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2 things...

People wanting Half Life 3 feels like a meme at this point.

Valve is too busy rolling in cash from steam to care about game development

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Mario is on IOS.............

Never say never

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Those of you defending Phil as the man that's turning everything around from the disastrous launch.... 2 things..

1. Phil was there for the entire process of creating Kinect and the gutting of studios to create more Kinect titles. This happened during the last 5 years of the x360 through the launch of the x1. Prior to taking over, Phil was in charge of games coming to both consoles. What good has he done? Times exclusives and hand me down franchises like Gears (New stu...

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The ps3 had dedicated servers bro. You probably shouldn't be writing reviews of you don't know the basics. Actually, the ps3 had cloud saves and dedicated servers BEFORE the 360. They didn't really need to advertise it like it holds the same value as exclusives like MS does.. .

Do better

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@eat and really everyone saying they all play the same...

Even within the same franchises, the games play differently. If you compared uc1,uc2,and Uc3 together you'd never make a statement like that..... but comparing means you need to Actually play them....

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GS was always a pointless pool of ....points but that Platinum Trophy seemingly more worthwhile. You look at your gamerscore and have 100k score but have no idea how many games you've mastered where as I look at my platinums and know right away.

So gamerscore means nothing to me and really never has where as I'm more inclined to complete a game on PS because of the plat at the end.

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That's unrealistic...

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Gtfo outta here bro. BLACK OPS 3 IS STILL $50!!! You telling me any CoD has more Value than Blodborne or Horizon? UC4?

CoD games never drop in price because Activision is greedy and rigid and so is Nintendo

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I'm gonna give the game a shot. Loved the first game. Second game was pure trash and a terrible reskin of the 1st plus mutants.

I'm hoping this game is a solid 7 or 8. The game isn't a blockbuster and never has been so it's interesting that MS is treating it as such but when you have nothing as you've only invested in pay services, this is what you get.

I honestly could care less about the cloud tech that is or isn't in the game....

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Ha... good one

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NPCs in Zelda mumble at at you were as in Horizon they have dialog. What interaction are you talking about.?

The physics ...always boils down to physics. The only good thing about Zelda.

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Zelda should make you appreciate Horizon more....

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This sounds like a shot at Sony and MS. Kids and casuals aren't looking for power but core gamers are. When your games list is hamstrung by limited tech, you miss out on games. How is that variety?

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Agreed Jrshankill

This was the very same stupid argument when the gen started. PS4 was clearly superior the X1. X1X is clearly superior to PS4 Pro. It's insane the amount of disagrees for something as simple as people saying the X1X is impressive.

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Some of my most amazing gaming experiences where on Xbox from 2002 through 2010. The brand has not been the same since so I would have a hard time selling iconic to anyone.

It's a shame he feels this way about Live because it should be xbox's 1st party studios. It's always been about Live and how to monetize every damn thing and it brought about the era of forced multiplayer. With as much as they've made of live you'd think they would.have a world class ...

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400 million consoles and basically the face of modern gaming.

280 million consoles with 10 more years and 3 more consoles.

If you said in the handheld space I'd agree but PlayStation is legendary when it comes to consoles. No less than 85 million sold with each console assuming ps4 is around for 2 more years which is guaranteed.

Credit where it's due bro

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Decades into it now. Can't call them new since it's been 18 years

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Maybe on the Switch but it's not even the best Zelda!

Breakable weapons and shields
Somehow unbreakable armor
Limited crafting
Shrines are beyond boring
Somewhat broken stamina system
Climb any wall in the game that's not a shrine wall
Blood moon is dumb
Only a handful of enemy types
Stupid A.I
Voice acting is terrible
No dungeons and beasts are a poor replacement

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If you've never played it, you will have a blast. The game is basically

Orb collecting
Climbing shit to collect orbs
Killing dudes for experience orbs

And that's all it needs to be!

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Yeah because we all are going to pretend Gears 1-4 doesn't have the very same walking and talking where Fenix has his hand on the ear piece and talks to someone which masks loading and also serves as exposition.

By the way, love Crackdown and it's a definite purchase at some point but this is not a system seller or sufficient reason to jump on Xbox and certainly isn't a compelling reason to buy an XB1X

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