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Or they could save money by cutting out the sports portion and not paying athletes to plug a game sports fans are gonna buy anyway.

Like Nintendo, I won't be actively seeking out their E3 content. Either show up or who cares.... #8
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That's good. That's really good.... #1.2.1
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Sales wise is what people mean. As far as excitement goes, it's almost equal for me but Uncharted pushes it in favor of Ps4 in my opinion... #5.1.3
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Great read. I hope more people actually read what you have to say instead of jumping in to blindly bash or defend the game... #9.1.3
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Agree 100% and I know if this game was multiplat you wouldn't have as many dislikes.

This article sums up everything wrong with The Order. When you point out how bad the boss fights are you're greeted with a ton of excuses. When you point out how bad the A.I is and actually show examples, people bring up the hate campaign prior to release as if that excuses the game's flaws.

I've never seen a mediocre game treated like it's the absolute w... #2.2
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Agreed. Finally did a charisma build and I never have to fight. Fighting is pointless and I just talk my way into as many caps as I need.

It's like why even bother playing any other way? Now I'm tempted to go back and do a charisma build for Skyrim and Fallout 3/NV #2
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I had no idea what happened in DS2, nor did I care. I figured since they screwed up everything else, the lore probably took a hit as well.

All of the other Souls games had fantastic stories but you really had to work to figure out what's happening. Missing dialog options really screwed me over story wise so I missed a ton the first few playthroughs. Hell, I only recently made it through Seigmeyer for the first time and Dark Souls has been out forever... #12
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You have to talk to people and read the items. They really don't just lay it out there for you in cutscenes like most games....

Take Father Gascoigne and his family. The first time I blew through the game, I didn't even realize I had encountered his whole family at one point and when I did finally connect it the feels. Right in the feels.... #3.2
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If Horizon ZD is out this year....probably that. If not, UC4. #6
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Now....I've bashed The Order for about a year and has to be my second all-time disappointing game behind Dragon Age 2....but come on. Are we seriously entertaining the idea that it's worse than Godzilla, Hatred, Alone in the Dark, Evolve, Devil's Third, etc.

The Order is not a good game....It's not terrible, but it's not the worst game of the year. #5
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The elite controller is the only exclusive I enjoyed on my Xbox. Bloodborne smashes both Halo 5 and Forza (Tomb Raider is exclusive for what...60 days?).

With that said, neither really killed this year. It's been a year of amazing multiplatform games that I played on both. #1.1.13
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Yeah UC2 should always make the list. That whole section was brilliant. #1.1.1
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I cannot agree with this. The DS4 is better than the standard but the elite is further beyond any other controller on the market.

I ridiculed MS when they announced the elite but now I wish Sony does something similar. The custom sticks, paddles, and best d pad ever seen...honestly this has to be the best controller ever made. #3.3
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Pretty sure the last Uncharted outsold TR on all platforms combined...

There is no competition. How about we just let TR be a good game instead of unfairly stacking it up against the genre leader? #1.1.8
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Yeah I was going to Google it but couldn't be bothered.... #4.2
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It's like the author of this article forgot all about Don Matrick who pushed Kinect to the point of making it mandatory on the X1. Rare going all in on Kinect is a product of poor leadership from Matrick, Kudo, mehdi, Phil...yes even Phil, and Molyneux.

Good old revisionist history... at least wait another gen to start changing the story.. #3.4
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Still have mine in a box. Old people ftw! #1.2
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You can't be serious. Just because they are not crushing it like the ps4 does not mean they've failed. The X1 was dead 3 months after launch and clawed it's way back from mediocrity. 17m in sales is pretty damn good considering the negative press, pricing, Kinect forcing, and general evil leadership...

Being in second isn't a bad thing. There's room for both and the X1 isn't going anywhere. Besides, it might do a ps3 and surprise everyone if they keep... #1.2.4
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Maybe back in 1995. They've long been replaced with RPGs... #1.20.3
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I don't think it would have sold on ps4 either. Cod and Fallout says this game should have launched in the spring.....

So if it launched in the spring and still sold poorly, then we can discuss bad idea #2 which was timed exclusive deal... #2.1.11
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