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I agree with Dalailana - provide a link for the US where you can get it at the $299 MSRP.

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I recommend "Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle," too. If you like XCOM games and their ilk, it's a no brainer... I've been junking out on it since it launch - now trying to 100% it!

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Given how prone to motion sickeness, nausea, etc. a lot of people are when experiencing VR, I'm not sure if "Hurl" is the best title. :)

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Umm... it's not coming out for the Wii U. Why would they develop an entire game for a system that it's not coming out for, then port it?

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I kept missed opportunity to get the gold nunchuck - it would show up occasionally as a Club Nintendo reward.

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As I get older, I try to eat healthier (I'm 46...) but I must confess, sometimes I get a SERIOUS craving for the Bell. :P

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Taco Bell, Mountain Dew, Doritos... it's nice to know that the folks at Microsoft encourage healthy eating.

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Unfortunately, the Switch has digital-only shoulder buttons, while the GameCube had analog... as a result, games like Super Mario Sunshine, which utilized the analog shoulder buttons to control the intensity of the FLUDD, would need to be adjusted. (Regardless, I cannot wait to play some GC games on the Switch!)

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You do realize that Nintendo is 57 years older than Sony, right?

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From Wikipedia's entry on Minecraft: "As of February 2017, over 121 million copies have been sold across all platforms, making it the second best-selling video game of all time, only behind the various releases of Tetris."

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You omitted the Zelda Expansion Pass, which is another $20... so, $500 altogether.

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Hear hear!

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Only $4K? What a p.o.s. My Higherfi receiver cost me $995K.

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It says the game is glitchy...

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They may not be able to drop the price, but if they packed-in a game and kept it at $300 for the holidays, they'd make a killing. (Super Mario Odyssey, perhaps?)

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You've clearly not played the game. There is no "running through seemingly endless empty space." The game is rife with fantastic locations, areas, shrines, dungeons, villages, NPCs, labyrinths, temples, etc. etc. I think people like you base your comments solely on the videos shown during last years E3, which hilited only a miniscule fraction of Hyrule. I cannot recommend this game enough.

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Too bad you didn't post it on Youtube when you came up with the idea like this person did - someone might then actually believe you.

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Unfortunately, I've been having this problem with my new LG TV. I have to unplug the HDMI cord from the back of the Switch when I want to watch a different source, or it will randomly "switch" back to the Switch. Not a deal-breaker for me, but it is a little annoying. Hopefully a firmware update can take care of it.

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I'm still waiting to see proof of the dock scratching the Swtich's screen. Are there any videos demonstrating it actually happening? I think people are just scratching up the screen by being careless, then blaming it on the dock, with hopes to get a replacement from Ninty. I've been putting my in and out of the dock a lot, and there's not a single indication of it scratching.

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