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MG2 > MG1

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This is cool -- now if I could only find a store near me that sells the Wii Fit U Meter! Seriously, BestBuy doesn't have it, Target doesn't have it - Amazon is sold out... there's a few places on Amazon that sell it, but marked-up considerably. What's the deal? Any suggestions? I'm in Austin, TX.

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Nintendo will be doing a triple-whammie on me Nov. 22nd -- Super Mario 3D World, LoZ: a Link between Worlds, and Mario Party: Island Tour! "My wallet is ready."

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AKR is correct - the WiiU version of NFS was the best out of the consoles - among other improvements over the others, it used the PC-version texture-packs, which were much more detailed than either the XBOX360 or PS3 versions.

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Sony's stock has dropped 11% today - that's a pretty serious dip. When I checked it this morning, it was down 13%. Not a good day for them.

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Rogue Squadron II would ROCK -- I played the s**t out of that game. III, not so much.

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He forgot to also look at the "not next-gen" WiiU games all confirmed to run at NATIVE 1920 x 1080p at 60fps:

Super Smash Bros.
Bayonetta 2
LoZ: the Wind Waker
Rayman Legends
Mario Kart 8
Sonic Lost Worlds
The Wonderful 101
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Super Mario 3D World

But hey, the WiiU is just a kiddie toy, right?

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What the heck? Where did this thing come from? First I've heard about it!

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I hear you on Pikmin 3 - I've been playing the s**t out of it! Currently going for the platinum medals in challenge mode -- such a well-designed game.

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TOO LATE! Already signed the petition. Personally, I think it would be freakin' hysterical.

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justastranger10 - you sound like a total Microsoft chat-room plant.

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Yes, because a company that has been making games since 1889 will definitely go bankrupt in the devastating wake of a few new FPS's.

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Yeah, 'cause we wouldn't be able to have a game consisting of nothing but QTE's without this incredible next-gen technology.

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Super Mario Galaxy 2!

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I am jealous. I played the s**t out of both 1 and 2, racking up 100% completion on both. In fact, I just went back and played 2 again to 100% in anticipation for the release of 3!! If you decide to pick up either, don't even bother with 1 -- 2 is all that 1 is, plus waaay more. The franchise is brilliant.

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PLEASE, YES!! That would be fantastic!!

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Agree with you 100%, man. SMG2 is an astounding game - I was totally bummed to see 3D World as their next big Mario release. 3D Land was fun, to be sure - but you're totally right... SMG3 would have been incredible.

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I'm surprised no one ever mentions in these articles the difficulty of getting the 242nd star in Super Mario Galaxy 2. I've played the game up and through the 241st star twice now, and as many times as I've tried, I JUST CAN'T GET THAT LAST FREAKIN' STAR!!!! :P

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"I don’t think it’s anything the gamers should be worried about because I’m not worried one bit."


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I signed up, too! How cool would that be?

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