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Remember that one time there was a very crappy warranty and MS only extended it for threats of a law suit.

Mine died after the warranty expired and my choice was, walk away from 60 owned games or drop another $300

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I think you forget who the fans of the wii were. They are a bit unreliable and a tablet isn't trendy like motion controls were.

Also, the Anti-Nintendo thing isn't real. No one wants the Switch to fail but based on Nintendo's track record, it's not impossible to believe Nintendo will choke.

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I've seen all of that in Skyrim minus the climbing and you can't do it in shrines. The way the world is affected by the player is in multiple open world games. Again see Eldor scrolls. Random fights between AI has been in open world games for over a decade.

The climbing I've seen In Spiderman games from 2001.

This game is nothing like Souls by the way. The lore isn't iconic in any way. The way the story is to...

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The only valid reason I've seen is PSN users being forced into XBL to use cross play. The rest are excuses.

The real reason is, Sony doesn't need MS but MS needs Sony. Half empty lobbies kill online games and it's more prevalent on XBL....

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How? What does Zelda do in an open world that's better?

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How did Zelda make tower scaling Better?

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So the company with the most sold is making the most mistakes but still outselling the competition?

What mistakes?

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Absolutely it's more for less. The console itself is overpriced based on its specs. Nintendo wanted to profit out the gate so instead of eating the cost of storage, just pass it along to the consumer.
So the console by itself is $300
Not to mention another set of joycons are $80
A pro controller is for some reason more than 2 superior controllers like the Ds4 and xb1 controller at $70.

And the games are inexplicably the same price as the two...

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I'm from MN and they are everywhere. Not just a few here and there.... fully stocked. I imagine if someone wants them, they should order and have it shipped....

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The game is not a 1 but it's certainly not as good as Lords of the Fallen. That game had life. This game.... every level looks nearly the same. There's also cheap enemies that, unlike most souls games, make you feel as if you died as a result of bullshit instead of skill.

Also, this notion that your opinion doesn't count unless you finish a game you're not enjoying....stfu with that nonsense. If the author was already predisposed to not liking that game, fi...

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Was...perhaps. still? Those games came out years ago. The vita is a terrible handheld that Sony pushed out with Insanely overpriced memory cards and a handful of games. It was amazing for maybe a year then reality set in.

Sony only cares about the home console. Vita, PSP, Move, and now the PSVR all rely on 3rd party support after Sony pushes them out the door.

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They are in stock all over. There may be a shortage during the holidays but there isn't one now.

Nearly every store like Gamestop, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Target have them all in stock....

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Cheaper at Target with a Red Card.... and there's a ton of them in two different colors....

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Watched the video and it's stunning. Better still, this is the true Tomb Raider. Back when Lara was Lara and not Nathan Drake. Back when the gameplay was original and not a knockoff. I enjoy the reboots but I'd buy 3 copies of this before buying another reboot sequel...

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Splatoon even making the list is absurd....

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People forget that Yamcha had a power level close to vegeta's and well past Gohan's during the namek saga before power levels got broken. He easily handled the genyu force that nearly killed Vegita.

With that said, he's most known for dying, being a coward towards women, getting an androidhand through the chest, dumping a genius billionaire, and losing in general

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No psn user should have to create a live account or have anything to do with MS while gaming on a PlayStation. It's stupid and MS wouldn't do last gen.

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I remember picking up Zelda 2, shutting the trap door on the NES, hitting the power, playing for 10 minutes, and taking the game back.

Was expecting it to be like the original and it wasn't even close.

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Completely agree. This will get old but the Tenkaichi and even Budokai games are still enjoyable to this Day!

With that said...... I'm getting this lol

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"Rome wasn't built in a day"

They've had 17 years though....

I'd like to see something new but I doubt it. Nearing 6 straight years of relying on Forza, halo, gears. I don't see that changing anytime soon...

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