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You talk about fan boys but you still acknowledge the main issue with Titanfall which was the lack of content. #12.1
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Hard to look at the old guy in the "Not the Nexus" and think of anyone but The Maiden in Black. This game is so Demon's Souls I half expect Ostrava to show up....

Kills me how people dismiss the game that started it all and act like Dark Souls is it... #1.1.5
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Except Brett has a young Shawn Michaels looking to take his place if he's to complacent, aka a massive void in the fall lineup. #9.1
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I'm the other PS4 gamer that didn't get the Order and completely agree with Sony having all the momentum. Despite what I think of the Order (it looks awful), dropping Bloodborne and other titles places them in a better position prior to e3 than MS and Nintendo because of the steady release of games.

My hope is that they have something major planned at E3 to fill the Uncharted void because if not, this will still be another disappointing year for exclusives on PS4. #6.1
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So the problem I see with this type of argument is that you can't cherry pick a single issue with a game and ask why game B doesn't get the same criticisms. The problem with The Order which fan boys ignore is how people criticized the game for containing almost all gaming sins.

So you have an article about why qte is fine in Shenmue or God of War, but not ok in the Order. Well it could be because the Order needlessly littered the game with them and made them a promine... #23
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And then the same group of "haters" vanish when a good game like Bloodborne appears.

There's the real issue. Why is there almost universal praise for one exclusive but those same critics were all xbox fan boys a month ago. #9.1.2
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Yeah I killed off 7 guys and a large dog before I realized the whole point was to die and go to the Nexus (is what I'm calling it) and get the weapons I'd spent a half hour in the real world seaching for.

So yeah I thought it was harder than it actually is because I was walking around with no weapons. Loving the game now that I can defend myself although the guys armed with rifles are still BS. #2.6
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2 identical qte boss fight is nitpicking? Perhaps the game scored what it did because it's mediocre? Mind you, I'm not talking about the 4s, but it deserved all the 6s.

Even if you nitpick a game like Bloodborne, it's still miles better than The Order. ..

Edit: Surely you can tell the difference in quality between the Order and TLoU right? #1.3.1
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Awesome. Probably my favorite 360 game. Didn't really enjoy the dlc though.... #17
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You can't be serious....

Bloodborne is more important than Uncharted? A fairly niche title is more important than a franchise with hundreds of goty nominations and one of the 3 titles being largely considered game of the generation?

Unreal..... #2.1.1
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It amazes me how people forget about the last 9 months of the year.....

Yeah I'm picking up Bloodborne in a few hours but the situation is bleak for me personally on the PS4 side as far as exclusives go.

Think about it. The PS4 has no flagship title out this fall which is the most important time of year in gaming. Meanwhile, the X1 has it's flagship title....and freaking Tomb Raider...and I guess Forza for whoever cares to be milked. Point is, you can... #1.2
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Pretty defensive. Did he specifically mention the Order?

Player agency should be the most important aspect of game design. If you pretty consistently remove player agency for any and all reasons like the Order, it quickly becomes dull at best and annoying at worst.

Listen, you know it's bad when someone says "scripted moments" and you automatically bring up The Order instead of CoD or Battleclone Hardline. #3.2
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So we are ignoring the first Halo remake for $40 and Fable Anniversary?

Ms does not do this enough because they can't. They don't have that many franchises as is but if they did, they'd be dropping collections and remaster everywhere. But who really wants or needs Forza 2 when they're already prostituting that franchise annuannly. #1.2.4
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Almost all multiplats that make up the bulk of the Ps4/X1 library is also on pc in addition to tons of genres that have little presence on consoles, like mmos and rts.

And then there's the fact that almost every game ever created for pc is still available to purchase and play so its like having backwards compatibility since the birth of gaming.... #1.2.2
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Team Ico missed an entire generation that lasted 8+ years. I'm curious as to what TLG will be when it releases. Old school ps2 Era gameplay or something else.... #2
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Game releases a full year from now. I'm all set with teasers... #6
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How old are you? They've either pressured 3rd party for exclusives or paid for them since the NES days.

And what has console online fees have to do with pc gaming? Nothing....

As for hardware limitations, very few companies create games for the small percentage of pc gamers with top of the line rigs. Why do you think minimum settings aren't all bloated like Crysis was in 2007? #1.5.1
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It's your responsibility to prove a point Since mine is already evident by the existence of these pointless ports, including Ascension. So provide a link and problem solved.

Until it's announced, it doesn't exist. #12.3.2
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And where is your evidence?

Also, they have part of the team working on this, instead of "God of war 4" so my sh*tpost still stands. #12.1.1
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There should be. It's literally what saved the ps3. The author says it took 4 years for GoW 3 but forgets all about GoW 2 dropping In 2007.

So that 4 year point where console exclusives finally get good is BS. It took 4 years because they had just released Gow2 which a few of us played on ps3 thanks to backwards compatibility. #1.1.5
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