothing but a grind for marks and rep like everything else in the game except you have a lessor chance of being rewarded than some dude b... #2.1.1
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