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Name something else.... #14.1.1
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Even if MS cooked up a cloud based streaming service, they've never done anything better than Sony or at least, anything long term. All of their policies are borderline ripoffs with Xbox live finally rewarding loyal customers with games after 10 years and basically being forced to do so because of the superior psn+.

So no a new streaming service will not magically erase a 6m console deficit. #14
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This game is 5 years old dude. That's a lot worst than Destiny's 3 week embargo which only happened because the servers were not on. #7.2
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Bust a cap in yo ass! Yeah the writing in Bayo is terrible and the story is incomprehensible. The only thing of value in the entire game is the combat which might be the best in the genre. Everything else in this game is laughably bad or mediocre. #5.1.3
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I feel like Quantum Break AND the Order will probably be mediocre. #10
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Left out Titanfall. Even the new mode they spent no time on is a disappointment. #13
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What they said the game is versus what it actually is, doesn't really line up. I knew I'd made a mistake in buying it early when my sparrow flew off the side of a hill and the game gave me 5 seconds to get back in bounds. Can't think of another MMO that is this small.

They really lied about the scope. They crippled the social experience as you can't really communicate with anyone. Towns are boring. I hate the cooldowns and think they make the game incredibly s... #6
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How has the game expanded multiplayer? #5.1
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Well when the majority of the community dies off after a month. It happens to most shooters. The problem here is the hype behind the game had people expecting a huge community instead of a small group of fans. #10
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More people playing a multiplayer only game versus a single player only game? And 4 people agreed with you? #1.1.2
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It's not a bad game but it's certainly not GotY. I think the game is getting way more hate than it deserves. Some of the criticisms of this game can be thrown at the other "big" shooter this year and honestly, the Beta of Destiny has more content than Titanfall. But that's really aiming low on Bungie's part to just be better than a half game. As it stands, Wolfenstein is still the best shooter... #15
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Can't agree with that. I'm not a fan of the mp in Destiny but the single player has enough content to get my money's worth.

Titanfall had a solid foundation but there was not enough game there to justify the price and the poor attempt at a Single player was worse than a bad single player. #3.3
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Speaking of, I find it interesting that there's no "do we really need gta5 remastered?" articles like there were for TLoU. #4.1
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Yeah you're right about the assists. Read the wrong stat line.

And I never said he's better than LBJ NOW but in his prime, he's better than all but MJ. #1.2.6
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He's been hurt for a few seasons and basically willed the lakers into the playoffs when he was healthy.

Look at his stats. 27.6 ppg 6 ast 5.6 rebounds in his last full season.

Now Lebron's stats. 27.1 ppg 6.3 ast 6.9 rebounds

Now tell me why Kobe isn't score at least as high as Melo or Durant...

Seriously I think people just hate Kobe. This man has averaged 6 assists his whole career and gets called a ball hog. H... #1.2
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He deserved it 5 years ago... #3
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Dont forget tedious side missions. Kids eat that up. #5.4
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I think Spike made it GoTY and everyone else went with TLoU...and they even gave ND studio of the year but of course the Dorito empire voted GTA5 for GoTY. GTA5 has significantly less awards but about 20m more copies sold.

So you are right. GTA5 wasn't even the best game last year and TLoU is also on next gen. #1.2.3
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Honest people? #3.1.2
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Destiny is also on the 360 and Xbox One...and Activision LOVES MS so...I don't get it...

Yes Polygon is trash but they reviewed a multiplat and gave it an mediocre score, so what does this have to do with a game MS wants to succeed? #11.1
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