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I had my suspicions from the first reveal. "She" looked like a boy.

Is Blizz sure xe/xi is gay? Or is xhe/xhi gender fluid non-binary with a dash of trans and possible furry fetishes?

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What is the current "benchmark" in the industry?

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"While home consoles struggle to hit 1080p on occasion..."

If the PS4 cost $1500 it probably would be "more powerful" said nobody.

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Thanks aceitman! I went and looked at the Gamescom booths and you're right.

We always have to keep in mind that the media's stock-in-trade is controversy.

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Can't help it BG. Most people aren't aware of basic mind manipulation techniques. The false choice is a classic one that is being used here.

As an example; your Mom might have asked you "Do you want green beans or broccoli for dinner?" You might not want either, but it gives you a sense of empowerment because you can "choose". However, Mom is the one who decided the two options for you. You didn't choose anything at all, your mother did. Spence...

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Good point. I wonder if Nintendo had laid out the new metroid design if very many would have paid money in advance.

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It's all automatic now. I like it.

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Link bait article just for clicks and controversy.

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Damn, that is hot! I might have to pick this one up too.

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Don't steal money from thousands of people next time Peter. When you take things from people they get angry.

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It appears that Nvidia was trying to con the display manufacturers into installing a trojan horse device designed to "improve" displays, when it's nothing more than hardware DRM designed to encourage people to only buy Nvidia products with no real benefit.

Manufacturers pay Nvidia for nothing, then graphics card customers pay Nvidia for nothing. Everybody loses except Nvidia. Interesting strategy.

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These numbers for the U.K. only?

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Yep, the "non haters" are just haters too.

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I've never played DayZ. I guess it will be all new to me.

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Yeah we need it. My PS3 died right before I got my PS4 and I haven't played it yet.

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Big numbers from SONY. I didn't expect to see 3.7 million pieces of software sold this week to Xbox 1.4 million. Even the Vita that everyone says should be taken out to the woodshed sold almost as much as the XBone.

PS3 2,039,084
PS4 1,357,693
PSV 411,784

X360 952,989
XOne 447,657

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Dude is letting his mind run away with itself. He also thinks his way of thinking is THE way it is.

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I'm curious to see what these driver updates bring.

These "benchmark" slides have very little info to go on. Going from 55fps to 58fps in Thief with "New DX11 optimized drivers" Doesn't exactly thrill me. The slide makes it look like a doubling of performance but it's just a few percent.

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Math is hard.

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