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Was kind of expecting this. Two screens seem mandatory for a lot of games, but I don't see why a game like AC can't assign the inventory and map to a pop-up menu via a good ol' button press when playing on the Pad.

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I wouldn't mind another mash-up like Skyward Sword, to be honest.

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I can wait for Zelda. A new game is gonna be great, but I'm kind of glad the series isn't released annually like Mario has started to. Mario announcements is starting to feel less special than they were 10 years ago, and if my favorite franchise were to go the same way I'd be really disappointed. The fact that it's still in R&D means it won't just rely on it's name and past glory, so I can rest assured that it's gonna be just as great as it always has been.

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You say that the Wii only had TP at launch, which may be true, but the E3 prior to it's launch blows this years E3 out of the water and takes it's lunch money.

In 2006 we saw Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Brawl, Paper Mario, Rayman, Red Steel, Disaster, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Dragon Quest Swords, Project Hammer... and that's just off the top of my head. Sure, a lot of them wasn't the GOTY contenders you'd hope, but they shot expectations for the humbl...

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This is the same uninformative "spec sheet" that's been posted 5 times already.

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That looks niice, and it seems plausible too as I can't imagine anyone creating a fake like that. I was expecting an eventual remake on 3DS though.

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Thank you, good sir.^^

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Damn it, my first disagree on this site and it was by accident... But yeah, a sequel would be awesome. Or at least that the battle system makes it way to other Mistwalker titles.

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If this is true and it let's me read manga without any hassle I'd be one happy duck. It's the one thing that made me consider a kindle at £100, but if I can get the same feature included in the price of the console the choice would be a no-brainer.

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Well, you can get a Wii for half the price of the Vita and there's really no comparison between the libraries of the two. The people who buy a Wii now has almost six years worth of exclusives on the cheap to choose from.

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That's a good deal, but I'll hold out until it gets a handful of games I'm interested in. Who knows, maybe it'll get a price cut while I'm waiting.

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Nintendo's got enough grub to take these kinds of losses for 3-4 decades before it's game over for them, if an article a while back is to be believed. The two others are in far worse positions with their nearly annual losses, and I can't even imagine neither of them call it quits anytime soon.

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An RPG can be good even with restricted exploration, but it's not what I look for in the genre. I'm not opposed to playing one if it nails those other key elements, though.

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Probably not. It would be awesome if Nintendo allowed for customisation and let users share their designs as an alternative, but I wouldn't bet on that happening either.

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DD was pretty fun in multiplayer, but it's not as good as the rest. Wouldn't go so far as saying it sucks, though.

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Agreed. Brawl would be the perfect SSB if it had Melee's gameplay, but since it doesn't I vote Melee.

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The visor one looks so great, and needs to happen.

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It could, although it's not likely. Maybe it'll be the "weakest" of the bunch, but I highly doubt it'll be to the point of "hardware limitations". Does anyone think Sony is going to have the same leap from PS3 to PS4 as they had from the PS2. I'll tell you right now that it won't. Sony has seen major annual losses this whole generation, and it would be suicide for them to walk into the same trap for another generation. Sony CFO Masaru Kato even came out...

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That's definitely two big factors in making a great RPG, but so is a big, explorable worlds instead of pretty corridors. To go anywhere, discover secrets and encountering monsters that can rip you to shreds is my favorite aspect of RPGs.

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Pandora's Tower is the only one that can be considered to have bombed. The Last Story outsold Xenoblade in Japan, but didn't perform so hot in EU, and Xenoblade has sold over 600K to date. Meanwhile Pandora's Tower is currently at 100K in two regions, and seems to have settled there.

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