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Angry Joe and Total Biscuit are the only ones I'll watch. Consistently good content. Pewdipie is terrible but not for me. I suppose teens will enjoy the screaming and fake scares. Jim sterling does fight for gamers when it suits him but all of those troll reviews and Dtoid and his role in gamergate means I can never watch his content.

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Live stream though? How would he cheat?

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Love how Tmartn goes back through his videos after the fact and adds a disclaimer that he owns the site despite pretending to find the site. Even after all of those reaction videos of him whining money FROM HIMSELF from the site he owns and controls. Same with ProSyndicate...only worse.

What's crazy is how fans of these two clowns will defend this nonsense. Both should be jailed for unregulated gambling sites clearly aimed at the kids who watch their content.

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Here we go again.... Let's start the whole "it has potential" train again. It doesn't. It was a mistake and should never be used for games. Period.

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How would a writer affect the set pieces?

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Not the point. If I'm at work, probably shouldn't be looking at half naked women so the warning is appreciated even though this is far from NSFW

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What do you think E3 is for? Traditionally it's always been about games you'll play in the years to come. MS happens to be the only company that advertises the faCT that they have so little to offer outside of the handful of games they pump out every other year.

Aside from scalebound....which won't be out for years...

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Honestly this game looks like skyrim for kids and I didn't see any of the innovation I keep reading about....

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This dude is jaded. Time to take a break. Did anyone really want another Dishonored? This guy right here....

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Do research on this studio. VV made the best spiderman games back in the day...

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I basically paid $200 for mine. Only one available was the halo bundle and I have yet to play Halo if ever. Use the elite daily on my X1 and Ps4 (via cronusmax) and it's the best gaming investment I've made since buying a ps4...

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I've used them for many games since launch. I question the accuracy of this post....

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You're saying you have games better than Dark Souls, Uncharted, and Doom? That's what I'm playing. What are you playing?

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You people advocating 2nd chances need to go play the old CoDs or other hacked and ruined games. Cheaters in gaming are the worst type of scum...

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I really wish they would stop pushing Damien Wayne. Kid beat Talon and freaking Deathstroke. And tripped the Flash without shattering every bone in his leg. He's in his own crappy book that replaced Batman and Robin. And now potentially starring in a Suicide Squad game which should have nothing to do with him....

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Article is spot on and proves it's point. The false success comes into play because the millions that bought the Wii abandoned Nintendo 3 years into the life cycle off the Wii and didn't bother with the Wiiu.

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Yeah but Donnie and that Shark were way open. Basically broke the game

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E3 is like the Superbowl for gamers. Boggles the mind why some want to see it gone.

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The majority of you are missing the point. $40 on PC and $60 on console with the only option being a special addition filled with crap for PC games like WoW. It's stupid....

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Rockstar...yes. CD does not have the accolades. Tally up the goty nominations for UC2,Uc4, and the Last of Us. No other studio comes close aside from Rockstar...

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