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Can someone help me out? I've always been interested in trying out a Battlefront game, but for reasons I will not go into, I don't play games online. When they say it will have a "single-player" campaign, does that mean I would get my money's worth if I played the single-player campaign only? Or, is it more just like a smaller thing that's added on...

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Without RTA, I can answer this... it's scary as F**K!

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Um - I'm a gamer, and the LAST thing that worries me about Trump is a price-hike in video games. Let's stick with what is actually important.

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Link's busted

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I don't really give a s**t about EA, so this doesn't affect me one iota.

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Correct - from what I've read, there are a ton of customization options for how you move. Not sure why the guy didn't mention that in this article... cannot wait!!

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OH! The smooth-camera mode is going to rock. I LOVE Bound, and it's great in VR... except it currently uses that stupid "camera-hopping" technique, which radically breaks the immersion. So glad this patch is coming out before my niece visits me next month!

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Nice article! Not to nitpick, but it's "Rogue," not "Rouge." :)

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Ah, yes, of course! Thanks!

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I could barely get through the damn PSVR demo or REVII... I am afraid... very afraid...

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Wait, can someone cite me an example of a GC game that took advantage of the analog triggers? As in, you're pressing the trigger all the way, or just part-way? I sure as heck cannot remember any... but then again, I didn't play racing games...

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I recently upgraded to an LG 4K TV, with HDR. So far, I'm more impressed with the HDR functionality than anything. For sure, stuff looks great in 4K native (streamed from Amazon and Netflix,) but for me, the resolution difference over 1080p is slightly noticeable, at best. Unless you have a television the size of an IMAX screen (or are watching your television with a magnifying glass from 2 inches away from the screen,) I honestly cannot image that the visible difference between 8K and...

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I was gonna say... "Rise of the Tomb Raider: the Entire Game." :)

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If they did re-master it, they could tweak some of the "insanity events" to better match up with the Switch and it's functionality... the screen could go black, with the message, "Battery critically low. Please return the Switch to the docking unit." Or, "Error: re-formatting SD card now." :P

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Umm... last I heard, they are releasing a brand-new console next March.

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From the official HDMI website:

"The HDMI 1.4 specification adds support for extremely high video resolutions that go far beyond today’s 1080p systems. 4K is shorthand for 4,000 lines wide by 2,000 lines high, or roughly four times the resolution of a 1080p display. The term actually covers two formats, both supported in the HDMI 1.4 specification"

Correct - the "a" specifically indicates the HDR metadata channel.

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WHY WOULD ANYONE DOWNVOTE VIKINGLAND1's COMMENT? All he's saying is that he's not having an issue, and that he hopes for the best for those that are. Some people have nothing but blackness in their hearts!

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You're absolutely right - try to find a bundle online right now for less than $675. Completely out-of-stock at all the major retailers.

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