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This is exactly right. Everyone who lives this game will only talk about physics and the environment as if it's all brand new.

The crappy story, combat, and voice work never come up. You can't be goty with those issue unless you're Nintendo...

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No one asked for WW2. [email protected] and a better developer was what we wanted.

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It's so damn cool. It's what I envisioned as a kid and getting a hold of the virtual boy.
I will say that I just got off Skyrim and I a bit overwhelmed but it's freaking cool

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One dude trolling back in 2005 by abusing low level characters isn't amusing to you?

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I get that they might need to do this to exist but I'd rather go out with my morals and good name than end up like Bioware and Dice...

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To answer the question of why, no one wants a console with a low player base. With low numbers, there's less support.

If the X isn't really selling (and based on what I've seen in my area, it's not), why would developers bother to add any extra time to the X when very few own the console.

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Are you suggesting it's not ok to punch nazis?

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In a world where the base models exist, both the X and Pro are pointless. Why is there so much news in these two consoles when they are currently irrelevant. Most of the install base have base .model consoles.

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Based on your comment history I'm guessing you never owned a pro. Why would you buy a pro knowing full well the X was coming.

Why come to a website and lie?

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The S is the better value at $189. Same games... lower res...

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Way to vote with your wallet. Everything I see in WWII looks awful including 9 maps that all appear to be trash. Most Cods ship with 16 maps but this one can't be bothered as they are busy loading up on variants and dlc

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Killzone, borderlands, uncharted... all console quality and let's not pretend like Skyrim is demanding. Doom can run on a 360...

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Article fails to mention safety. The PS4 goes out of it's way to connect you online in a way I've never seen. Literally anyone can add you to a group chat and say whatever they like in said chat and it's up to you leave the chat you never accepted to begin with.

I had some asshole with a new account talk about sex and how horny he was to my 9 year old. So parents, parental controls on the PS4 mean nothing. You have to go in and change chat settings and it's...

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I'm sure there were some great guys who were forced to kill as many jews as possible /s

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The most innovative console ever created compared to the wiiu....

I'd be willing to bet the dreamcast's online probably runs better than the Switch's if it were still a thing

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The vmu is the mother of the wiiu controller.

The rest of your post reads like you're high on pain meds. You clearly don't know what games where on the system and don't know many multiplats were enhanced by the system.

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I expect to see many more articles like this one now that the X is out.

Most powerful console begging for the competition's games. Or, instead of wasting money on this niche product, MS could have invested in their studios and tried to make their base console relevant again.

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Didn't the 3ds get a major price drop of $80 That first year?

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I don't think you understand the nature of console gaming....

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The only console owners that should be worried are XB1S owners....

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