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If people have average ability, then I'm totally fine. I don't think anyone expects all game journalists to be MLG gamers or anything. But to your driving comparison, the Polygon video wasn't your day-to-day driver giving their opinion on how a car drives. That was more like a New York lifer who has never had to drive before and asking them to review a car. A person that has never driven (that Polygon player wouldn't even have their license) would struggle with any car, be it...

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I'm with you for the most part there. I'm sure we'll get disagreed with to oblivion, but I coudln't get into it. Lovely graphics, nicely realized world, but it just never hooked me. And I just signed back into the game to see how many hours I've played and all of my saves have disappeared. Well, not sure I'll ever get around to getting back into it now. Lots to like, but guess it just wasn't my jam. I wish I found it as amazing as everyone else.

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I don't know how this is difficult to understand for people. Other people liked The Order. I enjoyed it for what it was. I also had gutter low expectations after all the backlash and bought it for $20. It is among the most visually impressive games I've ever seen, had amazing production, solid weapons that felt great and was a solid game. Solid, not great. But I had a good enough time with it.

It wasn't terrible. That's the problem. It isn't trash. That&...

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So much this. I really, really want a Vita port since I can play my PS2 version of XII using PCSX2, but I'd probably buy a console HD version of that game as well.

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I don't get it. You can do that right now using PCSX2. It sounds like you are now happy that you can pirate the game when it comes out? It doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

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I think they absolutely should have left the design the way it was (but adding clickable analogues if feasible would have been a good move). They should have just also had a Vita Controller Shell launch along side it that would hook into the port in the bottom to add a comfortable shape and trigger buttons for when you were remote playing (and giving games the alternate control option that used those extra buttons).

Making a portable not portable would be a disaster, especi...

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Too late and too expensive to bother with a redesign. The Vita is profitable for them the way it exists now and any changes would kill that meagre profit. Not only that, but a control divide in hardware is never good.

On the topic of the Hori thing, it is funny this is coming out so late. One was released overseas and had a positive reception, hopefully this one works as well and at a fairer price. And hopefully they have an option for us OG Vita owners. (Edit: I see we are...

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That kinda shows the Wii U as the relative - and let me stress that again, relative - failure that it is/was. No one thinks Nintendo the company is doomed. We all know the Wii sold gangbusters and the 3DS is raking in the dough. The Wii U is done though. It's basically down to PS Vita level support - indies. At least it'll have Zelda to send it off with a bang, even if it has to share it with NX. You can see this is their lowest selling console ever with the least amount of software s...

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It's obviously over, NX has a solid launch date already announced. They wouldn't do so so early if they didn't accept it being over since anyone on the fence about a Wii U is now pretty likely to wait for NX.

But a price drop could certainly entice people, and is honestly shocking they haven't yet. In January of 2014 I bought the Zelda WW HD bundle with Wonderful 101, Ninja Gaiden & a couple of accessories bundled in for $269.99. At that price I knew the...

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It is an absolutely sensible move and one just about everyone saw coming a mile away. I mean they literally already did this with Twilight Princess, so precedence was there. It is a bit in the same vein as how PC owners who bought an XBOX One feel each time a hardware exclusive finds its way to the PC (yeah, that's me lol). You still get the game, but it isn't exactly the same. And in this case, it's a fair assumption to say the game was delayed so as to ship day/date with the NX...

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I don't think it is a lie. Not because they had any technical limitations, but as I recall both Sony & MS only allow games to have "X" number of trophies or gamer points per title. DLC can have them, but as a straight up update perhaps they can't add more since it is technically still part of the base game. Not certain, but that is what my gut says.

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Agreed on both points.

I've also played Gunjack on my GearVR. It is...OK I guess. Not worth $10, nor as pretty as I was lead to believe. But OK. As you said though, more is nice.

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And if it isn't, then once again you are wrong. It seems weird to gloat before you know anything for sure lol.

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Compares, NOT borrowed/stole/whatever!

Everyone here is talking like anything in this title or lead-in is suggesting Crystal Dynamics "stole" things from Uncharted for their TR Reboot. All it says is "compares". And it was talking about similarities between TLoU & what the dev saw in the RotTR trailer. It looks like it has more of a survival feel, so ultimately that it has more in common with TLoU than UC to him. That pretty much covers the whole &qu...

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Yea, it lost its luster quicker than I thought. I really enjoyed the beta and bought a copy at launch for about $40. Launcher says I've played about 17 hours, I'm about half way to the level cap. Not awful, but I expected to at least hit the cap and then lightly dabble in the end game.

The thing that brought my experience to a halt was how they started putting far too much emphasis on side missions to level up to be able to be the right level for the later story mis...

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I wish they did too (though I found the demo very meh).

I'm guessing they say "we have Duscae" out for a gameplay demo, but there are plenty of us who haven't purchased Type-0 HD to get that. So instead of giving us access to that (or similar), we ended up getting this weird tech demo/engine showcase. We got a crumb of interaction with the combat, which was a bummer.

Feels like they would have been better served giving the Platinum demo a...

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Agreed! And I'm assuming people noticed, it's just that no one felt the need to bring it up. I like that! It's normal enough it didn't require an article (well, except this guy thought it did I guess); the character was the character, regardless of sexual preference.

If we don't feel the need to mention characters sexual orientations if they are straight - assuming that like 99.9% of games, it wouldn't impact the story of the game if the character was...

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Yes, you need to download and install a remote play app on your PC/MAC. You can grab that here:


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The PS4 and Vita can direct connect, and that solved nothing for me. The Vita WiFi is just too weak, but I have basically no issues with other devices running remote play. I have my PS4 hard wired into the router, and my router supports 5GHz. 5GHz def works better than 2.4 in busy signal areas, but everything works better than when using the Vita. So if you haven't tried PC remote play, you should. Also give the custom remote play APK for Android a shot if you have an Android device - it...

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We have the same setup (PC & PS4 on the same TV), but I'll essentially use it when I want to play a little bit of something while in bed - same way I use my Wii U (well, the few times I use it anyway). I've installed it on my Surface Pro 2 and it works pretty well as a contained way to play PS4 in house, but away from the main TV.

You can also do stuff like remote in and start downloads while at work (which I find works better than using the site to try to get the...

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