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I don't get why people keep saying this. No, the Wii U will most likely not be as huge as the Wii, but neither is PS3 or the 360 and no one is calling them failures. Nintendo have had one annual loss ever and suddenly they should quit making consoles, but Sony and MS who sees red numbers almost every year are better off than ever before. It's a crazy world we live in.

If Nintendo survived the Nintendo 64 and the Gamecube they are not going anywhere the next generation...

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I would like to see a 1st person/3rd person hybrid where you can choose for yourself how to play it. Both styles have already proven to work in Metroid Prime and Other M, and with a little added polish and balancing they could work seamlessly together. I also want a return of the isolated feel from the pre-Wii games.

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It's about Nintendo utilizing their own hardware better both graphically and gameplay-wise than anyone else. No one is saying that the Wii is more powerful than the PS3 or the Wii U will outperform the PS4. We all know that's not the case. You are the one who brought up the PS3, not the article or your fellow N4G'ers.

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That would be very nice, but could potentially end up cannibalizing the sales of the 3DS system. A better business move would be to enable streaming from your 3DS to the Wii U.

A DS player or even an eShop section with DS games would be great though, since the DS has already seen its success at retail.

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The difference is that the games Sony get the highest honor for is only published by them for the most part, but was developed by a lot of great 2nd party studios who also made the list. The part of Nintendo IGN titled the best developer is their Entertainment and Analysis Division (EAD) which develops the likes of Mario and Zelda in-house. Now it's all opinions, but I really don't think SCE Japan Studio quite measures up to Nintendo EAD.

Just watch the video IGN emb...

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Yeah, I don't expect this to be true, but the acquisition of Rare and they're franchises would be huge for Nintendo. Rare owns a lot of varied IPs that would complement a Nintendo console. From Banjo which feels right at home at Nintendo to Perfect Dark and Jet Force Gemini which is the kind of games Nintendo is always knocked for lacking.

Buying back Rare would also be a great service to their fans who fondly look back to their SNES/N64 days, and who would surely la...

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I want this to be true so bad. Rare may not be half of what they were back then, but the ability to download all their old stuff and seeing Banjo & Kazooie, and possibly Joanna in Smash Bros would be a great fanservice in itself.

Sadly this rumor seems way too good to be true, because I don't think MS would be up for parting with all of Rare's franchises. They still hold great potential despite the lackluster outings this generation.

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I think the Golden Sun characters can do pretty much anything the Avatar characters can. Plus their appearance in SSB is long overdue.

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Dunsparce currently accounts for 1% of the overall votes, so I wouldn't worry. I'm all for most of the others on the list, though, so I voted for most of them.

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Most of them were expected, but I wouldn't say Psychonauts and Epic Mickey is very Zelda-like. Those two have more in common with each other than Zelda.

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I would much rather meet the man in person and get his autograph for free instead of buying through a third party, and I most definitely would not put it up for sale afterwards.

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That seems to be the power of the N64. Granted, I didn't play 100 games on it, but almost everything I played was good.

Also, it's nice seeing a 100-entries strong list on a single page.

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From what we've seen the Pad seems to be the main reason this game is such an intriguing survival horror.

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It was added before the kickstarter had actually started, but was zetta slow out the pending section and into the news section. Plus the headline is just a small part of the whole article.

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If Nintendo wants money for their more advanced online functions I'm not gonna complain as long as getting an account and basic multiplayer is free. I won't use the online functions for more than that so it wouldn't really affect me otherwise. Voice chat and video chat would put a heavy load on the servers, so why not accept that as a part of this 'deeper' online service.

Everyone got their panties all wet over PS Plus, so why can't Nintendo also do a ...

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I have 3 Mario games and 2 Zelda games on Wii out of around 60 titles in total, not including Virtual Console and Wiiware games. Tell me more about how I as a Nintendo fan only play Mario and Zelda.

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Monolith did finish Disaster, but it didn't come out in NA if that's where you live. It was also one of the first games that piqued my interest in the Wii, but sadly the game turned out pretty mediocre with a few shining moments.

It would be pretty cool to see how Retro handles an RPG, though. An exclusive WRPG could do wonders for Nintendo's line-up.

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For a game that always grabs a spot on all 'Top 10 most overlooked games'-lists it'll be interesting to see how well it does this time.

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I've never played Shantae before, but was thisclose to downloading the DSi game. I was a couple of blocks short though, so my plan fell apart.

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I know it's somewhat of a taboo thing to say, but Sony was actually the very first to tap into the casual market. in the 2D era it was considered a childs and social outcasts pastime by the non-gamers, but then the PSX came and made it cool and suddenly everyone wanted a gaming system.

The PSX sold 100M, the PS2 sold 150M. There is not that many 'hardcore' gamers out and about. Even if you halve those numbers the sales of a game classified as 'hardcore' ac...

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