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"I don’t think it’s anything the gamers should be worried about because I’m not worried one bit."


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I signed up, too! How cool would that be?

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Updates are updates - the fact that we even have the technology to now improve our existing hardware via firmware updates still amazes me. At 42 years old, I can guarantee you that this sort of feature simply could not exist technologically 20 years ago. The fact that people complain about system updates baffles me -- they are ongoing *improvements* to your system, coming at you from the hardware manufacturer, for FREE -- quit whining about the 30 f**ing minutes it takes to download and inst...

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"I don’t have a crystal ball – and if I had a Peace Dollar I would probably sell it because the economy being what it is, and the spot value of Silver this morning proving its worth at almost $30"

What planet is this guy from?

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I find this story funny, because in probably 2 years from now, you'll be able to purchase a card with the same power for about $400.

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Dude, I'm 42, married with no kids, and I have a 3DS... I'm not embarassed or ashamed by it -- just buy yourself one! You won't regret it.

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My WiiU has frozen a handful of times, but each time it's been while playing a third-party game... in my case, I can't be positive it's Ninty's fault.

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1 platinum for Limbo. :)

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Anyone have any idea why Nintendo's stock value has jumped 10% this morning?

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It's a TWEET from freakin' BEST BUY CANADA... how "big" can this news seriously be?

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Here's an idea... let's wait until Microsoft reveals the XBOX 720!

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Love that still from "A.I."

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Yeah, and I want a magical flying pony.

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I wonder if "the naval combat is reminiscent of Assassin’s Creed 3 but the developers promise that the final product will be more fleshed out and polished. You have the option of strafing your targets and firing upon them with your cannons, or you can give the signal to your crew to board. Boarding has your AI crew secure grappling lines to the opposing boat and pull it towards the Jackdaw so you can jump across. Edward was shown swinging from the tops of the ship’s rigging and even divi...

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I believe March 24th (in North America)

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Ha! I never thought about it that way - Lara showing up right when the ancient ruins happen to be falling apart - that's pretty funny, actually.

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In the original (if I recall) there was lots of drawing out of arcane symbols to invoke magic, attacks, etc. - that would rock on the GamePad.

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Lucid GP art 2013 Iwata site not 2014 PGRPRG 720 over Wii U yes says site many.

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Wow - just add 1 to all the popular franchises, and you've got an article!

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