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Call me delusional, but it's clear that NSMBU isn't enough to make people buy the Wii U. Yes, it sells systems, and yes, the Wii U wouldn't have sold as much without it, but do you really think a 3D Mario wouldn't have pushed a lot more consoles during launch? The so-called hardcore gamers and fans are the ones buying systems at launch, and a 3D Mario would undoubtedly persuade them go out and buy it in a way NSMBU couldn't. Hell, 3D Land was THE game that turned it around...

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I'm cool with that as long as those Japanese games continue to be localized.

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Yeah, it's a really great book, especially for Zelda fans. I'm enjoying it a lot, but i think there's a little too much focus on Skyward Sword. It takes up over 90 pages if you count the 30 page manga chapter. I would have liked more coverage on the other games.

It doesn't really detract from the quality of the book, though, and I would definitely recommend it to gamers and Zelda fans.

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They're teaming up with Namco to make a third Mario Kart arcade game as well as SSB, and shouldn't affect Mario Kart for Wii U.

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I think 3D Mario has more power than the 2D ones in term of selling systems. It seems to me that a lot of people are willing to buy the console for the 3D Mario, while they buy the 2D Mario because they happen to have the system.

This may be more true now than ever seeing that we've gotten so many NSMB games lately. The urge to buy the system to play 2D Mario doesn't seem so strong as it was for the Wii/DS.

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Personally I don't really want Zelda to have a huge, open world like TES where you can traverse the whole world. I'd rather have a more condensed world packed with things to do. Think TP sized overworld with MM/WW/SS amount of content.

I wouldn't mind less linearity, either. Completing dungeons out of order as well as different solutions to puzzles and more than one way to approach a boss could go a long way to improve the series.

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If Nintendo did that it would just make the franchises into something they're not, in which case they'd be better off just getting an Elder Scrolls, Diablo/Starcraft and a shooter game for the Wii U.

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I'd buy Vigil if I had the money...:/

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And that is not true about any other fans, right?

Did you know that around a year back I wrote a comment on a review, saying that I would buy a PS3 when the game released. You know what happened? I was showered in disagrees because it was the "wrong game" that made me want to buy it.

Now, corrus, I know you have an unnatural hate for Nintendo and their fans, but don't act like what you just said isn't equally true for any other fanbase.

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Iwata said a few months back that the game is unrelated to any existing series:

I don't think the similarities are enough to say that it's Xenoblade 2, although for convinience sake it's probably the best way to refer to it.

A lot of games are open world, and it's not unusual for developers...

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The Wii U discs can hold up to 25GB, which is the same as a single layer Blu-ray disc. I don't know if the Wii U can read dual layer discs, but either way it shouldn't pose a problem with 25GB to work with.

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Yes, but he's got nothing on Miyamoto and his 1-up t-shirt, though.

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It looks like Xenoblade meets Monster Hunter meets steroids.

Monolith and Retro's games are my most anticipated for the Wii U, and I must say it's already looking good.

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I've spent a lot of time playing Virtual Console games on an HDTV, and while it doesn't look great it's not exactly game breaking.

However, I do think it would be a better move by Nintendo to add them to the 3DS eShop instead and give the Wii U Gamecube games. I mean, there's already full retail games on the eShop, so why not put games from previous generations on there too? It's better than doing nothing at all with those games.

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It seems like the problem with the Wii software isn't the lack of good games, but rather the lack of big names. I'm sure that if the exact same games were on the HD consoles instead and received a lot of coverage by the media then your agree-disagree ratio would be reversed.

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I agree with you that Nintendo should make a full-fledged Pokemon game for consoles, but I don't think that's a reason for Level 5 to not put a Ni no Kuni game on Wii U. It would only increase the game's chances of establishing itself as a franchise, something I'm sure Level 5 wouldn't mind.

As a Pokemon fan I can tell you that it's not because of the similarities between the two that I want the game. It's simply because it's seems like a great...

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I would actually like to see Nintendo make the art style something akin to this:

It's mind-boggling to imagine Hyrule looking like that, and it makes sense when considering Zelda's history of changing up its style. Just differentiate the scenery a bit instead of looking like it's melting into one and I think it could beat Wind Waker as the...

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It's not Sony's "Pokemon" game, it's Level 5's, and Ni no Kuni was on the DS long before PS3. Expanding Ni no Kuni's market would only be positive for Level 5, the Wii U and Ni no Kuni as a franchise.

I've already preordered the Wizard's Edition though, so unless it was the DS version that was ported or remade for the Wii U I wouldn't get it myself.

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Zelda's gameplay is fine the way it is, but I wouldn't mind if these guys designed the overworld for the next Zelda title. Or at least if EAD strived to create a similarly vast world as Xenoblade's.

I'd rather see something new from these guys, though. If they are increasing their staff then hopefully it means development will move along faster and we'll see the game at E3.

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"Madword, House of the Dead, No More Heroes, and Manhunt 2 all sold terribly on the Wii for reasons I mentioned already."

Let's look at the numbers, shall we?

Madworld: 700K sold, right behind PG's 360 version of Bayonetta.

Manhunt 2: The first game sold 1.3 million copies on PS2 and 200K on Xbox. The second game sold 300K on PSP, 520K on Wii and 560K on PS2. Hardly an argument for a game doing exceptionally bad on Wii.

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