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I can see a $300-$350 price tag happening. It goes well with Nintendo's statements that it will be their most expensive console, but also that we will be pleasantly surprised.

Show me something awesome to expect the first year and I'd have no problems paying 350 for it.

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Indeed. We know it's coming this year and we know that it cost money. I wanna see the games.

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I would think it's the other way around. Fanboys gobble up whatever a company throws at them, but gamers are fast criticize when something isn't perfect or to their liking. Haters would be the most difficult bunch to please, though.

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Is there anyone whoe DOESN'T buy a system for the exclusives? I'm sure you would eat them up if those games came out on your console of choice.

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I'd love to check out Maja and The Magical Mirror, but I don't own any iOS devices. Will it be available on Android or any other OS later?

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You say FinaLXiii comment has no merit when he merely states his opinion which is shared by many other, while respond with your own opinion shared by many other as the absolute truth.

A game whose main praise comes from technical feats (Uncharted 2) isn't nearly as indicative of quality as a game praised for it's brilliance and fun (Galaxy). Uncharted is an outstanding series, but does anyone with a 'neutral' look on the two think that Uncharted comes out on t...

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"3D effect looks better/more effective/more natural"

That's what Kotaku writes in their summary of the hands-on by french Puissance Nintendo. I don't know if it improves the discomfort some people experienced on the original, but the positive wording makes me cautiously optimistic.

Personally I thought the XL was gonna be humongous, but it doesn't look bad when seeing it in the hands of someone playing it.

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It's a good launch line-up and a lot of the games has already proven to be good on other systems like Batman, Trine 2 and Mass Effect 3. There's also games you can expect to be good because of previous installments like AC3, Darksiders 2, TTT2 and Rayman.

The problem most people seems to have is that none of them highlights the Wii U's features. ZombiU seems like the best one to do that, but I remain cautiously optimistic about that one because although it looks...

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I just finished Pandora's Tower at the 20 hour mark, 30 hours of The Last Story, Zelda: Skyward Sword took me 60 hours, and I had to force myself to put down Xenoblade after 200 hours because, frankly, I have to many games I want to play before I retire the Wii completely.

I could take you even further back than the last 6-7 months, but to be honest that would be a herculean task.

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You can rate the story. If you click the sites name below the "Read Full Story" link you'll get the option to rate both the story and website. You can also report it by clicking the cogwheels on the thumbnail, but there's not really anything wrong with this article. It's just an opinion piece which is bound to get disagrees.

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A remake of aLttP would be preferable over MM if they remade the whole world in 3D, but otherwise MM is the way to go for me. I'd rather have a sequel more than a remake, though.

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Well, people come and go in game studios all the time. That includes Retro and no game they've made since Metroid Prime has been less than good.

As of now I'm not worried about Retro's capability, but I may start to if their next game turns out to be a turkey. Going by their track record that is a pretty big "if".

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True, but a 3DS game would propel sales of the handheld to new heights if earlier installments are any indication. Pokemon is one of the biggest system sellers Nintendo has.

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A 3DS game would compell me to buy a 3DS even though I've been holding out for a remodel, but it's good to see that Nintendo is supporting their last gen handheld over a year after the 3DS launched.

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I don't think friend codes would be that bad if they are limited to one per system instead of the Wii's one per game and let's people choose their own usernames. It's not any different than what everyone already does with phones anyway.

I haven't tried it myself, but everyone seems to be pleasantly surprised by the 3DS' current system, and it can only get better when Nintendo Network goes live.

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I need this.

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Are you serious? All regulars in Nintendo stories on this site, myself included, has said that the conference was downright disappointing. It killed a lot of the anticipation I had for the console.

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If this improves as much upon the franchise as the second game it's going to be great.

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Basically. We have our own currency, Norwegian kroner, and most PS3/360 game sets you back around 600 kroner at launch. If you convert it you get 100 USD. There are exceptions though, and games do see discounts and special offers after a while so it's not all bad.

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100 dollars is actually what we pay for games here in Norway. And yeah, it is ridiculous.

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