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Halo Ce and The MCC collection both feature games that are so much more than a simple remaster. You may not choose to see them as standalone halo titles but MS does, which is why they are bundled with the Xbox 1.

Correct me if I'm wrong but Halo Spartan Assault is also on the 360 and X1 right? Is it not apart of the halo franchise?

And here we go with this "main game" crap. Technically, there's only 4 Call of Duty games with the last being C... #3.1.5
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Halo 3 2007
Halo wars 2009
Halo ODST 2009
Halo Reach 2010
Halo CE AN 2011
Halo 4 2012
Halo Spartan Assault 2013
The MCC 2014
Halo 5 Guardians 2015

That's pretty damn close even if you remove Spartan Assault. The MCC and Halo CE were $40 and $60 games so yeah....that counts.

Very few franchises get pumped out like Halo and it's obvious why. Each game is basically another 6m copies sold... #3.1.1
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Yeah that and the moon at that point is screwing with every one. Maybe she hit circle insteado of x for the ladder and noob killed herself like I do... lol #5.1.1
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Not sure what's worse. The poor little girl. The mom. Or the psychotic sister who probably fed little sis to the beasts for a ribbon... #5
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No no no no no...

I know they have a pretty good following but no not Metroid. I don't think their style would work with Metroid, and let's face's been a long time since we had a good Metroid. Other M was a mess And really damaged the franchise.

N needs to put this in the hands of Retro and allow them to do what they do best. #10
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The home of niche perhaps but the platform is more than that. All that means is Sony is more willing to take chances on games like ni no kuni or Flower. The platform was not built on these games.

At this point in the previous gen, the ps3 had a better lineup of games and you're full of it if you disagree. Resistance greeted us as we picked up ps3s with Genji and Ridge Racer. The. Came Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Heavenly Sword,Warhawk....freaking Warhawk dude, Fokelore,... #11.5.5
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Come on dude. They are dropping damn near all of their first party flagship title this year on top of Tomb Raider. Are you honestly telling me you'd rather play Until Dawn over the next TR? Or any of those legit titles coming this year? #11.5.4
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God of war? The fact that you're listing niche titles, unannounced titles, and games that won't launch until 2016 should have you concerned.

Remember how amazing 2011 was? 2012? 2013?

This gen, Sony has done nothing but get the hardware right. 2014 was crap. 2015 is worse with the only exception being Bloodborn.

It's like you guys became the Xbox fan boys that would defend the 360 to the death despite Ms doing exactly what Sony i... #11.4.1
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Sony sleeping at the wheel leaves the door wide open for MS. Things will probably continue based on the lack of games coming from Sony. #11
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Having a poor framerate in a Sim racer completely ruined the experience for him.

My question is, when a game does not work as advertised, what are the guidelines for scoring that game? Do we bump up the score because the graphics look nice? Can you simply dismiss the racing wheel issue (and you'd know how he feels if you ever used one) because you think a 1 out of ten is only for games like Rambo?

Are gamers and critics being condit... #1.2.2
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So many gamers will just eat whatever sh*t is shoveled their way for the sake of playing a good game. Not a fan of piracy for any reason but buying the game used achieves the same goal and I do support that. #5.2
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Might be bad translation. It's clearly an arc weapon. And yeah the stats aren't winning me over. #1.1.1
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So they admit what we all have know yet people still support this franchise. Should be obvious that there will always be an off year. AC3 was trash, Black Flag was decent, and Unity was trash.

Either way, I'm never buying another AC game. Still have the key for Black Flag and the other game that came bundled with my Xbox One... #1.1.9
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Funny I had the exact opposite experience for downloads and installs. Downloads are ridiculous on Xbox One. Installs are even worse. #3.4
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PC gamers don't usually buy pointless annual rehashes. Why not play BF4 for a few years. How long did people stick with BF2? Is anyone really interested in paying $110 for a game and dlc e year? #9
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Love Tara but I really miss Arleen Sorkin. #4
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This isn't 2002 and Halo 4 was mediocre compared to Reach. It's safe to say that Halo hasn't been the best at anything for years. #7.2.2
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It's the people that tell you all about how it's better to have a few games now then nothing from Sony this fall. Also the same people that think Sony is sitting on content when in reality, they have nothing.

This is bad news and only highlights the fact that Sony is cruising along with multiplats and not much else. #1.4.10
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Spot on. These people have no business reviewing a game of this type.

He has a valid point with no tips for tire pressure. I feel like more people would jump into racing sims if some of these games would ease players into some of the more hardcore aspects like tuning.

The he jumps out the window with the line about not being able to simply mash the accelerator for a win like Forza Horizon and NFS.

This is the type of guy that kills games he&#... #1.2
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