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That's kind of cool if it is indeed true, but I hope it doesn't get in the way of Retro actually developing their own games. They are one of Nintendo's best developers, after all. #7
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They won't return my calls...

But honestly I'd take those three over 1 Monster Hunter, although I don't think they can match MH's significance in Japan. The combined sales numbers for previous installments aren't anywhere near one Monster Hunter on PSP. #12.1.1
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I've never bought a CoD game before, and I don't think this will change that.

It's great for prospective buyers, though, and shows that the Wii U is a decent step up from current gen despite what some people say. #42
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If there's one Japanese game that would kick off the Vita it's Monster Hunter. It singlehandedly turned things around for the PSP in Japan, so why not the Vita? #12
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He's predicting that the Wii U will sell the most next gen like the Wii did this gen, hence the "2nd gen in a row". I neither agree nor disagree with that, because regardless of who sell the most I think the all three are gonna be close this time around. Kind of like the PS3 and 360 currently are.

All three selling 60-80 million each seems realistic and should be considered successful. Not everyone can sell PS2 or Wii numbers. #2.3.1
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Why not? The credibility of one's claim to be a "hardcore gamer" takes a pretty big hit when they decide to totally disregard 1/4 of the industry, especially if that lack of interest escalates into a vendetta and attempts to devalue the console in question online. #27
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I'm far from a mobile gamer, but I would be lying if I said none of the games interest me. The problem is the lack of buttons. If those games came out as downloadables on DS or PSP I'd buy them without a doubt. If the price is right, that is. #9.1
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The funny thing is that Shenmue sold less than Bayonetta and most gamers including me haven't even played it, but the notority and seemingly high-profile nature of it would cause a much bigger uproar.

Most people just want a game to be on their console so they can say so. #1.6
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I hope it's true that these guys'll be at TGS with their new game. Can't wait to see what they are brewing. #4
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Oh, I see. Scratch that, then.

They should have included one more game, though. 2 titles for an HD collection doesn't seem like a lot. #1.4.2
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It doesn't say anything about 358/2 Days being included, just that you'll be able to watch the cutscenes.

Oh, well. Excited for this anyway, but would rather have the second game too since 1 and 2 is the only ones I haven't played. #1.4
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Most people wouldn't call using accessory and emulating software designed for consoles innovative. Most people would call it leaching off the innovation brought to gaming by the console manufacturers who are the true innovators.

You say the Wii U tablet will be useable on PC too in a month or two and that might be the case, but will there be any dedicated software or support for it on PC? The only use a PC gamer would have from it is when a Wii U emulator becomes availabl... #14.1
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I'm glad more people get to experience Muramasa. Such a great game. #7
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Duly noted. It can be hard to tell sometimes. #3.1.2
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I think that's a different Monolith. #3.1
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I'm definitely excited for this, although JRPGs have had hard time transitioning from SD to HD. Just look at FFXIII and Xenoblade. The PS3 is around 20 times more poweful than the Wii, but Xenoblade runs circles around FFXIII in every aspect apart from the aesthethics.

Like I said I'm excited for this and going by Monolith's track record I have faith in it, but better hardware doesn't always bring better results. #1.3
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I agree. It hasn't really affected me till now, but the only reason I bothered accepting it was because I'd lose access to 50+ games I still haven't played through completely.

I don't mind the content of the new user agreement as much as the fact that if you don't accept it you'll lose the games you bought under the old user agreement. #1.2
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Going by the Japanese price for the Pad this option is going to be a tad too expensive for me. I guess I'll instead be relying on any potential second player having a Wii U of their own and brings their Pad over for multiplayer sessions. #4
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I didn't know I've been paying 80-100 dollars for discs and cartridges filled with graphics this whole time. #28
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I liked the first game despite playing it on PS3 which people seem to unanimously claim to be the inferior version. As long as this maintain the same quality I'll buy it at some point. #9
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