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Well, for what it is worth, they have removed towers. In this game and you unlock points of interest "organically" through seeing signs, finding a piece of information, seeing something happening, talking to someone to point you to an objective, etc., rather than getting an icon dump of dozens of things from one source like a tower.

I'm not sure how much this game will ultimately be changed, but they are at least doing enough listening to know that people are ...

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When the fixes being proposed are things like turn your system clock back (which can make other things that rely on the system clock, including other certs or authenticators, malfunction) or turning off a core system component to skip the certificate check, then suggesting waiting for an official fix is the smarter move on their part for sure.

Also they have a fix available now. So at least it was fixed in a relatively short period of time.

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Sorry for the hijack. Just wanted this up top in case anyone who experienced this is checking this page. The issue is solved, posted about half an hour ago. The update instructions and download is available here:

Now we can ignore our real world problems and jack back into the matrix.

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Here on PS4:
Here on XBO:

Maybe there was a glitch earlier or something, but it seems to be on both stores still.

But I agree that $15 for Royal + $25 for Season Pas...

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I'm shocked that they don't have a cheaper upgrade path for season pass + royal edition. I own the base game on PS4. Never got the season pass. So at this point if I want the pass & royal content, I'm paying $40. On top of the game I already purchased. Now, I'm not saying I expect things for free - it is weird to see the number of people who feel as "day one supporters" they are being screwed...editions with more content for cheaper later is how it works, right? ...

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Tidus, is that you?

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I mean, I suppose they could be. But given FFXV on PC is going to require 100GBs (damn) for regular installation, and 155GB (!?!?!) of space for 4k assets, I'm leaning towards probably not too many low quality textures hiding in there lol.

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That's sort of surprising and not surprising. A little surprising since 2 or 3 months ago Humble Monthly included keys for H1Z1, so you'd think there'd be a little influx of new players to take the edge off such a sharp decline.

Not surprising when you consider there are now extremely popular games like Fortnite and PUBG that have similar mechanics to H1Z1, so a mass exodus was sort of inevitable. Especially when there was already unrest in the playerbase of H1Z...

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Except there are plenty of times where they are happy to show a level of graphics in trailers and images that, in the end, isn't representative of a game anyone gets to play. We see it time and again with downgrades from E3 trailers or vertical slice gameplay or bullshots...the list goes on.

So I would think that they would prefer to say "yea, this is a level of visual fidelity our game can achieve, albeit on very high end rigs - but it is a version of the game tha...

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I confess that I have a PS4, XBO, Switch, PC & Vita. Oh god, what is my punishment? What befits this crime!?

I'm glad that people are getting into the new Nintendo console though. I have a Wii U & got decent enjoyment from it as a secondary console but it obviously had its struggles. Am glad that they'll be able to really focus on game development now that a strong userbase is forming. Hoping for Big N to bust out some more new IPs along the way though!

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I was going to come in and say that even after having played 1, 2, 365/2 and Birth by Sleep that I still don't really understand what is going on (haven't really played Chain of Memories). But hey, that hasn't stopped me from enjoying playing any game in the series yet, and while I'd love a bit more of a sensible story to follow, I don't expect it'll negate my enjoyment of 3. But color me impressed that you know what is going on - that story-line ain't easy to foll...

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I'll ask as I'm truly curious, and I don't mean this as some kind of weird dig or fanboy argument: are you more in touch with what is good for game retailers than game retailers? I mean, we haven't seen anything as extreme as the whole retail-games-industry shift away, but the murmurs have become louder these past few days so it seems like the bypassing of retail via the Game Pass might be a more universal issue than not (though obviously the true extent will not be known for ...

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$525 for a statue. Man. I'll have to watch the videos for the "making of", because I just noticed that basically all their statues are $300-$500. By pictures alone I can't really figure out what makes them worth it. They seem quite cool, but not price-of-a-console cool.

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Maybe they'd like to pass some of that love over to the single player "Vs the World" mode. It's more than a little annoying to see how their Battle Royale spin-off that came after the "main" game is pretty much where the focus is now. I don't get the impression the PvE game mode will get much love at this point, which is a shame. The game is fun, but there is too little variety and it gets too samey too quickly.

At least I was gifted a copy ...

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Good point all, this one was not Nintendo. I slotted this in along side Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze being sold for $60 and got Square tangled in with that. I guess that's what the market will bear since this (Square), DK (Nintendo) & Hyrule Warriors (Koei Tecmo) are all being sold for $60. But games like Dark Souls Remastered are selling for the generally accepted $40 price point for remasters. So I don't know. Make of it what you will.

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Yea, that blew my mind. Adding some new bits to a game as old as this and charging full console price for what was a full priced handheld game seems pretty cash-grabby to me.

I mean, you can get the DS version for under $30 new, you can buy it on mobile for under $20. It just seems like a super strange price point. But Nintendo seems to be charging full price for remasters right now which is a weird thing given the industry has mostly fallen in line with the $40 price point...

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I don't think the ports are distracting from new games, so my qualm isn't with ports from that standpoint. I have a fairly petty reason though: each new one eats into the already modest value of my Wii U. I get the impression that any time they feel they need to bulk the lineup up or whatever, we'll see another Wii U game polished up. And I get it, there are millions that missed out. Doesn't mean I can't be a little salty about it lol.

I understand that ...

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I agree. That's what I'm waiting for. Got a freighter and a few nice ships, and I managed to get 3 of my friends interested in the game along the way (especially after patch 1.3). But we've all pretty much lost our ambition once reaching the freighter. If we can play together, that will be a HUGE boon!

Also, I'd love a VR version, but I'm guessing they won't be focusing on that for 2018 really, if ever. I think they will focus their small-team effort...

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I feel like this gets said of just about every new iteration of the series lol. I've tried Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and MH Generations. Neither managed to pull me in. I'll give the beta a shot for Worlds cuz I want to like the series, but for whatever reason it just never seems to hook me.

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@ Princess_Pilfer (Part 2 of 2)

And sure, there is some jankiness in terms of key reselling, I'll give you that. But for the most part, that is a business of people buying from a poorer market and reselling in a more affluent market. That is also something that is legal to do with physical goods. Happens all the time getting things from Shenzhen for pennies on the dollar & reselling for more. It's why we've lost a lot of production in the US to other countri...

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