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American muscle, my country tiss a thee'! xbox was made for you and me! Playstation bots, lol just kidden freaks! #52
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Link doesn't work, Video is under read full story. #5
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I agree, you are so right. Microsoft is going to, or need to offer game chat ,Hulu plus, Netflix ect for the silver price(free). There going to have to do something. I'm the the other way around, I have both systems and use my ps3 for some awesome games and a blue ray player, but play with my friends on xbox. Which is my primary system. Not dissing my ps3 at all. I love there free offerings! I hope xbox changes there policy!
But I can't wait to see what Microsoft is going to... #2
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I'm not claiming to be a writer, in fact I've been on this site for three years and never posted anything. I love my ps3 and my Xbox. I play my Xbox more. But have you guys checked out microsofts r@d videos, like holodesk, holodeck ,beamatron and illumaroom will be part of this. What there going to do is bring these together using the projector to bring computer animation into your room. In order to see these images in 3D you need to look through plastic, that's where I think the... #21
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