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It may look like your typical cash grab, but it's actually an indie game which aren't big offenders when it comes to shovelware.

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I don't think anyone buys Mario games for the visual improvements, but rather the joy of mastering new levels and fresh ideas. Regardless of what anyone says it's not the same game just because the core gameplay and art direction are the same. The improvements done to the games aren't anything less than those done to countless other series.

To be fair, while the Wii U not upscaling Wii games is a shame because it is technically possible, backwards compatibility wi...

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I find this weird because the game is confirmed to work with the pro controller, which means there aren't any gameplay features that desperately needs the second screen. If you can play with only the TV screen, then why not give you the option to play with only the Pad's screen?

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Don't get your panties in a bunch just because I replied to you. It's something to get used to if you're here to "express your opinion", which was nothing more than taking a stab at other users, by the way.

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That's funny, because you've made 30 comments in 3 days on mostly Wii U articles. Don't think that your constant negativity and unprovoked hostility towards those excited about the system is any better.

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I could probably write a whole essay on what I want to see, but I'll keep it simple and say a new Metroid, Starfox, Retro or Monolith game.

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I meant to say 'a Nintendo exclusive', and it was meant to be a joke because it's the only thing Thepcz listed that is remotely possible, albeit still farfetched.

But I agree; MS is probably the only one who would and could pay to get it exclusively.


That would be nice, but heavy-hitters like those are probably reserved for E3. I'll be lining up day one if they do show a new Metro...

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Call of Duty will never be exclusive.


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I do. I got it with The Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate Pack during summer 2010. Still haven't opened it.

I'm not that big on voice chat though, unless the game let's me decide who to talk to. Skype has been the way to go for me if I wanna talk to someone while playing.

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With "realistic" I mean what it'd be realistic of Nintendo to aim for considering the price point of the system. I agree it's hard to put a number based on what we know and have seen till now.

I expect Retro to be one of the first to really push it. Hopefully as soon as next year.

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"the most misinformed and ignorant statement about this console all week."

To be fair it is still Monday.

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High end PCs aren't even 19 times more powerful than PS3. 3x the power seems realistic.

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99% seems like a stretch. Just because pokemon fans are content with sprites doesn't mean they wouldn't welcome a change in style. It actually appears to be the most requested change to be made to the series. Nintendo and Game Freak already has the basics in place with the N64, Gamecube, Wii as well as the 3D pokedex. There's no reason not to do it anymore when the hardware allows it.

The franchise won't die just because Ninte...

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I see people keep saying that, but how is creating an artifical demand better than actually selling your product? People are clearly interested in it and I'm sure Nintendo has a better business sense than keeping a highly sought-after item unavailable, especially considering they expect to sell 5 million by the end of March next year.

You know, it isn't cool calling someone out in an article totally unrelated to whatever "debate" you may h...

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I'm not a big online Wii gamer, but MHTri was definitely one of the highlights. This is getting an English version in March and I assume it'll be the ultimate version of Tri, so I can deal with not getting 3G or the PSP games.

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It would be much sweeter if they did this with Monster Hunter 4 instead of another version of Tri.

Oh, well. if the online is great I'll buy it again.

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"Famitsu reconfirms that you can transfer save data between versions with a free app"

Oh, man, that's gold. Can you imagine if you had to pay for it?

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I also thought that the focus on AI didn't debunk the possiblity of a new F-Zero, but the job description ZI linked to states that the duties will include work on AI for enemies and bosses. I don't think a new F-Zero will be so heavy on that, especially to the point where they can't use the ones who worked on MP or DKCR.

Here's hoping for a Starfox, Metroid or, dare I say, a crossover.

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"months ago too.. So ppl will get pumped to play this cuz u can play on the pad right?"

You make it sound like everyone has already played DS2 already, even though the game hasn't even broken one million yet across 130 million consoles and god knows how many PCs. less than 1% of all gamers have played this game, so don't act like there isn't a market for this game on Wii U.

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There you go. As you see Nintendo can take a 20 billion yen loss for 30 years before packing their bag, and that is without factoring the value of their properties.

Honestly, it would be a stupid move for Nintendo to make their IPs available on iOS/Android. They are the main attraction on Nintendo consoles and amo...

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