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I know, right?! I am so going to...

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Well, the author of the article did work at a Best Buy in 2013, so clearly he possesses all the necessary qualifications to make an in-depth analysis into the business strategies and decisions of a company that has existed for almost 120 years and has a net worth of roughly 18 billion dollars.

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Uhh... am I the only one that's a little suspicious of the validity of this "article?" It's a freakin' screengrab from Excel - I could make this in my sleep.

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The upcoming Rare game "Sea of Thieves" has some pretty freakin' amazing water...

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Besides a UHD Blu-Ray player with 4K support, the only other feature I can think of that would make sense would be to have the PSVR "extra box" built in. That way, users could pick up a version of the headset that doesn't include the box, and plug it directly into their PS4 instead.

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There's a very simple way to get rid of the limitation on the physical size of your settlements. Basically, as you kill off baddies, always grab their gun(s) - guns seem to have the most components, which makes this trick work better. At your settlement, simply drop all the guns to the ground, go into edit mode, and scrap 'em. With each item you scrap in your settlement, you will see the size gauge go down a tiny bit - do enough scrapping, and you can even get the size gauge down t...

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Hear hear!!

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The retro Arwing is cracking me up - it's like, 3 polygons. :D

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I'm looking forward to seeing my name listed in the credits of Yooka-Laylee... along with the 30 million other people that backed the Kickstarter! :P

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Uhhh... what?

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He became president of Pokemon USA in 2001, then was promoted to president of Nintendo of America in 2002 (which he still watches over management for.)

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That is VERY funny.

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Not to sound like a smart-ass, but I must point out a few errors:

"Cthulhu" (not "Cthulu")
"Nyarlathotep" (not "Nyarlothep")
"Yog-Sothoth" (not "Yog-sthoth")
"Pickman's Model" (not "Pickman's Models")
and "Yuggoth" (not "Yugoth".)

Obviously, I am a big fan of HPL, so a still whole-heartedly agree with the sentiment of the...

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I have every North American amiibo so far, all new-in-box. It's cost me a fortune, but I'm hoping I'll be able to sell the whole collection one day for profit!

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So they fixed the invisible blocks exploit... does that mean all the user-made levels out there that use those blocks no longer work?

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I believe Jim Henson died from some form of pneumonia, as well.

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I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to PC gaming, but I have a few titles on Steam I'd like to play... would this app allow me to play my Steam games with my PS4 controller? Thanks for any help.

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Agreed - typical gamer feelings of entitlement.

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Iwata described their mobile model as "Free-to-start" -- meaning, you'll be able to play the full-fledged game without needing to make in-game purchases for gear, etc., but you will be limited in how far you can get in the game until you then make a payment. More like a game demo than a freemium.

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That's a shame, nidhogg... you're missing out on a lot of excellent games that exist for the WiiU!

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