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You used the word "feminazi"...hate that word. Rush Limbaugh loves you for it though. "Expect men to do everything for them"...dock you another point. We all know the cycle of men in the industry, hiring men in the industry blah blah blah. Not quite so easy for women to just make games for women.

But in all honesty, why do people talk like certain groups need to be catered to? It's basically a question of just being given an option. Or the core ques... #2.2
The Plus/Gold example isn't exactly apt, in large part due to the value proposition. If Sony or MS said "hey, DRM is here to stay but you can have several new games each month for 4 dollars a month and play them at your leisure", I think people wouldn't have had such a vicious backlash. Paying 60 dollars per title does that. I view Plus as more like a roulette game rental service. Of course you could pay 20ish bucks a month for GameFly and get what you want (if it's in s... #9.1.1
Adding L2 and R2 buttons are not feasible since that would alienate the few million PS Vita owners out there right now. They can't have that kind of divide in hardware/buttons, that's why none of the PSP redesigns had a second analog stick.

Get rid of content manager??? I can't figure out the reason behind this one. I have a 4 GB mem card right now, and I use content manager all the time to shuffle stuff back and forth wirelessly from my Vita to my PC. Why in the... #22.1
Agreed. Always online for a game that definitely doesn't require it is definitely a no-go for me. It's not an MMO or anything. I don't care if they are trying to sell us on it being always online for the games' Global Economy and multiplayer portions. There is no reason you have to be online all the time. It is strictly a form of DRM.

And yea, the games maps are much much smaller as well. Not a fan of the make 7 towns that network with each other to make one... #1.1.3
I've had this thought before, but it boils down the the fact that just because you are expressing your opinion and not a fact does not mean someone can't disagree with that. There are agree and disagree buttons for other people to quickly cast their opinion about your opinion. It's not Fact/False buttons. It's agree/disagree - buttons to express opinion. They aren't buttons to measure validity, just community opinion. That's my take anyways. #2.2.1

You will have access to any "free" content you have downloaded from PS Plus for as long as you are a member of PS Plus. As soon as your subscription ends, you lose access to it. This doesn't apply to games you buy that are on sale, just the games that are "free" for that week. #1.1.2
You are kind of focusing on the wrong thing here. The 3DS version cost 39.99 at launch (just as Uncharted did, by the way). But when, in the history of games, have you ever seen a remake of a product - recent or 'classic' - cost more than the original? PS2 remakes are usually 10 dollars less and include at least 2 games from a franchise. If you want to look at Vita, the MGS HD games are 35 bucks for the pair. So why is it Capcom can get away with charging 50 dollars for a handheld por... #14
Your argument is a strange one. It isn't like food which goes bad over time. Which, insofar as I can tell, is as good a reason as any to WAIT for a price drop. The content isn't going to change. It isn't going to spoil. If it were, your argument might have a tinge of validity to it. However your argument manages to actually undermine your point. Pay for the game later when on sale and it has been patched and possibly had things added to it, free/paid/discounted DLC.
Just out of curiosity, have you played it? Or are you basing it off of the wide ranging reviews of others? Not condemning, just curious.

I don't know why these characters would be less of a selling point as fighters than, say, the Smash Bros cast. They have a good stable of iconic characters, that of course have a few shortcomings in terms of pleasing everyone, but it is solid. In my experience with the game, and the Vita version at that, I can tell you this was no quick... #3.1
I find it OK. It's got a good story, but I find it isn't really a game in the truest sense of the word. It's really more like a choose your own adventure novel than anything. I'm enjoying my time with it, but if you are looking for gameplay you'll be sorely disappointed. It's about listening and following along, character interactions and personal choice. I got it for 9.99 through gamefly, and at that price I'm happy with it. 24.99 for digital and 29.99 for physica... #4
Deal is now dead. Ahhhh, I wish I saw this earlier! You can see the price flash from "temporary price cut 179.99" back to the normal 299.99 price. WHYYYY? #1.1.8
Man, people have a lot of vitriol on this site. Nothing new I know, but sometimes still surprising. I'm a console and PC gamer. I think the launch was indeed handled poorly and the game itself could have been better. On the other hand, I got Rage on sale for 10 bucks and I have no problems playing it on my AMD 6850. Great game? No. But a game that deserves all of this hate? No. #19
I think the fact that most games on mobile devices have a short shelf life (we finish one and move on), makes it appropriate to price them at 99 cents. I think it makes more sense to say 99 cents is not a hard and fast rule, but is the most profitable market. It's in impulse buy territory. I would never pay the same for a game, even with the same content as a PC/Console, on a mobile device. But that is just me. #1
He is a douche, could not agree more. He could be a fine writer, but Jesus, he has paper thin skin. You cannot read one of his articles without seeing him crying in the comment section when someone disagrees with him. Or writing articles about how people hate him. If I notice an article is written by Sterling, I don't even bother reading it. How he is a writer for several different sites is beyond me. #1.1
Well, if Amazon is anything to go by, its $149.99...
I don't know if this is going to be the launch price, but historically Amazon has been pretty accurate. I think there are far too many variables right now between Kinect and Move: how each perform when launched, what titles they have, how they are taken advantage of, how many players can Kinect support at once - and on and on. I'm currently more interested in Move, but I'm definitely keeping an eye on Kinect as well.

Side note: I have to say I also find it inter... #1.7
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I wouldn't be surprised if...
they ended up including cross game voice chat in their "premium" service. It's taken them a while to get around to and I'm sure a few dollars in R & D. Considering the fact that so many people think it's one of the main feathers in LIVE's cap, I can imagine Sony putting that as one of the features of the "Premium" online component and leaving what we have now as the "core" online experience.

And I honestly don't see them "improving" t... #6
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Nah, they are just afraid as many other companies are...
Of getting lost in the holiday shuffle. When people buy gifts for gamers (read: non-gamers/parents) they either buy what they know or what floor people will push on them (read: well established game franchises). With bigger games coming out, especially MW2, smaller games (maybe not small, just not blockbuster) have to worry a bit. If they can push it a few months where it's drier in terms of other games, their visibility is increased exponentially. I don't think it is at all indicative of... #12.1
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OK, Fair Enough CobraKai...
So instead of that one liner, I hope my transforming PS3 doesn't say "Punk-ass decepticon" or "Any last words", whether that be said together or independent of one another. I'd also prefer if it didn't try to execute my Wii sitting next to my TV in a cool way only to mar it by saying something trite like "Damn I'm Good"... #5.6
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All I can hope is that when it does, my PS3 doesn't spout inane catch phrases like...
"Any last words, punk-ass Decepticon?" Oh God, the Transformers all needed a Bumblebee treatment and get stuck communicating via radio in Transformers 2...or perhaps they would have just blared rap the whole time...sorry for that little tangent.

Yes, any PS3 optimization totally works for me. I love my black monolith and if the 2.8 update gave a difference like we saw between the pre-E3 and post E3 versions of the Uncharted 2 trailer (if the differences were in fact du... #5.3
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Tempered Expectations/LeBron James-es and Britney Spears-es???
Considering 'Eat Sleep Play' are a self claimed developer of "small-to-medium titles", I'm doubtful it will be something like Twisted Metal or God of War...but I can always hope. I'm interested in what it is, but I'm certainly keeping my expectations in check here.

Off Topic: I wouldn't call myself a grammar Nazi, but turning Spears' into Spears-es just boggles my mind. I couldn't bring myself to click the link to see what else this person did to the English language l... #7
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