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The point is, people are saying "BFBC2 or MW2," when both can hold their own.

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Who said gamers are the only one to blame?

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No, the article is saying the games shouldn't be compared in the sense that one is better than the other.

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That's the limited edition.

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That's why I tagged it only as PC, but it got reported.

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Who said it was truth? It's explicitly the opinion of the author. The article isn't "hating" on ME2.

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First off, the initial article was not designed to "bash" ME2, and it doesn't. Second, it was designed to be part of a series of articles involving ME2, with a follow up being "5 Reasons ME2 Kicks Ass", seen here:

People need to relax. It shouldn't get this out of hand, especially when INSULTS are being thrown.

Read James' review, which pr...

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You're reading way too far into it.

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It's not written by a PS3 fanboy.

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You're completely missing the point of the article. Just saying...

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Auction winner reported it as a scammer.

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I think you're taking it too far out of context.

There is research linked in the article:

70-80% of publishers creating Natal games - Microsoft said this at CES
Microsoft dropped a processor chip in Natal - fact and linked

The article is not intended to be flamebait. It's intended to collate information from this article by Develop,


Well, since you're taking your thoughts public, I guess it would only be fair that I do as well.

Nowhere in the article are there any assumptions made on Natal. It doesn't say "Natal is doomed" or even suggest that. It merely cites opinions from industry professionals on Microsoft's piece of hardware. It is unbiased and presents views from both sides as they are given. It's not bias, it's reporting. How is that unprofessional?

"The jury is out" su...

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No, nevermind.

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Edit: uncredible imbecile?

That's interesting.

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I know someone personally who's in the beta. Says the service is crap.

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Blizzard announced it's a new IP, so a StarCraft MMOFPS is out of the question.

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What? EA confirmed BFBC2 will have dedicated servers. They STRESSED it when MW2 released. Where's the source for this article?

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Nintendo is able to capitalize on a niche market that is casual gamers. From a business standpoint, it works brilliantly for them. Sucks for hardcore gamers though.

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Glad you caught the sarcasm.

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