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Great games on the list. Personally I'd switch Twilight Princess with Metroid Prime Trilogy, Monster Hunter Tri with No More Heroes, and exchange Xenoblade's and Skyward Sword's placement.

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Hopefully I've completed Xenoblade by then.

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I read this with mixed feelings. It used to be a reassurance knowing that Miyamoto overlooked all these geat games, what with his eye for quality. I'll be very nervous when the next Mario and Zelda launches. On the other hand, if he's working on more independent projects with shorter dev. cycle we could get more of that Miyamoto magic in the future.

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I freaked out a little while reading this because earlier today I went to Lanayru Desert for the first part of the song. Thank god I didn't talk to the Goron, which I intended to do at first.

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Personally like both Mario and Rayman, but Mario comes out on top with tighter level design and better jumping repertoire (which, frankly, is the essence of the genre). Still, he's entitled to his opinion and I can respect someone who doesn't like something while still acknowledging that it's good.

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The button layout is the same as PS3 and 360, and most likely the next gen consoles too. The only difference is the big, honking screen in the middle which doesn't have to be used for anything other than a map or inventory. It's great if they implement it smarter, but it's hardly holding them back.

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You know there's a game drought when people pirate this game.

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Wouldn't that be Majora's Mask? Wouldn't mind a continuation of that, though.

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Nintendo titles have a certain uniqueness to them. They're a breath of fresh air in an otherwise dark industry, but quality wise they aren't unequaled. They are one of the greats, but they're far from alone.

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I agree that the potential sales of Xenoblade is extremely low compared other 1st Party games, but on the other hand it's also an investment by Nintendo.

By localizing Xenoblade they let the consumers know that Nintendo will bring them these games, even if it's a little overdue. It provides reassurance in future Nintendo hardware and removes some of the doubts the consumers may have, namely if they'll miss out on amazing games because of NoA's priorities.

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