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Dude come on. If you can play while downloading on one console, why would you compare total install times for both when it's not necessary to fully install on one of them? #1.1.4
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It's fun is small portions like an hour here and there and you do wish there were more weaknesses to exploit for captains but other than that, the game is outstanding. Really enjoying the freedom of diving off a building and slamming my dagger into some orcs neck. The gameplay is so satisfying but the story is whatever.

It's like Batman AC with a little assassins creed sprinkled in. #13.1.2
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If they are that close to the WiiU and second place, surely they'd announce the official numbers.

I'm guessing they haven't hit 6m yet or we would know about it. Last gen MS almost gave an hourly sales update. #2.2.3
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Not getting ACU simply because I'm long burnt out on the franchise and I played about 10 hours of AC3 and Black Flag and I'm done wasting money on pirate sims. Shadow of Mordor will get another playthrough.

As for Far Cry....will probably get that after the holidays. #13
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Of course I'm exaggerating about 120fps but the op is pretending like this game is graphically intense and it's not.

Also, I've been a pc gamer for over ten years and gaming on rigs I've built myself. Not only that, but I can assure you I've been gaming longer than you've been alive. I own over 25 consoles and half a dozen handhelds.

So who the f,$; are you to tell me anything about gaming?

And no one ever said the... #16.1.2
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Too many new games coming out to care about this but at least those that couldn't play it last year can do so now in full HD. #20
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That actually is trolling. No need to stoop to their level and it's unnecessary to bring up other consoles.

Also, the two next gen consoles could probably run this game at 120fps. Stop sabotaging your own comments and take the victory. The power discrepancy between the PS4/XBI and WiiU is well documented.

This is a beautiful game but that has more to do with art than complicated graphics. Again....just take pride in the fact that this game will move more... #16.1
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My all time most disappointing hands down is Dragon Age 2 and GTA4 and I've been gaming for 25 years on almost all consoles and pc. Certain games just pop up and you know they're sh$t or expect them to be bad. Some games keep you guessing and disappoint in the middle of end.

As soon as I was TOLD to choose male or female Hawk, I knew I'd made a mistake buying the games. At least it took the second or third call from Niko's cousin to know that gta 4 was pure t... #9
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Yeah so my Astros would disagree with this. Best headsets I've ever owned. #8
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Man you just can't acknowledge that you might be wrong and possibly don't know everything?

You linked IGN UK. IGN US which, let's face it, is the one that matters had them scored differently. I'm sure IGN Italy probably has them the same just like IGN Iraq and IGN Mozambique.

Old glitches in the original should be fixed for a port proves the point of bias so thanks for that. That's fairly stupid to punish a port fo... #1.1.17
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While bare bones for an MMO, Destiny has 10 times the content that Titanfall and Titanfall needed much more than just a single player.

The game launched with a handful of content that other shooters would be killed for like....10 primary weapons, 3 titans, 6 titan weapons, etc. And that on top of having a sloppy story mode that was clearly thrown together.

Personally, I lasted about 10 hours in Titanfall and pumped in 4 times that in the Crucible of Destiny a... #1.1.4
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From IGN

Skate Ps3 8.8 Xbox 360 9.0
Bioshock PS3 9.4 xbox 360 9.7
Mass Effect 2 PS3 9.5 Xbox 360 9.6

Now these numbers are fairly trivial but the point is, here are your games. There's more but I don't feel like looking for you.

Last gen, several outlets from IGN to G4 would do this to games that were basically identical. G4 specifically would always recommend the 360 version even... #1.1.11
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Ok so part one of the paid advertisements are out of the way. These people make a living of CoD so why would they tell you anything other than how great the game is.

Next up, Ali A, Tmartin, and more "I love everything about this game and you should too" videos.... #9
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7.5m in 2 years versus 5.5m in 11 months. You talk about fanboys and biased media as if you are exempt from one of those groups. Looks at the numbers before you make this claim. If the X1 is sitting at 7.5 a year from now, then it deserves doom articles just love me the WiiU.

It also deserves a chance to pump out its heavy hitters like the WiiU has all of year. Neither will catch the Ps4 but both can be healthy, especially the WiiU if Nintendo continues to scoop up games like... #2.2
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I'm inclined to believe this is a troll review but you don't need to bash Driveclub and prop up Forza Horizon because you sound just as bad as the good trolls at quarter to three.

You fallen for their trap. This is exactly the type of reaction they're looking for. They are not pro Sony or MS or Nintendo but anti-gamer as well as a cancerous tumor stuck on the gaming industry. #1.4
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Well said. That's exactly what's going on and Destiny is a prime example of that. The Stranger shows up and tells you she doesn't have time to tell you why she doesn't have time despite having all the time in the world to explain after the mediocre ending.

It's obvious there's something there that will be addressed in the dlc. Why can't people understand that this is pure bulls$:t. #2.1.1
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I imported GT as soon as Z ended here in the States and hated GT. There's a reason why Dragon Ball and DBZ lasted decades while GT lasted 3 seasons. #2.2.2
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Actually since Final Bout on the PS1 for Vegito. I have no idea why they continue to pump these games out. Been watching Dragonball Z since the early 90's and even picked up the imports of GT in the mid 90's and there's nothing left to get excited for other the the latest movie.

There's been a DB game every year so I'm not sure if why people still get hyped for these rehashes and cashins. #2.3
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The gameplay in the Last of Us was just as good as the story unless you ran around getting into gun fights on easy like that guy at polygon. It came at a time when bennit was popular to dumb down to appeal to the CoD fanbase like dead space and Resident Evil did. #2.3
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It wasn't terrible but but the gameplay was fairly bland and generic. A lot of you are just high on the story and that's fine. But saying a guy with a different opinion of Han your should get his ass beat or has gone full retard is beyond ridiculous.

Whenever someone mentions this game the first and only thing they bring up is story, and that's all there is to this game. #16
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