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This game was actually designed for PC. Metro on PC is one of the most demanding games and I couldn't run it at 60fps when it launched. I don't think this is a case of porting the console versions, which were crap by comparison. #1.7.1
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Show me a $400 rig that handles BF4 like PS4... #1.3.1
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No. The Master System had better graphics....

And console didn't catch arcade until recently, like last gen recently.

Compare Donkey Kong (NES) to Donkey Kong (arcade) and arcade was a generation ahead... #10.1
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Second screen gaming started on the PS3 with the PSP. Second screen in general started on PS3 with Blu Ray movies.

Nintendo did do handheld and console connectivity first, however. #7.1
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Ok so you're still wrong here. The Sega Saturn also debuted their analog stick in 96, the same year the n64 launched and the controller looks very similar to a 360 controller.

The n64 controller had a weird setup with that was really only good for Nintendo's own games.

So the Saturn analog is more of what you mean than the n64 and reall... #5.1.4
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The proof is what you are calling a joystick. A joystick is simply what we now call controllers. Some joysticks came with buttons and knobs. Others came with analog sticks.

The modern analog stick that we play with today are directional and clickable. The N64's analog is nothing like what we use today.

I give Nintendo all the credit in the world for their actuall innovations but he analog stick isn't one of them. #5.1.2
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Notice the lack of analog sticks on this list kids. Some of you younger people don't know that analog sticks were on consoles 4 generations before the n64 was a thing. #5
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That's insane. I hit 650 once and about pooped myself with joy. There's just so much that goes on that could screw you over like the gliding phantom punch or when the counter warning pops up over a guy then disappears.

Well done. #8
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Should be no surprise that gaming "journalism" is a pit filled with greedy fame whores and drama queens.

Kotaku and Polygon....the two sites we all wonder why their content is allowed on N4G. Polygon itself is a conflict of interest with the MS connection. Forget about one writer on their staff. The whole staff is the problem. And Kotaku puts out TMZ caliber articles with Totillo himself being the worst of the lot.

So none of this should be shockin... #7
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Lillard? So I guess they didn't see last years finals? I think they mean Leonard.... #4
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Just like with Xbox last gen or recently with Titanfall, games are either exclusive or multiplatform. I really wish we would stop trying to invent words that still make no sense like console exclusive. Console exclusive means it's exclusive to console like Read Dead Redemption.

Games are either exclusive or multiplat people. #1.6
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I think so. No coverage at GC or E3 shows that Sony believes Vita isn't worth the time or money. Of course there will be people that post the 20 or so niche titles and expect such a small offering to satisfy the millions that bought one, but this isn't what I signed up for.

They pushed this thing as a portable ps3 and gave us a few 1st party titles then washed their hands of it. So the most powerful handheld has no games to showcase that power and all that's left... #2.4
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This isn't an issue for a Nintendo fans. But think about people who have yet to jump on the next gen. Those people will look at this and very other core title not coming to the WiiU and choose the competition which will hurt you in the long run. #9.1
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Ok I agree with weapon decay but what about not being able to dual wield for warriors or class specific weopons? That's one of the worst things they stripped from Origins. Instead of creating the warrior you want, it's 2hand or shield. You probably have no range options either. I sure hope they don't restrict Mage options like forcing you to choose a specific healer or become a healer instead of allowing any Mage in your party to heal. If that returns as well as this latest info,... #1.1.2
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I knew this was about percentages before I clicked the link and watched the vid. This argument is devoid of any common sense.

How about compairing assassins creed on the 360 versus Assassin's Creed 3 or black flag on the WiiU. Or the PS3 version which had an even smaller install base back in 2007 which is an even better matchup when compairing install bases.

Or how about compairing casual to core titles on the Wiiu which I'm sure UBi did. You don'... #9
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How does he lit the 360 at 84m and the ps3 at 80m? The ps3 surpassed the 360 back in 2012. Back in 2011, the ps3 hit 70m 3 months after the 360 did and narrowed that 3 month lead through 2012.

So how does the 360 have 4m more?

Also, why start at gen 4? #16
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The only difference between Sega and Nintendo is that Sega does not have a mega hit handheld every gen and didn't have what's basically a fluke hit with one of it's consoles.

Nintendo has released quite a few bombs over the years. Power Glove, R.O.B., Virtual Boy, power mats, vitality sensors, etc.

Of course it's considered innovation when Nintendo does it but when Sega launches game streaming on consoles back in the 90's and it fails, it... #1.2
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Interesting that they would choose to finish the 3DS version ahead of the WiiU version. It stands to reason that a game like this would go a long way to helping move more WiiU's.

Then again, I guess it does make more sense to pump out the version that will move more units....much like Watch Dogs and Project Cars..

Or maybe they're finishing it last to have some buzz going into the Holidays... #2
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I'd say the exact opposite is happening on Live. I'm not sure if it's an excuse for being terrible but kids nowadays will blast you for trying to compete and call you a tryhard. Mind you, this is CoD I'm talking about so of course there's zero logic involved but I will bore you all with a story anyway.

So in between some Diablo on PS4 and Borderlands(still) on 360, I hop on the abyss that is Blops Duece with the intentions of murdering those stupid enough... #4
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This was actually a really good article that none of you read. Especially you. He says boring is a good thing and that the plate should never out shine the meal meaning the console should just be a console and should impede the games like the Xbox one and WiiU does. Without kinect and the WiiU gamepad, MS and Nintendo would be right there with Sony instead of selling 70k consoles in a month. Turns out, people just want a straight up console the runs games better than the competition. #1.1.31
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