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@zidane1341 Yes, FOR ME it is. And I didn't say "waste of a console", I said "waste of money". There's a bit of difference there. I already have a PC and a PS4. When one of the games I bought the XBOX for in the first place goes to a platform I already had, it devalues the console. It isn't stupid bullshit, it just happens to be true for my situation.

I didn't say it was a terrible console. I didn't say the console was worthless to thos... #1.2.2
Yea, a 980ti for 1080/60 seems a bit nuts. My rig is normally fine for anything (i5 w/970), but it had to start slipping out of recommended status at some point. Guess that's now.

Side note: Wow. Can't believe yet ANOTHER Console-Exclusive is going to PC. Before Black Friday I would have been very happy with this news as I was not going to buy an XBOX and was counting on games coming to PC or PS4. But the BF deal suckered me in, and now another one goes to PC? Jesus,... #1.2
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Looking forward to seeing more of this title. Hopefully this turns out, it looks pretty solid so far. Nice graphics and I do like the actor they've chosen as the lead. Though obviously I'm waiting for some extended gameplay/hands-on to judge past that.

Side blurb----The gamer/tech-nut in me couldn't pass up the XBOX One Black Friday deal even though I have a PC/PS4/Wii U. Hoping this game turns out well since it'd be nice to have a few more exclusives I can on... #7
What lie? I, like NeoGamer, play predominantly single player games. 99% of my gaming library is single-player only games. The game I happen to play most consistently right now is Diablo 3 - a game that supports playing solo as well as it does co-op. That's about the only kind of game I could see myself keep playing if "true" single-player games came to an end. But I don't like MOBAs, I don't like competitive FPSs, things of that ilk. So if single-player games go the way... #4.2.1
That is not a reason, that is a rationalization. And even if that is all you use it for, and it was for WHATEVER reason deemed acceptable, we all know a single example does not represent the whole. The whole steal because they can and because it is easy.

Sadly, morals are easily twisted when ease & anonymity collide. #10.1.2
Yea, but we all know that there are plenty of people capable of buying the game who simply don't. And I'm sorry, the argument for not having money to buy a BRAND NEW GAME is not a good one. Even for economically depressed areas.

This is a hobby, not food. The game prices in the most economically depressed areas are already cheaper, hence why Global PC keys can be bought cheaply elsewhere and then sold in the USD on launch day for nearly half their MSRP.
... #7.1.1
Hey Fun, quit using the grey matter in your head and coming to common sense conclusions. When that happens, it is clear you've drunk the kool-aid...of logic. Dangerous drink on The Internet.

And listen to Live2tell, freedom of speech! He can says what he wantsta! You can eat poo...which applies only to him. You are not expected to oppose his views, even when his oppose yours. You are to bite your tongue, but hey - he bites his tongue for no one! The rebel! THAT'S how... #1.3.3
This seems like a desperate use of a popular IP in a place where it ultimately makes no sense. It would have really behooved the dev to try a new IP and keep the Freddy name for games of its ilk. I don't care for them at all, but this game looks pretty underwhelming and short term gain doesn't seem worth tainting the image of your brand. #1
I thought they could have done something cool for Star Wars. Instead of the DS4 they did that had some weird red/white/blue theme that I found hard to associate with Vader, make the console patterned to actually have most of the front dedicated to look like his chest piece/torso. Throw a little cool background behind him on the rest of the open space. Then make the controller, which kind of evokes a Vader helmet to me, look Vader-y and put like the breathing grill pattern on the touchpad. The... #8.1
Your normal, everyday Black DS4. But this way sounds more exciting and *special*. lol

"We're going to release an exclusive No Man's Sky bundle that reflects the darkness and isolation of space. The console will be lavishly draped in Black-Hole-Black, a black so black it's in the name twice. You can't escape the pull of this exclusive and dynamic limited edition color! The DS4 is no second-class citizen though, coated in newly developed Nega-Quasar, a col... #7.2
I'm not sure if I reply to myself, since your comment is nested under the one I'm replying to, do you get notified? Wish there was a clear way to reply to someone elses message after it has reached the max number of comment nests.

Anyway, thanks for the comment. It's rare to run into another person on here interested in giving coherent, even lengthy, answers and take questions as questions rather than attacks. Was gonna make another comment, but not sure if you... #4.4.2
Yea, I didn't look into it terribly hard, but did I see builds on YouTube showing Crusaders hitting Grift 100 during PTR? If so that is simply crazy. But to be fair to 'saders, they've been underpowered for a long time. And thorns have been mostly useless for a long time. So it was a nice marriage of things that both needed a resurgence. #2.1
Yea, getting started this season is easier than it has ever been. Get your main Seasonal Journey objectives done and you get a good - not endgame - set for your class. Keeps you from going nuts early trying to get just "one more piece" to complete a set to finally get some efficiency for gear grinding going. And my gut feels like T10 legendary drop rates went up, but anecdotal at best that thought.

Personal note: I chose a Monk for this season. I'm not having a... #1
I wish I had a 4k monitor/TV to view it on! lol I have the gear enough to probably run it at 4k, though I haven't looked at benches to see how hard it hits. Been eyeing a 4K set for a while, just need that deal that my rational mind works in tandem with the bargain-hunter-hemisphere of my brain to overthrow my pragmatic-bill-paying-hemisphe ...hmm...

Apparently to make decisions in my brain, wars are fought and coups occur on a moment-to-moment basis. That...healthy? #1.3
I haven't played this game, but I have to expect that it is in the same vein as Dear Esther. And all I could muster after playing that was "Dear God! What an utterly boring experience." I spent a buck and change on DE when it came out and was similarly disappointed. I even knew what to expect - neither DE or Gone Home ever purported to be a creepy/jump-scare game - but I was left utterly baffled by it's universal praise.

Do you normally like "experienc... #5.2
I'm curious. What about previous reviews make you believe them to be "Leftist"? And from that statement, should I take it that you are a Rightist? (Not a judgement, just a curiosity for the lens you are looking through given the comment).

This is one of those games that is really more an experience, and will obviously draw a lot of different opinions given it is almost solely story focused in a category of software normally dominated by mechanics and gameplay.... #4.4
This quote caught me a bit: "Considering the multiple firsts that we’re sort of doing with all of that, I think it has been fairly quick".

If he thinks that is "quick", then they already knew this thing wasn't going to be ready for a long-ass time even when they announced it. I get announcing early, but announcing that early seems absurd - especially when the wording of that statement allows one to infer that it could have taken them even longer. #10
$85 over at Walmart. Googled the headset to see what it was, and noticed it's a solid chunk cheaper there than Amazon (saving about $40). Puts it in line with the Gold headset price-wise. #9.1
I think $200 is wishful thinking. No way PSVR is only $100 more than a GearVR.

I'm putting the low end at $399. I'm guessing they shoot for $499 as the high point. Yes it would be more expensive than the console, but you'd be looking at an "all-in" price of $799ish (given you can find PS4 bundles for about $300). That would only be a little more than a Rift, but be the cheapest and easiest entry point to VR ("real" VR, if you will since Carboar... #1.3.1
I'm interested in trying it for sure. I have Gear VR and it is a fun diversion. Certainly better than Cardboard. But it isn't like blowing my mind. Obviously you can only do so much with a $99 peripheral attached to a mobile phone, but I'm still curious to see how much better PSVR is than that. And then how much better Rift/Vive is than that.

Definitely need to experience one of the bigger VR players head mounts so I can see why people keep talking about how game... #2.2.3
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