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@WilliamSheridan So you play it on PC? I'm sure it seems a pithy comment, but it seems you are an Xbox fan(boy) and your statement is an odd one to make given a superior third party game platform exists over XBX. That'd be the aforementioned PC, and I guess until you get one you are not anywhere close to the cutting edge, nor a "real adult gamer". Rather unfortunate.

@joab777 Yea, I hear you. I have a Wii U, so I got Zelda there. Once there are a few more ...

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Well...I didn't learn much about why the game is good from this. Ultimately, I didn't really learn anything about it or its mechanics, rather I got a wonderful tale spun about how fun it is to be the leader of a team when your team is winning.

Yea, if every game you could go into had a bunch of people all learning the game, all on even footing, all professional, level headed people trying to figure it out and have a good time...well, basically every online game coul...

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It doesn't blow my mind, so much as make me weary for his proposed future.

* "The future is moving towards digital. The future is moving towards the fact that the gamer is in control" - I don't know how one can say that with a straight face, unless digital rights change & DRM is removed, we've already accepted that the convenience of digital outweighs true ownership. They own the game, we rent a license they can revoke whenever and can't resell...

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Bummer that PayPal US does not appear to have a similar offer. Oh well, I have Steam wallet funds I need to spend first anyways.

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It also includes the DLC for the original soundtrack if you want to have the option to switch between the OG OST and the new orchestral version.

This is my favorite FF game and I love the original OST. So between that, the lovely steelbook, and all the nice tweaks included given it's the 'international' version, I went ahead and did what I basically never do: preordered. I've no idea if they will offer the OST as a purchase for regular editions, or how much ...

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And not Red Rings either :-p...I keeed, I keeeed!

But yea, this is getting out of hand. My current PC is about $1100 and it can certainly do *true* 4k 60 fps at console level quality settings - with 4k60 still likely with the newest games at settings higher than console. I have a whole back catalog of games that I can crank at 8k if I had the screen for it, and it would only get more out of hand if I could throw another $1k at it to make it a "multi-thousand dollar&quo...

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I think this was a ridiculously poor move on their part, absolutely no questions asked, but I still don't condone pirating things. I cannot see how that is a good way to "show them". Simply be vocal, vote with your wallet, and continue to band together with the community to be heard. I promise you, we are being heard and I don't see pirating helping that cause in any way.

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Sure, but if we posit that the hat is Mario and the body is actually just the vehicle it uses to get around - using the same mind control he uses to take over items or people in Odyssey - then I suppose we can assume the hat actually took over the ghost and its powers. Now the hat, free of being shackled to his/Mario's body, can move to other vessels unhindered. But perhaps he brings the body along to ensure he always has a vehicle to take over? Or has become attached to that as his "...

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An i5 is mostly fine in...I'd say most games, if looking at all past games and even some current. But more new games are using more cores and can really take advantage of all the CPU grunt you can throw at it (The Division or Watch Dogs 2, for example).

My old rig I just replaced had an OCed 2500k in it and it was holding performance back - if only slightly - in several games even on that system's GTX 970 (would have severely hobbled my new 1080 in some cases). Any ...

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I'm a bit weary of the fact that an entire course, among other minor trinkets, are pre-order incentives. I don't care about the trinkets so much - pretty average pre-order fare - but I haven't been able to find out how many courses it launches with, so the 20th Anniversary Course is a potentially sizable pre-order bonus that others might miss out on.

And as always, with Prime it is 20% off ($31.99), so that softens the blow a bit, but still...weary lol

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I feel like it ultimately comes down to home much those kinds of background processes take up, and allocating 5-10% of their resources to non-gaming functions is simply too much for the modest power the system has.

I think the idea, in theory, has merit. But it ultimately feels like it's a better-in-theory-than-executio n kind of idea.

They should have just put in a cheap, power efficient mobile co-processor to handle some of those low level backgroun...

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Well, if you read the article Ancel himself stated that it was at "day zero of development", so it's kind of hard to call BS on it lol.

They have been working on the engine for a while, sure, but only recently started adding in any systems outside of solar system simulation. As of 2 weeks ago, what they were playing around with didn't even have graphics. So while it has been tinkered with, it hasn't started any kind of full development, which I assume...

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It isn't really any more of a strain than moving your head in real life. There is something about VR that can be really engaging. The 3D/Depth of the world you are looking at, mixed with positional audio through headphones, and it can completely remove you from the real world - if even for a moment - and make for a completely different experience.

That being said, I own PSVR and mostly play it in bursts. It doesn't ruin traditional gaming, nor do I feel like this wi...

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If you like Rock Band/old Guitar Hero, this is a solid current gen iteration. I got both RB4 and GHL several months back after their prices plummeted. $30 for GHL bundle and $40 for RB4 bundle with Rivals expansion.

GHL is interesting with its new controller button layout, and the channel approach to having a rolling setlist to keep you from wondering what to play next is a nice addition, but I had a hard time wanting to spend much time relearning my muscle memory from year...

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Well, for what it is worth from this PC/Console/Handheld gamer right here, here is my month old PC build. New ITX case, i7-6700k, 16GB DDR4, GTX 1080, Silverstone PSU, z170i MB (with WiFi/BT), Noctua CPU Cooler, Fans and it cost me a bit over $1,000. Now, I was able to move my HDDs/Evo 850 SSD/Windows license over from my old build, so if building from scratch you'd probably add $150 on that for a license and a drive.

But that's another bonus to PC - rebuilding with...

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"Crackdown 3 looks like a gem, and plays very well, but when I really thought about what I played I could’t help but feel like it was just more of the same old Crackdown. That’s not a bad thing per se, but I was hoping to discover some sort of new element to make this sequel stand out."

Doesn't exactly sound like he's throwing much shade there.

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The XOX also is able to do checkerboarding to hit 4k, as Digital Foundry just broke down the Assassins Creed footage and found that to be checkerboarded 1800p at 30fps. If GPU makers built in hardware scalers, it would offer at the very least similar performance.

It'll be interesting to compare the X's performance over the Pro in titles that are both using checkerboarding and see how much of a difference it truly makes. This mid gen upgrade is an interesting wrinkl...

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Those are clearly the minimum requirements, and they are hilariously optimistic. I haven't tried on my new PC, but on my old rig with an OCed i5 2500k and GTX 970, that game ran horrifically. The loading was truly insane as well, had to put it on my boot SSD to keep from falling asleep since apparently the engine hand delivers the binary from the platter to system components on HDDs.

This game also appears to have 4 development studios attached to it, so that doesn'...

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I'd wait to see if the ARK devs can actually deliver on their statement. This game runs like...well, garbage to be frank. Been that way since day one and they haven't been able to make any meaningful strides in optimization over the 2 years it has been in Early Access. And I don't get it since it looks, at least to my eyes, to have truly average graphics.

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I find this interesting, the community reception. Steam basically tried to do this with Workshop content, and people FREAKED THE SHIZ OUT. Paid mods went the way of the Dodo right quick. It is my understanding they are planning to bring it back in some fashion, so I guess we'll likely see a future with mostly paid mods.

On the one hand, kinda sucks that what once was free is now paid. But people can put tons of work into them, so it's hard to argue their time should...

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