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So yeah I'm picking it up again but I swear these interviews are ridiculous as we read basically the same stories last year. I've never seen a port generate this much hype. #10
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That's still pretty weak and the very next map resets whatever happened anyway. His point still stands. It doesn't matter what you do and even if why you're doing it was fleshed out like a normal single player, it's still generic as hell anyway.

As for my not fair criticism of the game, didn't Respawn themselves say they ran out of funding? If I'm wrong about that, then you're probably right. But it sure as hell doesn't feel like a complete gam... #3.1
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Sony hasn't dropped the price of the PS3 in a while so why would they drop the price of the hottest console on the market. It's stupid.

What they will probably do is a bundle like usual. Sony doesn't drop console prices like MS and Nintendo, who will probably drop the price again this fall AND add a game or two. #1.1.3
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You keep tooting that horn and even Nintendo fans aren't buying it.

You and others like you boast about Trine and Deus Ex but complain about Arkham City as if that game is a poor port. Well it is the worst version of the game but not due to bugs or glitches. It's the fact that they used the game pad and it's gimmicky touch screen predominantly throughout the game and that is why it's meta score is 9 points lower than the others. Yes.....The touch screen that... #14.1.3
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I swear Nintendo fans are the only fans that are happy with less games. I can't seem to wrap my head around it.

Take the author, for example. He lists 80+ ips from Nintendo's backlog and 90% of them do not do what he said. Pikmin isn't moving any hardware and Wonderful 101 sure as hell isn't. He says that with these games (90% of them being old or mediocre franchises), they easily replace major 3rd party titles and that is ridiculous.

It'... #13
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Well they did make Shift so..... #13.1
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Gotta be this guy

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I thought Bioshock 2 was better than the first due to it's superior gameplay and the fact that I played it first. While Infinte had a better story than the others, the gameplays was stripped down and lost all that made the franchise great. Setting up traps and creative planning was replaced with opening portals to oil slicks and puddles.

Arkham City is far superior to Arkham Asylum in every way. The second half or AA fell of due to backtacking and that was never an issu... #11
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I recently bought the Px4s and returned them. Seems like theres always something with the mid ranged Turtle Beach. The last pair I had had this annoying buzz that I could never get rid of and the Px4s makes it appear as if you're broadcasting when you are not. So you have no way of knowing if the lobby you are in is picking up all of your background noise or if they hear anything at all. They also were fairly unreliable for the 360 and not compatible with my future XBox 1.
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How do you like the Golds? I love the sound quality but they look and feel so cheap compaired to Sony's other sets. #6.2
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Yeah Rami does do emotions but he does them horribly bad. The Spider-Man films comes to mind with Toby McGuire turning on the water works every few moments.

Rami always has an annoying habit of casting friends and family in his movies and those friends and family are terrible actors that we love anyway. Hopefully he takes a hard look at who he chooses for Joel because Bruce Cambell is certainly not up for it and he really shouldn't be in the film at all.

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God I hope not. Love the character but was hoping he'd be a playable character in the campaign at some point. #2
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So to sum up the article, the ps4 has been declining in sales since March but still almost doubling MS and the WiiU. Blah Blah Blah 3DS makes Nintendo a contender.

Dumb article of which I didn't realize was dumb until the last paragraph.. #10
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It's not always about arguing. Every now and then you bump into a nice article that has nothing to do with the console war.

If think a lot of us come here to read up on gaming news and chat with other gamers who are equal enthusiasts. If mean the people who know what engine a game is using or who developed the game.

Outside of forums, it's hard to have these discussions because most people have no idea that gaming is more than Cod and madden. #17
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I read half of the first sentence and was about to smash my tablet mashing the disagree

I feel like MS should have focused on simple things. Forget about copying a person's body on screen. Without any tactile feedback, it will never be good for gaming....unless you keep it simple.

There's a game on IOS called The Room and it's nothing but a puzzle game where you swipe and rotate things. Kinect would be perfect for it or some game of t... #7.1
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Or Medal of Honor Airborne 2... #22.1
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I'm willing to bet CoD/BF and Dragon age are two different markets. There's those of us that buy annual crap, and those of us that don't... #1.2.4
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That's really pathetic. It's not like they canceled the game on WiiU. How about you just ignore the game instead of pretending to be excited about a feature for a game and using that as an excuse to troll? #3.1
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Everyone else have cross buy? #1.1.1
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His name is actually Sir Buzz Killington.....

I've been riding N for months about the WiiU and even I won't touch this. You don't hate on good will efforts like this. This type of viral marketing is exactly what N should be doing. #6.2.2
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