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I like your theory. With only a handful of first-party titles known to be coming out when the system releases, it would be awesome if Ninty had been secretly working closely with a bunch of 3rd-party publishers to surprise everyone with an amazing lineup of day-one games. I don't think Nintendo is as stupid as everyone makes them out to be... they tried to get 3rd-party support for the WiiU, and it didn't work out - I think they're smart enough to "switch" up their str...

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I am currently seeing 3 in stock, but it's listed at $499.99?!?!?!

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I am driving at a SPEED of 20 miles per hour. I INCREASE my speed to 30 miles per hour. I am now driving FASTER than I was before. Why is this even being discussed?

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I'm probably just too old, but I actually found Ni No Kuni a bit difficult. I had trouble understanding the whole feeding & utilizing of my little monsters, and basically had to quit when I couldn't get past this one boss. I wished the game had some kind of "total idiot" mode, where you could just advance through the game at a nice peck, and just enjoy the visuals. Maybe your companions could take care of themselves, and do their own thing in battles. I thought that k...

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So wait... the guy in the video says that the headphones don't really do anything, while the article claims that morse code can be heard. So which is it?

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Omg, yeahright2 - your post had me in stitches. Thanks for cheering up my day!

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That looks nauseating and creepy.

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This is too cool. SMM for the Wii U is a freakin' BLAST.

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Man, it's gonna SUCK if the control scheme is the deal-breaker for this game... I've been looking forward to it for so long, and that would be a huge letdown.

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Inside is easily a 5/5 for me.

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It is not, and was never meant to be, a multiplayer game.

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Ah - I didn't realize it was the final version - thanks for clearing that up! I guess it is a bit worrisome, then...

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Maybe the guy shouldn't have dropped 2 grand on a copy that is not the final release version...

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I grew up with an Intellivision, so I'd have to go with that one. So many great memories! The N64 is a close second - I was a little late to the Nintendo party. :)

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Well, given that there's not a single game that runs better on the XBox One than on the PS4, then yes, I think the PS4 can probably pull it off.

Besides, Sony has locked down the minimum framerate for PSVR at 60fps, so although it may not be 1080p, it should definitely be 60fps. 372d ago 11 agree12 disagreeView comment

Agreed - looks hideous.

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I actually prefer the Nintendo version over this one... not everything needs to be made to look "more real."

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Uhhhh... why the subliminal flashes of Trump's ugly mug?

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No mention of the original Donkey Kong appearing in Donkey Kong 64? I freakin' loved that.

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