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We didn't get a Robin when his DLC hit. Why would that change? And with the release of Arkham Origins, they run the risk of fatigue. #14
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They are offering cosmetic unlocks for a fee months before launch. That is withholding content.

The Batgirl stuff sounds independent of the main game but the skins for Batman/Batmobile should be unlocked by time and skill...not money.

Skins are the quickest and dirtiest of all DLC because a decade ago, these things were all part of the main game and not a scam like they are today.

And by the way, Rocksteady are one of the most successful devs i... #5.1.1
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Spoiled a plot point from 20 years ago. .. #3.1.1
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All it truly does is ease the pain of paying for online. Think of how many games you could have had from MS if they offered this program back in 2002... #18
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It only ended up being the best looking shooter on consoles for 5 years.. #3.6
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Without that year head start, did anyone honestly think MS would win? After finishing 3rd last gen? After damn near half the consoles it sold are either rrod or people buying multiple models? After basically saying screw the troops in our own country? After trampling on consumer rights?

Even if the launch of the X1 went off with zero issues, they are still going up against a company that has sold more consoles in less time than any other brand. Hell, add it all up and they... #19
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The real crime is how they burn zombie players by forcing them to buy MP maps if they want new zombies content. Blops 1 did it right but of course Activision found a way to screw over fans even harder. #16
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Ha. I get tons of disagrees whenever I criticize Sony, ms, or nintendo. When I defend those 3, I get a ton of agrees or disagrees from whatever camp that happens to dominate the thread.

It usually has nothing to do with the points I make. Valid points or not, there's always a group that will disregard whatever you say for the sole purpose of supporting their favorite platform.

Sometimes, it gets weird. For example. Back in January when I realized what ty... #15.2
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Ok I see. So what I meant was, if I didn't know what the game was about or its style, I'd stop playing through the lengthy opening Instead of simply passing on the game like I did. I just assumed that casual gamers would pick up the Order thinking it was a typical tps and be greatly disappointed when they're Watchung hours of cutscenes instead of playing. Honestly, I watched a stream of the opening and gave up in the middle of of the guy being tortured.

If you'... #8.2.1
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Ok so we're you really satisfied with the lycan battles? That's a damn near perfect score dude. Are you seriously saying this game is as good as Uncharted or TLoU? #15.1
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How is any of what I said uninformed? Or do you feel obligated to reply to anyone that doesn't worship the Order or Ps4 exclusives.

If it makes you feel better, Bloodborn should win GoTY. How informed am I now? #8.1.1
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Without knowing anything of the game or the style of game, I would probably quit during the opening or not buy the game at all. Then again, the price has come down a lot so it's less offensive.

There's a ton of games I actually do enjoy but did not finish. Last one being Wolfenstein. Not even sure why I didn't finish it but you know how it is when you put a game down for a few days and try to play it again but forget how to play it. #8
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Agreed on all points. He's the worst so they stick him in a slot to get crushed by Jim Rome. Just a week ago he linked all school shooters with gamers and now this? Never hear him say anything negative about fantasy sports. The sponsors would have him fired. #4.1
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Cartoon graphics like that can be done on the Wiiu.....

Not taking away how good the game looks with it's bright colors, nor am I bashing the Wiiu, but the game does not exactly have cutting edge graphics #2.3.5
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Should be criminal to charge that much for memory. #8
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To be honest, I feel like they did this after being called out for lying about the PS4.

You can't wipe clean a history of lowballing with a few scores.

Also, you can't erase the mountains of evidence that's out there that Poly were paid for by MS and has shown that their staff is willing to lie about one product to help another. #9.3.2
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That's a poor site to link to anyone. They regularly lowball all popular titles.

For example, they gave Halo 4 a trash score and gave Titanfall a perfect score.

They gave inFamous SS a 40 and Driveclub a 60.

Interestingly enough, they gave TLoU and Uncharted 2 mediocre scores which dropped both of their Meta scores a few points a week after launch.

So that's what Tom Chick does. He reads reviews. Disagrees with those... #9.1.1
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This thread is filled with insanity. I'm PS4 all day but come on people. I've read multiple excuses why not paying for a game is bad and how paying for a game is good because it's "superior".

Can't we just call a good deal a good deal? #24
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Why? And I mean specifically why is no games better than batman and Geralt? #15.1
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So you're saying people who choose an Xbox One +The Witcher 3+ Arkham Knight are ill informed? Even in a year where the PS4 has slim pickings in the way of exclusives while the X1 has Halo 5 and Tomb Raider?

Throw out the lineups of both and you still have a really good deal on two of the best games releasing this year. #11.2
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