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Protecting children......

My kids play online and parental controls lock out all games about E10 and they are only connected to people we actually know. They are only allowed online when I allow them online via parental locks.

This is Nintendo being lazy and or greedy

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Probably should be launching in those years?

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People need to remember that the Elite is also $80 more than a ds4.

The XB1S will cost most of us OG owners another $300 so 4k is out of reach for the majority of the base.

Cloud saves... no

The rest... whatever. Can't help but notice games are missing which is by far the most important

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I can only assume they meant "Deesnuts" edition..

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As my kids are playing Mario on their iPods...

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I'm curious if you've ever disagreed with something Nintendo has done. I know it feels like people are piling on here but you have to understand we've been through this 3 years ago with the WiiU....which you probably think was successful and misunderstood.

This "console" is insanely overpriced and underpowered. It will sell around 3 million initially the die a slow WiiU style death and you will blame the crap ports on publishers being too lazy to suppo...

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Umm Ratchet, clank, Jake, Daxter, Sly Cooper. Why ignore those guys? And where else would Nintendo fit?

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It is not your job as the consumer to give expensive consoles a chance. Nintendo has failed yet again to produce a console that fits the needs of more than its diehard base who only want Mario, Zelda, etc.

I'm willing to give them a chance when they produce a gimmick free console so that I can play Mario or Mass Effect and not have to worry about of the system is powerful enough tof run it.

Of course Nintendo won't ever listen so no, no people wo...

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Poor White guys! You could just play the other 99% of all games sporting White males...


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Well said. There is no justification. Full price games should launch with this content instead of these items partitioned off to milk for extra cash

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Could have played it last year on X1 but assumed there would be a special addition around this time and cheaper.....

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I'm a huge fan of GT and even if can tell you the good old days are just that. Forza has consistently pumped out quality racers (aside from the launch title) that far surpass GT5 and 6.

Poliphany Digital has dropped the ball years ago. It shouldn't take 5+ years to build a racer using old assets when your franchise has sold 3 times as much as your competitors for the last decade and a half. It's absurd.

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Yeah but after Ryan....I don't even remember what happened. The actual ending was....just ok

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Revolver was unique. Redemption was gta with horses and better story. Buying this when it's out and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with this opinion

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It's basically like Call of Jaurez Bound in Blood but has a cool quick draw mechanic and bizarre characters. Great game if you love westerns.

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I loved this game. Was so unique before they turned it into gta

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12. CoD ghosts
11. CoD 3
10. Advanced Warfare
8. MW3
7.Black ops 3
6.CoD 2
[email protected]
4.Blops 2
2.Black Ops
1. Cod4

8- 10 are pure trash...and yes I include MW3. We're it not for decent streaks it wold be the worst. It was the start of large campy maps and dumb missteps with balance.

At 7, Blops 3 would be higher if it were not utterly broken. Th...

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Based on how they dealt with the Vita, I'm all set. Before I'm down voted to hell, understand that not all gamers spend $250 on a device that basically on has indie and niche titles.

I was led to believe that I'd get ps3 quality games and that only happened a few times. The unit was great. Sly 4 was great. Kill zone was great. Borderlands....gravity rush, AC Liberation, MGS collection, Soul Sacrifice, and Dragons Crown were all fantastic.

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List is missing DMC. Alienated longtime fans and no one bought the game. Add that to the fact that Ninja Theory basically took a piss on fans by making it about hair. It was never about the hair...

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I'd say the majority of people on this board have little understanding of other cultures and they really don't care. Most are straight white males who call people names like gitgud above and receieve upvotes for their ignorance.

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