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Such a great game and among my favourites on Wii. I want to replay it, but it's so dang long and I don't have the time.

Looking forward to Monolith's next game. Hopefully they can 1-up themselves on the Wii U. #1
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Then you're not adding enough cheese.;] #1.5.2
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I agree that standard controllers are fine as they are, but why stick with only pizza when you can have tacos too?

I don't expect the Gamepad to surpass standard controls. I do however expect it to be just as good an option for gamers, and possibly work better for some games while not really adding much to others. #1.5
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Wow, that's even more than the physical sales. I'm sure it got a big boost thanks to Steam's summer sale, but regardless it shows that the retail sales don't paint nearly as complete a picture of the industry anymore. #2
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Even the Wii (WiiWare) and DS (Nintendo Channel) had demos in some form, although fairly limited. It would be absurd if the Wii U didn't. #4.2
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Well, the article says that Miyamoto revealed in an interview that Takashi Tezuka was inspired by Peter Pan when drawing his sprite, So I guess that's why.

Link does seem more similar to Robin Hood, though. At least as an adult. #1.1
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You really can take any piece of news and just roll with it, can't you?:P #1.10
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It's hardly overpriced. Nintendo confirmed that it will be selling at a loss, although no mention of how much, it can't be considered overpriced in any way. The price point is also fairly close to other products on the market at the moment, namely the PS3, Xbox 360 and Vita despite obviously being a decent step up from those consoles.

The price is fair, all things considered. #6
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Being able to play with only the Gamepad is a welcome addition. Using the wizard during enemy onslaughts was nearly suicide on the PC because of the mouse controls. It'll be a lot faster to draw directly on the screen.

I've already played this, but the enhancements make it a definite purchase when I buy a Wii U. #3
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The Chuchus are the Slimes of the Zelda universe and are suitably awesome. When it comes to fighting I like the ones that use melee weapons like Lizalfos, Dark Nuts, Stalfos, Gerudo Thiefs and the likes. And of course Dark Link. #3
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It's not that bad. The Vita and 3DS clocks in at around the same time and those are portables, while the Gamepad is meant to be used inside where you'll be surrounded by wall sockets.

Longer battery life would be great, but if people are fine with the Vita and 3DS then this is hardly an issue. #38.2
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I haven't watched the video yet, but why does it say "Miyamoto" above the message if Iwata drew it? It's also Miyamoto's Mii, so I can only conclude that the man himself drew it. #1.1.3
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I expect Mario Kart to be the big Nintendo game next holiday season. Since the series went online it's become one of Nintendo's biggest juggernauts so I'm sure they'll want it out as soon as possible.

After that we'll hopefully get a Zelda or Smash Bros, with a 3D Mario or Metroid the summer in-between. #2.1.1
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That is a possibility, but unless the reviews are hypothetical a guesstimate is possible. There are many reviews of OoT which haven't been taken into account, and it's also one of the games most commonly awarded with a perfect score.

It's just a guess, but I do think OoT has enough scores above 97.6% unaccounted for to pull that average slightly higher. #21.1.1
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I don't think it's the best game ever made, but it definitely deserves to be in the top 10-20.

What's interesting to note though is that SMG's score is based on 77 reviews while OoT is only based on 27 reviews. I'm sure OoT would be much higher if just as many reviews of that game were taken into account. #21
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What game would be a worthy #1 in your eyes? And please don't say Uncharted. #1.3.1
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It didn't look too appealing, but it says it's a beta version so I'll give the developer the benefit of the doubt and hope the finished product turns out better. #2.1.2
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It would be weird to be able to download digital versions of Wii U games while the Gamecube library is forgotten. They only take 1.5GB or less, so you could fit a minimum of 20 of those on the 32GB SKU.

I hope Tales of Symphonia, Baten Kaitos and Skies of Arcadia Legends get released on it. Those are some of the games I'm kind of bitter for missing the first time.

That and SSBM with online, like Capcom did with Super Street Fighter II on VC. It needs to h... #6
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I was hoping for something a little more Nintendo-y like 'Stars' or 'Coins'.

I haven't heard about Sony and 'Accomplishments', although I do believe they considered naming them 'Entitlements' at some point. Glad that didn't catch on. #2.1
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From the description it certainly sounds like it could be fun, and at €5 I might give it a go if the feedback is somewhat positive. #4.1
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