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"Whet", not "wet".

And I kind of agree this doesn't seem worth an article. I'm assuming so long as it is preloaded for everyone on whatever platform before the game goes live, no one ultimately cares. But dissemination of information and all that, I suppose.

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But you can spend $60 on it knowing you won't get any updates for nearly a year. I know other games are able to be preordered forever before they are available, but that is mainly a store decision, not developer. In this case, they say "buy our $60 extended demo (their words), one which consists of the same content as the one you got a few days ago for $30, and wait til April for the actual game that costs $60".

Given that is the devs stance, I find it...somew...

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"Meh" would be the reaction from any other company who was at least making other games. The last original full game they did was Portal 2 in 2011. DOTA 2 was just them buying out iceFrog to make a sequel to a freaking mod, and even that was 2013.

When a once legendary powerhouse of game development, one that is making 30% off every game sold in their store, money off stupid hats and trinkets in their F2P games, just stuffed to the BRIM with cash to throw at whate...

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Eggs are bad for you! No wait, the yolk is bad! No wait, egg whites are bad! No wait....eggs are great for you. Never mind. Hey, did I mention star light gives you cancer?

Oh science, how I love you, but you can take a long time to get your shiz together and come to a consensus.

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If you read the article, you'll be unsurprised to learn the article was exaggerated. I suppose you could call it brain damage, but really what it seems to be more specifically is brain *atrophy*. And not overall brain atrophy, just specifically focusing on the hippocampus.

Playing FPS's cause it to diminish since your brain goes into "autopilot mode", and thus doesn't engage the hippocampus. Doing puzzle solving games engages the hippocampus, and thus...

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So Dinosaurs died for our sins? There's a religious joke in there somewhere...

Also, is that knowledge meant to stop us from handling ourselves in the post-dinosaur era? If so, what are we killing these it not deforestation or global warming killing off species like the Dodo, but rather our selfish desires to get off constantly? Are they paying the price!?

I MUST KNOW! The Peruvian Black Spider Monkeys lives are at stake!

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Second time I've seen this title, second time I've had a second where I go...there's an upcoming Batman strategy game!? Thanks, XCOM: Enemy Within!

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1st, you certainly do see articles based on updates for games like The Division, so I'm not sure what the issue is here lol.

Aside from that, FH & GR were launched less than 6 months ago while NMS is a year old. So that's one thing. All 3 games you mentioned also have $40 season passes to push. NMS has no extra income from things like that. No DLC. No season pass.

And while it had some backing from Sony in the form of advertising and such, thi...

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They may already have everyone's money, but at least they are still adding to the game. Sure, you can argue that they owe it to people, but in reality, they could have taken the money and ran. Given a year has passed since it launched, an unpatched NMS would have been buried and forgotten, only recalled in "worst of" lists or as a cautionary tale.

Plenty of games burn us. Few developers try to fix it, especially when the playerbase has dwindled and there isn&#...

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You can buy it for $23.99 right now on the Humble Store, and if you are a Humble Monthly subscriber, $21.59:

I got my used copy for PS4 for $12.36 last November from Amazon. You can pick up used copies on eBay in the sub $20 range easily. So if you are interested in checking it out, price doesn't have to be the limiting factor.

At ...

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Kind of hard to know if there will be any substantive content until you click on the link though lol.

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If I recall, the 250k figure was for the ARG game thing they had. I'm not sure that extrapolates 1:1 with people still actively playing the video game though...then again, I suppose it wouldn't be a stretch to assume a majority overlap at least.

I'm at least still keeping tabs. I grabbed it cheap for like $12 for PS4 right around the time they outlined their update plans. I'm hoping they keep plugging away. It's slowly turning into a more entertaining/co...

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My friend bought into Early Access and he has been disappointed with the game all around. To be fair, he hasn't played it in a while, but it definitely needed a lot of work, even for an EA title. Hopefully they can pull it together by launch time.

Also, Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA, not an aRPG, so I'm not sure why that is being brought up lol.

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Well, for what it's worth, you can only sort play single player in SoT. On page 2 of this IGN article:

It talks about how you can't play offline and that, while you can pilot a solo ship, you'll basically struggle since you will be playing in the same world as a bunch of ships being helmed by ...

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I think I am among the only people who never fully understood these games. As a person who loves rhythm games, this seemed a series that should be right up my alley! But it always felt like a lot of repetition mixed with memorization of a few moves. It was kind of perplexing all the love it got. I occasionally go back to it on the PSP to see if I can figure out what didn't click with me. Anyone else ever feel this way?

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I wouldn't count it out, but I'm guessing that would be a "last on the list" kind of thing. They are addressing all of the issues people had with content and structure. That all comes first. We know Sean talked about messing around with VR before launch, so that is why I hold out hope it might happen.

A PC VR version seems doable enough if they do ultimately put the resources into a VR update. However, given the middling performance I've experienced pl...

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Well, to be fair the only way they really come out of it with a smile on PC is if you buy games on the Windows 10 Store. When you buy from Steam or key resellers, they don't directly profit so I don't think they smile a whole lot on that front. But I look forward to them continuing to improve the Store and crossbuy stuff. The more viable options, the better!

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I find it weird that a 1st time player would have any harder a time with this now than they would have when it released back in the day. Everyone is a 1st timer at some point. I don't think you need to have played it already to enjoy it, but having played it already would at least allow one to fully appreciate all the improvements and QoL changes in this version over the original.

It is also easier this time around, though I've yet to unlock the New Game+/harder dif...

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Sadly not true. Take a look at this article on N4G from the announcement trailer:

By the second comment people were saying a black person "ruined" the game. Truly sad.

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If you've played the original version, then I think there's a chance you'll be let down by the VR version. It is a completely new game built for VR. A change I was disappointed in is the lack of free movement; sure you can move around your roomscale environment, but you are auto transported to new spots which I found really hurt the experience. Given you move in slow motion, I figured thumbstick/free-locomotion would actually work pretty well in this game. Unfortunately, we don...

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