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I agree with Dark, FF 12 was awesome. I think I replayed that one more than any other version, though I've played all of my favorites many, many times. I want a FF 12 HD Remaster (mainly just Vita if they can manage) really badly.


I loved FF 8, FF X, FF X-2 and I didn't hate the 13 series as much as others.

I really liked the battle system actually, if you played the right difficulty it was fast and fun - tactical even. I... #1.2.2
I would wager it is because the site stated "Huge" sale, and then bothered to write an article about it. That sounds like it should merit more than just your average discount. It's all about that presentation. #5.2
I'm a bit confused as to why fans of Diablo want to keep an eye on this. It looks very much like a twin stick shooter from what I can see. Akin to a game like Dead Nation with a dash button. What am I missing? #3
I'm dubious as well. These prices do indeed seem far too good to be true. I am tempted to use PayPal to roll the dice, have them back me up if it is a scam.

However I did just contact customer service to see what they had to say about the Region of the consoles and how the heck they can sell that low. I got an automated reply telling me they got my question, but I see that it was "mailed by" WordPress and the sender has the following email: [email protected].. #2
I don't get it. If this was their secret weapon for Amiibo, they'd charge $30-40 to get this into people's hands so they'd buy the Amiibo. At $60, they are clearly not aiming for Amiibo, just working it in as much as they can as with every other game they make now. #5
Any Splatoon owners who can chime in on if it is worth it for single player alone? I just don't like playing shooters online unless it is co-op (none of my other friends own Wii U's :-/). I've got plenty of options on PC & PS4, but I'd love to add another game to my Wii U exclusives collection, and the main gameplay mechanic looks pretty good.

I've always held the opinion that character movement is such a huge piece of what makes a game fun: hence my... #6
I hate to say it, but they are probably right. Sony had a few exclusives that went to PS3 after PS4 came out. MS had...none? I don't recall any for the 360 after the One dropped. Almost all the support coming for last gen is 3rd party. And we all know how hard 3rd party support is to come by on the Wii U (disc based "AAA" stuff anyways).

I expect my Wii U might limp along like my poor Vita: indies and AA games popping up from time to time (Freedom Wars, Persona... #4.1.2
Speaking of Splatoon, I am a largely single-player-game focused gamer. Shooters on the whole only interest me if they have a decent campaign as I don't care to go online unless it is co-op (fat load of good my PS Plus membership is doing for me there lol). But my question to Splatoon owners is - is the game worth owning if you only play offline?

I like my Wii U plenty, and if I can have another game to fit into my exclusives library to help add to its value, then all the... #3
I'm waiting for the Pong one!

I don't want to rain on parades, but the number of things being dragged from the past into the same UE4 grassy knoll is bordering on tedium. #5
I have to remember sarcasm does not express itself on the internet. Either label it as such or find another way to get my point across. The whole first paragraph was just a guffaw at the stupid things people will bitch about - and a vocal minority at that.

The second was genuine opinion though. #1.6.2
I hope so too. I only own a PS4 and Wii U in terms of current gen consoles, but I truly hate the pixel counting bickering. Hated it during PS3/Xbox 360 face-off garbage, and I hate it now.

We are a gaming community, but most people act like we are a squabbling, warring tribe with constant infighting. It is silly and tiring. I would love for all gamers to just get back to enjoying games and not shout at each other with insane vitriol for such ridiculous things. And hey, if MS... #1.6
Agreed. Have no interest in them making these things. I like my Wii U quite a bit, but don't understand the Amiibo thing at all. It baffles my *considerable* intelligence as to why these little figurines that either add a silly costume or whatever command such incredible mainstream mind-share.

I don't care for them, so as far as I'm concerned, I don't want anyone else wasting their time on them. But it appears I'm in the minority. So if there is money to b... #2.1
On looks alone, it certainly piqued my interest. Not a huge fan of Minecraft (yep, 1 of the 14), so I'd love to find out more about how it differs.

Couldn't find info on if it is even coming West or not. Anyone know? #3
I honestly do not understand why people don't keep their old systems that they've invested hundreds or thousands of dollars into, with a library of great games they'd like to play now...well, you can get 100% title compatibility of last gen games with your last gen console. I actually bought a used 360 like a month ago so I could play some of the exclusives I missed only playing PC, Wii & PS3. BC on current gen is a nicety to be sure, but I would much rather companies spend th... #1.1
They should probably stop releasing these small updates altogether. Bundle them into one larger one later that has at least one feature. People may wonder why the updates are further apart, but at this point these updates just end up creating little events where people bitch about updates.

Not going to sit here and say I wouldn't like some of these other features. Obviously I would. But I guess I'm happy enough with the console that I largely don't mind. I would... #1.6
@ starchild

No they can't do an open PC with a streamlined interface, they make all their money from taking a cut from sales. And they sell the console at a loss and make up the difference through these software sales. If they make a straight up Windows PC, people will immediately install Steam on it (one way or another) and Microsoft will make no money.

What they are doing with their current store strategy, it sounds like anyway, is to make is so if you... #1.1.19
While the wording was a tad flip, can you tell me why this isn't the right mindset? The guy releases a new Freddy's like a few months after a previous entry. I know 4 is supposed to be the last one, but given the type of game it is and how little time are between kind of feels like they are thrown together. And every version is in the top like 50 on the appstores and does very well on Steam - he's making very very good money from it. So it does kind of feel like he&#... #5.2.1
This is a question regarding walla...I've seen this many times. Is this some internet accepted variant of "voila"? Or just the phonetic spelling. Not judging or hating or whatever, just legitimately curious.

OT: I suppose you could say new games don't cost 60 bucks if you use Best Buy Gamers Club, but otherwise they don't cost 60 if you wait a bit. Which is what I do. Do both, Gamers Club and wait, and prices can be fantastic. #2.2.4
Yea the Order 1886 is actually a pretty good game in my estimation. Though you have to wonder if it's because of how terrible everyone made it out to be. But hey, I like it.

Also, it straight up, no questions asked has the best graphics, environments and atmosphere of any game I have ever seen. And that includes any of the PC games I own (and yes I can run them well, GTX 970). But I really hope that Sony uses that engine for other games because it is absolutely stunning. #1.2.3
The problem is everyone tries to talk from their position - consumer or reviewer - as though their group is an individual. It's hard enough talking one on one about certain things, but having to feel like you condone or demonize everything that anyone else in the group you identify with makes it down right impossible. Lots of anger, mostly misplaced, is thrown around.

In this instance, though, we're talking about the reputation of a group. I don't think it's d... #12
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