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Not to sound like a smart-ass, but I must point out a few errors:

"Cthulhu" (not "Cthulu")
"Nyarlathotep" (not "Nyarlothep")
"Yog-Sothoth" (not "Yog-sthoth")
"Pickman's Model" (not "Pickman's Models")
and "Yuggoth" (not "Yugoth".)

Obviously, I am a big fan of HPL, so a still whole-heartedly agree with the sentiment of the...

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I have every North American amiibo so far, all new-in-box. It's cost me a fortune, but I'm hoping I'll be able to sell the whole collection one day for profit!

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So they fixed the invisible blocks exploit... does that mean all the user-made levels out there that use those blocks no longer work?

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I believe Jim Henson died from some form of pneumonia, as well.

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I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to PC gaming, but I have a few titles on Steam I'd like to play... would this app allow me to play my Steam games with my PS4 controller? Thanks for any help.

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Agreed - typical gamer feelings of entitlement.

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Iwata described their mobile model as "Free-to-start" -- meaning, you'll be able to play the full-fledged game without needing to make in-game purchases for gear, etc., but you will be limited in how far you can get in the game until you then make a payment. More like a game demo than a freemium.

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That's a shame, nidhogg... you're missing out on a lot of excellent games that exist for the WiiU!

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Zelda + ICO + Last Guardian = Want

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Same here - I'm on the east coast of North America, and I'm still seeing the April offers. Anyone know what time the May free games show up in the store?

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^ ^ ^ THIS!! I completely agree - I think MS, realizing how poorly they've managed Rare since their acquisition of them, are now realizing that the true fans of the company are yearning for the excellent platformers from back in the N64 days. Playtonic knows this, and now MS is sadly trying to hop aboard their hype-train.

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WarioWare microgames!

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"Apparently MS wanted Conker to hit store shelves by the end of 2015, and Insomiac refused because of the short dev cycle. MS wanted Conker out the door really quickly, because they wanted to reintroduce audiences to a bunch of older IPs that MS were planning on rebooting for 2016-17, like Perfect Dark and Banjo."

There's Microsoft's quality assurance for ya.

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