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I think we can all agree that release dates don't mean much these days. Delays are so frequent that a "confirmation" truly requires air-quotes more times than not. I'd say that goes double for games that are given rough estimates like "2018".

Though yea, it is nice to know they at least are trying to get them out the door next year :-)

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I think the inference is the last one was so ugly that any change would be positive, so regardless of what it ended up looking like it was destined to be better; full stop. Thus, I suppose, one could say it is "automatically" better...I guess.

Though I certainly agree that it didn't feel entirely natural when I read it.

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In response to my previous comment:

Oh yea, I know about Fire Emblem for Switch! That's something I've been looking forward to since its announcement. Last one I played was Awakening & I really enjoyed it. Hopefully having more power than they've had in a while will allow them to do some things that maybe the 3DS was just a bit too weak to do. I was just saying as another recent exclusive in 2017, FEW was not something I cared to pick up.


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I hope at least one of the games you mention comes out next year. Ultimately, I just hope they have a couple exclusives in the pipeline for release next year. As of now, I only have Mario+Rabbids. By the end of 2017 I'll have Odyssey and likely XBC2 as well. I already bought MK8 & BotW on my Wii U and Fire Emblem Warriors isn't my cup-o-tea, so if they don't have any more exclusives for a year that will kinda suck for me lol.

I don't think they can get a...

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I kind of wish I didn't buy BotW on my Wii U so I could justify buying it for my Switch, but I didn't get a Switch until about a month ago. Playing Mario+Rabbids and I agree, undocked games look solid. And I'm also lookin' forward to Odyssey! Looks great. Hopefully XBC2 is equally fantastic when it releases in December.

And as a heads up, "In lieu" essentially means "in place of". I'm not trying to be a know-it-all or anything, just a...

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Literally zero benefit. Pick up a Samsung, SanDisk or other reputable brand of the same speed class and it'll do the same job for less money.

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An "X-Buster", as it were :-p

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Sucks that the new content seems to be poorly received. $40 for a "basically untouched" version of Superstar Saga is too steep. If it was a budget price point I'd consider it, but instead I'll just keep playing my GBA copy. Wonder how well this game will end up selling.

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Disagreeing with asking for help? That's new lol.

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How far have you gotten in Golf Story? I've gotten to the point where I have to bring turtles back to the lake in order to play the second course and be able to continue the game. I have literally no idea where to go at this point and I can't really find any info online about it. I'm guessing I'm missing something super straightforward, but if anyone sees this and can give me a hand, I'd appreciate it! :-)

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It gives games another chance to shine for the 5 people who legit bought it and the 800,000 scalpers selling them for $180 a pop on eBay. A shame how hard to come by these silly things are.

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Yea, it sounds great in theory. But check this thing out:

I couldn't believe this is what MS pumped out (or at least signed off on) for this game/experience. I hope they don't use Halo: Recruit as a gauge for interest in a VR Halo game or anything, because that thing looks terrible.

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Except look at this monstrosity! Cardboard cutouts shot on a 2D screen!?! What in the heck were they thinking?

The shooting starts around the 1:50 mark. I don't normally thumb my nose at things, but that is Rift DK2 level development, not an experience made in 2017 for one of gaming's most iconic franchises. I'm a little surprised they even deci...

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...Read the review then? I'm guessing there are a few extra words in there. Not to mention the 9/10 score attached might give you an idea of if they thought it was good or not :-p

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I thought it was a sensible move to push some Wii U games to the Switch to bulk up its launch library and help get people who skipped their last console to consider their new one instead. At this point, though, they have had time to build up some solid games and I really believe the Switch needs to stay the course on new releases to ensure it has its own identity.

To further that point, I'd rather they spend any amount of manpower/time they would have spent on a remaste...

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@ifrit lol I know man. That's why I said that you censored a word (akin to, say, curse symbols or a written bleep censor), rather than saying you engaged in self-censorship. There is clearly a difference. I just found it kinda funny to see censoring in a message about anti-censoring, self imposed as it may have been. Didn't really mean anything by it. Just goofin!

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I find it mildly entertaining that you censor a curse word in your proclamation of disdain for censorship :-p

As far as the review goes, the original 3/10 is back and they explained why they did what they did. I think it all makes enough sense. Publishers will keep testing our limits on acceptability of how far they can push MT, and I hope anytime they do what it appears 2K did here, we continue to push back.

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What if you are like me and have a Wii U with some of Switch's best games like BotW & MK8 already? I've been hmming and hawing over whether to snag a Switch since I finally found a couple places online where it is in stock. I'd basically be getting it for Mario in October, knowing Switch's will go back into being hard-to-obtain mode, but also knowing that the only other game this year that really jumps out at me is Xenoblade in December. Strange considering buying a consol...

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@Veneno Then the case is price gouging, not this bundle which was the focus of this discussion. If you want to debate slave labor wages and actual item cost, that's another discussion entirely.

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The bundle includes a carrying case as well, so assuming it would fetch $20ish on its own (as it seems most other cases tend to go for), this bundle is just a bundle. No savings or gouging. The price is the price, as it were.

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