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I hope they use it the same way as OoT 3D used the touchscreen for gameplay, with a little bit of PH/ST/SS in there for items and puzzles.

I really liked the ability to jot down notes on the map in the DS games, and hope that returns too. The Uncharted Island was one of the niftiest puzzles in Phantom Hourglass.

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I don't think so. The Wii U being 'sold out' depends more on the city and store than the region as a whole, I believe. You could say that there is a shortage, though. Unless it's readily available to everyone everywhere then it won't reach its full sales potential even if some stores have it in stock.

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Building the system doesn't give you an auto-win button. Sony built the PS3, but there's a night and day difference between the early first party games and those they churn out today. The same with 360. Hell, even the underpowered Wii saw some pretty big improvements over time.

It's unreasonable to expect anyone, even the manufacturer, to have a system figured out from the start.

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I am officially out of things to read about.

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It seems pretty sturdy. I wonder if everything works as it should, though. There are a lot of technology inside it that could be damaged even if the screen and casing still are in one piece. They can't really tell unless they hook it up to the console.

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I can honestly just take a gander at the title and instantly know if it's from Kotaku.

This could easily have been free though, but it's such a small sum it's really no biggie.

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It isn't priced much lower than the old Wii which is bundled with 2 games. For the impulse buyer it will seem like a sweet deal, but personally I don't see this offering better value than the current Wii at $130 with both Wii Sports games as well as wifi.

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You'd have a point if it wasn't for the fact that it was a visual presentation if Quinn's wording is any indication.

"Kutaragi comes in, introduces himself, sits down and - I swear this is true - he closed his eyes the moment I started >>SHOWING<< my pitch"

This quote is from the CVG article: http://www.computerandvide...

Xenoblade isn't even 3rd Party. It's published by Nintendo, plus they own Monolith which makes it 1st Party through and through.

Great game, though. Second only to SMG on Wii in my opinion.

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We got pretty much all the individual games and they sold fairly well, so I'd be surprised if it didn't make its way over here at some point. Of course we'll probably have to wait for at least a year, but still...

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I haven't played Cursed Mountain, but the rest of them are pretty good. I didn't like Madworld, although I can't deny that it's a good game.

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"does any have proof to say otherwise on why this would be impossible?"

Nope. Welcome to N4G.:)

Seriously though, Nintendo should bag a GTA game in some way or another. Some developers have said that it's fast and fairly cheap to port games to the Wii U, so Rockstar wouldn't need to sell many copies to profit.

Chinatown Wars sold 1M on DS, so there's obviously a market on Nintendo for GTA.

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I see PC gamers posting about their 1080p emulators all the time. I guess that's the answer.

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You should read the actual story Kotaku got this from:


Quote: "We were in a tiny little room with a big PC projector and Kutaragi comes in, introduces himself, sits down and - I swear this is true - he closed his eyes the moment I started showing my pitch. He never opened them until I had finished....

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What a swell guy.

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At some point, but I haven't preordered and doubt I'll find one in stores the first few months. There's no rush either way, because I have a lot of games to play at the moment and the Wii U isn't going anywhere.

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The Wii as a system isn't as good as Nintendo's previous consoles and the PS3 or 360, but it has a ton of great games that can stand neck to neck with anything before it and on rivalling platforms. The games are the reason we buy the system, not the other way around.

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I think the Wii U has potential to be the most used console, not only because of the games, but also the features. It depends on what MS and Sony is cooking for their next gen systems, though.

We don't know anything about them, but if they aim to be the center of your living room the same way as the Wii U with an equally streamlined interface then it could go either way. If they just add more power on top of what they did this generation then you may have a point.

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Or else?

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1.3 mpx equals 1024 x 1280 resolution and is hardly anything to scoff at considering the Gamepads 480p and TVs at 720p and 1080p. It's much higher than a lot of the games this generation.

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